The Nashville Predators Paid Pekka Rinne How Much?

7 years, $49 mother freaking million dollars? $7 million dollar per season cap hit? Have the Predators lost their collective minds?

He is 29 years old. His career GAA is 2.34. His career SV% is .920. He is a talented late bloomer. But $7 million?

My first question when I read the announcement: “Was his agent Jay Grossman or Don Meehan?” Turns out it was Jay Grossman. You remember our buddy, Jay, right? Kovalchuk? Yeah, that one. He appears to have a talent for getting his clients massive overpayments. Good for him although, like the prima donna Russian left wing, I am not so sure this is a good move for the team.

The Predators right now sit at less than $50 million in payroll. They are at the top of the league in frugality. They have an internal cap. That is what caused them to go to arbitration with stud defenseman, Shea Weber who will again be an RFA after this season. Are they going to pay Weber $7 million as well? And what about Ryan Suter who becomes a UFA after this season? He will want a big pay raise from the $3.5 per season he has received. 

So, one of two things will happen – either Weber is gone via trade at or before the deadline or they intend to open the pocket books for their remaining two defenseman. My bet is on the former and I think it may come well before the deadline.

This does raise an interesting question for the LA Kings. If Pekka Rinne is getting a $7 million dollar per season pay-day, what is Jonathan Quick worth? Gasp. Fortunately, we have JQ locked up this season and next. There is also the impending CBA. Regardless, who is Jonathan Quick’s agent again?

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  1. I wouldn’t give any goalie a long term deal. There are plenty of goalies out there. 3 or 4 years max and under $6 million per.

    If Quick wants more, see ya later.

    • If Quick asks for that much, I would be surprised. Even if he could get it, I think he’s pretty content where he is.

      I hope that’s not the case, because he has the opportunity to break a lot of Kings records in a few years. 2 more 38 win seasons, and he could become the winningest goalie in Kings history, and I wanna see it happen in my lifetime.

      If he starts getting some goal support, we could see it happen at the end of next season.

  2. … I guess it just matters how much those extra goals mean to your team, doesn’t it?

    Rinne’s career save percentage is .920, and Jonathan Quick’s is .913. Both goalies have played right around the same number of games. The difference between the two goalies is about 36 goals, which is twelve goals per season if you normalize a goalie’s season to be a little over 60 games.

    If you apply those twelve goals to the Kings over the last couple seasons, their goal differential changes quite a bit. In 2009-10, they would have been +32 instead of +20, which would have given the Kings home ice in the first round of the playoffs. In 2010-11, they would have been +30 instead of +18, which again would have assured home ice in the first round.

    Given the makeup of the Predators, those goals could mean the difference between making the playoffs and missing them. Is that worth a premium salary? I would think so, especially if Rinne can maintain something close to the .930 he posted last season.

    There are plenty of goalies out there.

    … I can’t believe that a Kings’ fan for a good length of time actually would say that, or believe that. Rinne was a top five goalie last season. The Kings haven’t had a top five goalie in twenty years, and before that, thirty-six years. There ARE plenty of goalies out there, but there aren’t a lot of elite goalies to be had.

  3. Name Age Cap Hit Salary this yr.

    1 Henrik Lundqvist 28 $6,875,000 $7,750,000
    2 Cam Ward 26 $6,300,000 $5,000,000
    3 Ryan Miller 29 $6,250,000 $6,250,000
    T4 Niklas Backstrom 32 $6,000,000 $6,000,000
    Jean-Sebastien Giguere 33 $6,000,000 $7,000,000
    6 Miikka Kiprusoff 33 $5,833,000 $7,000,000
    7 Tomas Vokoun 33 $5,700,000 $6,300,000
    8 Ilya Bryzgalov 30 $5,666,667 $10,000,000
    8 Cristobal Huet 34 $5,625,000 $5,625,000
    9 Roberto Luongo 31 $5,333,000 $10,000,000
    10 Martin Brodeur 38 $5,200,000 $5,200,000
    T11 Tim Thomas 36 $5,000,000 $6,000,000
    Marc-Andre Fleury 25 $5,000,000 $5,500,000
    T13 Jonas Hiller 28 $4,500,000 $4,500,000
    Rick DiPietro 28 $4,500,000 $4,500,000
    20 Pekka Rinne 27 $3,400,000 $2,800,000

    Pekka Rinne
    2010-2011 2nd in SV % .930
    2009-2010 21st in SV% .911
    2008-2009 9th in SV % .917

    3 year average is .919

    You can say he out earned everyone but Tim Thomas last year.
    Not in 09-10
    He out earned a majority of the goalies in 08-09.

    So I think of it as the Drew Doughty contract.

    Paying off potential and a small sample size rather than years proven results (meaning Luongo, Thomas, etc.). He is also young, so that plays a factor as well.

    Not a terrible signing, he will earn it if he keeps up the top 5 performance that he did last year.

    It’s a gamble at 7 mil, but with Nashville’s D first philosophy, it may work out (if they can afford to keep their D).

  4. Cryan Smyth scored…. *shakes head*


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