St. Louis Blues Fire Davis Payne & Hire Ken Hitchcock

Davis Payne has only been the Blues’ coach since January of 2010. Payne replaced former LA Kings coach, Andy Murray.

The Blues had 6 wins and 7 losses in 13 games. They have missed the playoffs the past two seasons.

Who is probably most surprised by this move? The Columbus Blue Jackets. Can you say $%^#&*!!


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  1. Do you guys think DL will fire TM? I don’t think TM will get fired unless we go on a 10 game losing streak or something like that. But i’ve been wrong before ;)

    • If he does, I’ll be ok with the Christmas songs in the malls having already started, because we’ll have been given our gift early.

  2. Shit, one less person to consider to replace Murray.

  3. … In other news, Moreau was fined $2500 – but not suspended. Thank goodness! I can’t wait for him to be in the lineup again.

  4. I wish they’d get rid of TM now. He will NEVER win a cup. SYSTEM FAILURE! SYSTEM FAILURE!

  5. Thank God for St.Louis! If DL ever does make a change in coaching (not sayin he will at all) at least it won’t be that offensive strangling defense only Hitchcock.

    • If DL ever does make a change … at least it won’t be that offensive strangling defense only Hitchcock.

      … I realize this is one of those things where some will refuse to acknowledge it, but this is in fact a legend.

      When Hitchcock took over the Stars, their offense was 23rd in the NHL. He had them up to 7th the very next season, then 3rd, then 8th (they won the Cup this season), had a hiccup the next season at 21st, then back up to 10th in his last full season there.

      With Philly, the team was 8th in offense and 7th in D before Hitchcock came aboard. In Ken’s first season the offense dropped to 17th (but the D was 1st), his next season he had the Flyers back up to 8th, and the next season (after the lockout) they were 7th.

      Before Hitchcock came to Columbus, they were 28th in offense and 17th in defense. In his first season, Ken’s Jackets were last in offense, but the defense went up to 9th. The next season, the offense moved up to 21st while the defense stayed at 9th – and Columbus made the playoffs for the first and only time in their history.

      Hitchcock is a defensive coach, yes. But he’s been far from defense-only. He’s a tremendous Xs and Os guy, and in my estimation, a fine head coach for any team to have. The Jackets were fools to fire him, but that’s not the first mistake that franchise has made, or the last it will make.


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