Will The Following L.A. Kings Players Please Report To Scribe’s Place?

Dustin Penner. Please bring your heart as I find little evidence you have one.

Drew Doughty. Bring your 8 year contract, the original and all existing copies. I have a few modifications.

Scott Parse. I just want to make sure there are not two of you, one that Dean Lombardi claims to be the most skilled player on the team and one that walks around with a Coors Light in his hand and doesn’t do much else.

Dustin Brown. I will have a few MMA players waiting to remind you what being physical is defined as…

Justin Williams. I just want to confirm which one of us is better looking in person…and then talk about your defensive acumen.

Jarret Stoll. To find out what coach Murray has told you about your role this season. I can’t figure it out. I will keep it short. We’ll mostly talk about chicks.

Kyle Clifford. To see if you will punch me before you leave just so I can confirm to Surly you are still the same Kyle Clifford.

Mike Richards. We’ll talk over a few drinks.

Wayne Simmonds…shit…

Trevor Lewis. To give you a new set of hands.

Jonathan Quick. To tell you everything is going to be ok. You won’t play 75 games this season. I promise.

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  1. in reference to the Kyle Clifford comment…. while I’m probably the most die hard Clifford fan out there (seriously, since day one I’ve been calling him Big Red Dog), I must admit I’m a bit disappointed by the lack of violence associated with him so far this season. So far as I can tell he’s trying to be a more well-rounded player and earn his stripes all over the ice, not just as an attack dog. That said… it’s time to see some blood, being playing fetch and return just isn’t quite cutting it.

  2. On the brighter side of hockey the Dead Wings just lost 6 in a row. We’ve got a coupla games on em. :D

  3. According to Terry Murray

    Matt Moulson was not NHL ready ( So Dean doesn’t resign him and the 1st Murray Mistake )

    Brian Boyle was not NHL ready, and did not play a Heavy enough game for a big man ( So Dean trades this former 1st round pick and College stand out for a 5th round pick. 2nd Murray Mistake)

    Teddy Purcell was not able to ….well do ANYTHING in the Terry Murray / Jamie Kompon offensive system ( So Dean trades him for Jeff Halpern and a 3rd round pick….then Jeff Halpern does absolutely NOTHING in the TM / JK system. 3rd Terry Murray Mistake)
    Hmmmmmmmmmm…….Could there be a problem here????

    Oscar Moller was too small and could be NHL ready, but may not be NHL ready, needs to bulk up…..but….same system….off to Europe

    Bud Holloway, he saw the system and wanted no part of it….off to Europe

    Scott Parse…knows the system, TM states he has the skill, but the skill for what????? HIS SYSTEM???? Outcome to be determined….but by WHO????

    Dustin Penner…they SAID he was lazy….they said he takes nights off….they said he was streaky….but we earned HELP as DEANO put it…so let’s trade a 1st, 3rd & Teubert for someone that with this resume, the SYSTEM won’t get the blame?????

    LASTLY…Colten Teubert….not NHL ready, may be years away moving the wrong way on the depth chart….BUT… it was a fact that we have so much Defensive talent,and that you need talent to get talent. The same situation for any top 1st line Left wing, if they would take Teubert in the deal so be it….Nice 1st NHL game, good composure

    • Those look like DL mistakes, another one is hanging onto to TM too long. I’m pretty confident he’s gone in the middle of the season, and I base this on absolutely nothing.

      • Well they are both their mistakes. TM is certainly culpable in not being able to get the most out of many players like Moulson and especially Purcell. The argument can always be made that they just needed the change of scenery to succeed, but especially withPurcell, he was dicked around a bit, played on his off wing, etc.

        You know to me Moller is the biggest mistake. Yes he is small, but many small players succeed when they are in a system that utilizes their skills. The kid has hands, vision and all the heart in the world. There is no reason Moller shouldn’t be a successful NHL player by now.

      • undeniably DL mistakes


        Does not create the system
        Does not set the lines
        Does not dress or scratch the players
        Does not report to Himself about who will play, and at what position

        If the measurement on NHL readiness is being assessed by our coach, as well as their minutes or non-minutes, their ablility to become solid productive players in this league…. is THE direct and complete responsibily of our coach and his staff.
        The examples I gave are GLARING reminders that our Coach has his Fucking head up his Ass!!
        Deano’s BIG mistake has been his belief in this joker….

  4. Another Glaring Thought…..

    Coach Murray has demoted proven 20 goal scoring LW’s to the 3rd line for 3 consecutive seasons right now, and the results speak for themselves.

    Slowlov ( Frolov ) 2 seasons ago…did it have any positive effect????? Had he not had a season ending injury last season, riding on the coat tails of the Murray 3rd line demotion season. He may have received better offers keeping him in the NHL rather than the KHL.

    Ponidepressedsky ( Ponikarovsky ) last season…the demotion did wonders for his game….even Simmonds and Handzus had lower than expected output, so what happens to 3rd line players in Terry Murray’s system

    Bender ( Penner ) Terry Murray likes his game now that he’s on the 3rd line?????? No Goals, for a guy we traded a 1st,3rd and a Previous 1st rounder for….and he likes this NO Goal output??? But let’s also look at the other 2 guys on the 3rd line.
    Stoll….His only goal came from a pass from our 2nd line RW Dustin Brown…and that was the only shot he’s taken INSIDE the circles this season so far
    Richardson….His only assist was when he was playing 2nd line LW, and even though he’s been a relentless spark plug out there,
    I don’t think he’s fired a shot that came close to the net all season.

    Hunter… has been there, but his assist was To Kopitar. AND he has Terry Murray’s shot mentality syndrome, and get’s benched for it???
    Clifford… got demoted right at the start of the season, and he’s onee step away from Manchester, but….that may be good for him seeing the rescent display he’s putting on.
    Moreau…safe to say he can’t produce less than his last 2 season’s….or can/will he???

    • It does appear that coaching may have hit a wall.

      Despite a “strong start” the Kings have looked weak from day one in training camp. Worse, I can’t see the chemistry.

      The Europe thing…a half empty glass.

      Since then the Kings have carried on where they left off last year. Handing out bonus points like Halloween candy.

  5. Bobby, I understand Dustin Penner shot back an email…only it missed your inbox and was intercepted in Manchester.


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