The L.A. Kings have been shut out two consecutive games at home. That has only happened twice before.

The L.A. Kings have never been shut out three consecutive home games.

Hello, Pittsburgh Penguins.

Aren’t the Hockey Gods cruel? Wasn’t it just a few games ago that Jonathan Quick set the Kings records for most consecutive shut out minutes? What October gave, November seeks to take away.

What can we expect tonight? The Penguins without the best player in hockey, Sidney Crosby, and without Evgeni Malkin for 1/2 of this season are still 8-3-3, 7th in goals per game (we are 28th), 4th in goals against per game (we are 2nd), 6th in PP% (we are 5th), and 2nd in PK (we are 9th). Oh, and they are also missing Staal, Kennedy, and Michalek. Do you know why? The same reason that the talented Penguins went from potentially being out of the playoffs at the time Michel Therrien was their coach, to Terrien being fired, Dan Bylsma taking over, the Penguins going on an 18-3-4 run in the next 25 games and winning the Stanley Cup.

That was the long way of stating they are very well coached, not offensively challenged and we can expect that coaching and Pittsburgh to be a handful. Pay close attention to Malkin and James Neal.

There are no secrets to what it will take to win tonight. Just take what we have done the last two games and do the exact opposite. It would take a page to make that specific list but I am so frustrated with the team’s play and Terry Murray in particular that I will skip the mental gymnastics. Instead, I ask for one thing and one thing only. Get bodies in front of Marc-Andre Fleury. Dustin Penner? Get to the net. I am dangerously close to jumping on the ice and taking Penner out if I see him anywhere else.

Surly has promised to make an offering to the Hockey Gods before the game.

I will do my part.

Do yours.