Truth Is No Stranger Than Fiction

From the September 27, 2011 Rich Hammond & Terry Murray interview you won’t read anywhere else…

Hammond: “So, that was another tough loss in a shootout.”

Murray: “It was but I liked a lot of what I saw out there. We were competing, playing a heavy game, good checking and we did score 2 goals so we met our quota.”

Hammond: “Wait. Quota? The team has a quota for goals?”

Murray: “…”

Hammond: “I mean…ok, so you used the word quota, what, er, what did you mean by that?”

Murray: “You don’t know what quota means?”

Hammond: “Uh. I do, but not in this context I guess.”

Murray: “How long have you been the [making the quotation sign with his hands] ‘beat writer’ for this team?”

Hammond: “Since 2009, I think. Yeah. 2009.”

Murray: “uh huh and in that time, have you noticed about how many goals we average per game?”

Hammond: “Two?”

Murray: “Next question.”

The LA Kings currently sit 28th in the league in goals per game at 2.15.

Shit. I hope he's not referring to me.

Another way of writing 6-4-3 is 6-7, as in we have lost more games than we have won 13 games into the season.

Does that meet Dean Lombardi’s expectations for where this team would be?

Is Lombardi asking the question, “why is it that despite the roster changes, a much deeper and more talented team, we continually struggle to score goals and we cannot with any consistency score more than 2 goals per game?”

Why is that, Dean?

What could possibly be the reason?

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6 replies

  1. I really, really wish Dean did read your blog…

  2. What makes you think he doesn’t?

  3. That’s incredible what he said! A Quota, he really said that?

  4. Last season when the Kings went on their massive losing streak around the holiday season, for the first time in my life when it comes to the Kings, I said, “Fire the Coach” …Typically, I tend to put the blame on the players for underperforming, but with this roster, there is NO WAY IN HELL this team should only be scoring 2 goals/game …It’s the suffocating, castrating, constipated “system” that’s at fault. How many goals would Kopitar score on a team w/ an offensive minded coach…hell, not even offensive minded, just offensive CAPABLE.

    I’m sick of Murray. I respect what he’s done for our defensive game, no question there. But I don’t think I can handle watching us score 0-2 goals for most of the season AGAIN. Last year, if it weren’t for our shootout wins, we would’ve been royally screwed…and this year, it doesn’t look like the team is going to repeat that success.

    Of course, Lombardi will ride Murray this whole season…but if we don’t make it in, or don’t get past the 1st round…then I think Murray will be done.

    Here’s to a year full of booze and blood pressure meds.


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