L.A. Kings vs. Pittsburgh Penguins Game Preview: Will The Hockey Gods Be Cruel?

The L.A. Kings have been shut out two consecutive games at home. That has only happened twice before.

The L.A. Kings have never been shut out three consecutive home games.

Hello, Pittsburgh Penguins.

Aren’t the Hockey Gods cruel? Wasn’t it just a few games ago that Jonathan Quick set the Kings records for most consecutive shut out minutes? What October gave, November seeks to take away.

What can we expect tonight? The Penguins without the best player in hockey, Sidney Crosby, and without Evgeni Malkin for 1/2 of this season are still 8-3-3, 7th in goals per game (we are 28th), 4th in goals against per game (we are 2nd), 6th in PP% (we are 5th), and 2nd in PK (we are 9th). Oh, and they are also missing Staal, Kennedy, and Michalek. Do you know why? The same reason that the talented Penguins went from potentially being out of the playoffs at the time Michel Therrien was their coach, to Terrien being fired, Dan Bylsma taking over, the Penguins going on an 18-3-4 run in the next 25 games and winning the Stanley Cup.

That was the long way of stating they are very well coached, not offensively challenged and we can expect that coaching and Pittsburgh to be a handful. Pay close attention to Malkin and James Neal.

There are no secrets to what it will take to win tonight. Just take what we have done the last two games and do the exact opposite. It would take a page to make that specific list but I am so frustrated with the team’s play and Terry Murray in particular that I will skip the mental gymnastics. Instead, I ask for one thing and one thing only. Get bodies in front of Marc-Andre Fleury. Dustin Penner? Get to the net. I am dangerously close to jumping on the ice and taking Penner out if I see him anywhere else.

Surly has promised to make an offering to the Hockey Gods before the game.

I will do my part.

Do yours.


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  1. 1) You Better have knocked on wood when you wrote the first paragraph!
    2) We aren’t BiPolar are we?
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  2. My offering of sacrifice us That I most likely wont be able to make it to Staples tonight. In three games I’ve attended I’ve seen 1 goal. So that pretty much guarantees that the Kings will score 3 or more goals tonight and win. Its also in line with the curse of Murray mediocrity. We can flop for a time but never fail quite enough to force Lombardi to fire him. Murray is the husband that beats his wife, but never enough for her friends to really notice and not enough for her to go to the cops. You can decide who is the wife in that analogy.

  3. The lord giveth, and the lord taketh away too.

  4. I feel a big game for the Kings today. 5 or 6 goals in a shootout.

  5. I demand a win!

  6. … Maybe Moreau will get a suspension from that hit. That would be a blessing in disguise. Do it, Shanahan.

    • that was a cheap shot and the real King player usually don’t do that king of stuff..
      I just cannot get behind this guy… just not a real king to me..
      GO KINGS GO!!!

      now P.S. why oh why can we not hang on to a led?????
      We were mostly outplayed in the first period.. decided to show some
      character coming out for the second.. Really great game.. I was proud of
      them fighting back … willing themselves to get into Pitts zone.. getting into
      the groove.. Scored the go ahead.. and then F.. cannot keep the led..
      So sad.. so frustrating.. so depressing.. again.. ahhhh
      time for alcohol.. and for most of you.. more alcohol..

      • … They can’t expect to hold everyone to one goal or fewer. At least they got a couple of goals at even strength. Progress.

        • yes, they played the best total game they have played in their last 4 games..
          they fought for 60 minutes.. all that is positive..
          I just saw the game slip away.. again.. right at the end..
          It has happened so many times.. You know it just kills morale.
          One of you stat guys could probalby give us the number of times
          in the last couple of seasons, we have been on the verge of winning
          just to be tied or beaten in about the last 5 minutes.
          I’m not someone who dwells on the negative.. but it seems like this has
          happened a lot..
          GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. They are thinking WAY too much out there. Just go out and play some fucking hockey!!! Hit someone, make some cool passes, you guys are pros.

  8. … LMAO Too Much Man called on the Penguins.

    Kings have a good chance to tie it up here. And a good TO call by Murray.

