7 years, $49 mother freaking million dollars? $7 million dollar per season cap hit? Have the Predators lost their collective minds?

He is 29 years old. His career GAA is 2.34. His career SV% is .920. He is a talented late bloomer. But $7 million?

My first question when I read the announcement: “Was his agent Jay Grossman or Don Meehan?” Turns out it was Jay Grossman. You remember our buddy, Jay, right? Kovalchuk? Yeah, that one. He appears to have a talent for getting his clients massive overpayments. Good for him although, like the prima donna Russian left wing, I am not so sure this is a good move for the team.

The Predators right now sit at less than $50 million in payroll. They are at the top of the league in frugality. They have an internal cap. That is what caused them to go to arbitration with stud defenseman, Shea Weber who will again be an RFA after this season. Are they going to pay Weber $7 million as well? And what about Ryan Suter who becomes a UFA after this season? He will want a big pay raise from the $3.5 per season he has received. 

So, one of two things will happen – either Weber is gone via trade at or before the deadline or they intend to open the pocket books for their remaining two defenseman. My bet is on the former and I think it may come well before the deadline.

This does raise an interesting question for the LA Kings. If Pekka Rinne is getting a $7 million dollar per season pay-day, what is Jonathan Quick worth? Gasp. Fortunately, we have JQ locked up this season and next. There is also the impending CBA. Regardless, who is Jonathan Quick’s agent again?