I can’t get this shot out of my head…and not just the shot but everything about it including Mike Richards’ body language thereafter.

I have replayed it so many times in my mind that I am not even sure anymore it happened.

I can’t remember if I saw it while in my seat or if it was the time I had to take a call, watched it outside of 301 and stopped hearing what the person on the other end of the line said for about 5 seconds while I thought “what the hell was that?”

Mike Richards comes from a talented Philadelphia team that plays an aggressive game in the offensive zone. They funnel the puck to the net. Every game I have seen Philly play, from a “systems” standpoint, was and is polar opposite to the LA Kings’ offense. Then, Mike Richards arrives here and the phlegmatic relic behind the bench just wants him to “shoot” with a mentality of not getting “cute”, apparently defined as treating the skill-set bestowed upon him by his Creator with contemptible disdain.

So, was it a, “Here is your shot mentality. Fuck you, coach”?

I don’t know. Perhaps I am projecting.