Seconds after the LA Kings fell behind 3-0 to the Edmonton Oilers, I leaned over to my friend and co-writer, Howard Roark, and said to him, “Terry Murray’s answer to this game will be to put in Kevin Westgarth against the Penguins.” Howard looked at me and said, “you really think so?” I responded with a confident smile and nod.


Do you know how I knew? Because since Terry Murray’s tenure began here, I have watched a coach who has consistently failed to offer solutions that directly address the problem. Terry Murray plays in the fringes. He doesn’t hammer the nail into the right wall because he is busy pounding his head against the left one.

What are we struggling with boys and girls? Offense. Does replacing Trevor Lewis for Kevin Westgarth help us in any way with the offense? No. I suppose you could make an argument it doesn’t hurt us either. There is the adage, “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”

Our coach has no answers. Solutions are not within his repertoire. It’s up to the players to break through.