  9. Penner showed some great speed on that off sides.

  10. DD ain’t looking too hot these days. I’d rather have Voynov in…I can’t believe I’m saying this.

    • I was thinking that as well.
      Really miss Slavs Voyeney.

    • For those who think training camp doesn’t matter, watch Doughty. He’s far below his capacity.

      This is a great game!

      • They have no choice but to play DD but let’s face facts, the Kings have a much better chance with Voynov.
        I would even take Voynov over Martinez, he really needs to play.

    • have to agree for the moment.. he still looks rusty..
      got better at end of game.. I think he is somewhat pissed off ..at himself..
      I saw him pushing to give his all end the last minute of OT..
      he will get there..

  11. … Well, nice shot again, Kramer.

  12. … Great plays by Greene and Kopitar on that one. Well done.

  13. Now that was fucking beautiful!

  14. There goes Drew off to the dressing room.

  15. Great effort on that last goal! Fabulous.

  16. Are you guys shittin me?

  17. Holy shit that was close.

  18. We got this. This is our game!

  19. Stoll missed?????? I have never seen him miss. Fucked up.

  20. Ya, that’s a tough one one to digest. We played much better. I’m at least happy about that.

  21. We did play better so there’s some positive energy… I still would have liked that extra point. Oh well at least ducks lost.

  22. … Wait, this can’t be, the Kings are supposed to be shootout masters

    It’s almost as if this whole gimmick is luck-based

    It is a mystery

  23. Brown in the SO? Now that’s a great move coach! Not putting in JJ? Whatever a point at least shoulda had 2.

  24. I agree with some here. The Kings played a hell of a lot better. Stoll had 2 more shootout goals to own the record, and he fucked it up shooting early. I think the Kings did some over scouting there, because it seemed all the shooters in the shootout tonight tried to shoot early, and beat Fluery with a quick shot. Even Richards penalty shot was a quick shot (and by the way, how do you miss when it’s only you and the goalie on the ice? What the Fuck!).

    • I agree with none and least of all you.

      • I’m honored that you chose me to single out here.

        I’d like to thank my mother for all her support over the years, and my father for being tough with me when it counted. My next door neighbor for all her late night blow job offers. My 11th grade teacher for all his wisdom, and last, but not least, my friends for actually agreeing with me when they know I’m right.

    • The Kings played a hell of a lot better.

      … Yeah, they did. The first period was just a trainwreck brought on by spending so much time on the PK, some of the penalties being flukes (Gagne’s and Scuderi’s) and some weren’t (Moreau being an idiot) and unfortunately they were all bunched together.

      Richards missing the net on his penalty shot was annoying, but not nearly as annoying as his missing the net off the Kopitar feed on the 5-on-3. Christ. People want Murray’s head on a platter, but the Kings are just not lucky around the net half the time, and the other half of the time they fail to execute. In that situation, Richards HAS to make the goalie make a save. It’s a goddamn two man advantage. Let the extra guys bunch it up down low and crash the crease. Very frustrating.

      Quick shouldn’t have been tagged with a loss; he was damn good, and he did well to hold the Pens to one through all of that PK time in the first. Stoll was a beast in the faceoff circle, as usual, but his failure to clear the zone in the third indirectly led to Kunitz’s goal. Kopitar was great tonight but he also missed the net with his shot FIVE times. It was just a good news/bad news game. But that’s better that all bad news, so that’s progress. They’ll pull out of it.

      • Agree. The faceoffs were almost 2 to 1 (not sure of final #’rs yet). Quick was amazing, and I was bummed for him to see that tying goal go in. It was a heck of a shot that Quick couldn’t possibly of tracked because the player walked out from behind the net, and from behind Quick.

    • good observation.. they were all releasing early.. and shooting pretty much
      the same kind of shot…except Kopi..
      Now I don’t want to sound hyper critical but both of the SO shots against Quick
      were stoppable.. the first went through his arn ..on the ice.. what is the saying
      stick down.. arm down..I think he can stop those easy..
      Second one went thru legs..
      He played so well during game.. his stand on head style.. then SO and
      he poops out..
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  25. 2 things I didn’t know that I found out in this game.
    1. Penner has speed.
    2. Doughty is a real true loafer. Where was he all game till the end where he finally tried to make something happen.


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