Kids? They’re not kids. This is a veteran team.

Not enough talent? Anze Kopitar, Justin Williams, Simon Gagne, Mike Richards, Dustin Brown, Dustin Penner, Jarret Stoll, Drew Doughty, and Jack Johnson should be able to score more than 2 goals per game.

Coaching? Coaching.

Terry Murray can talk himself around it. He can avoid it. You can refuse to accept it.

Murray must go & soon.

He must be fired and we have in our history of this site never written those words before tonight, but it’s time.

No matter the increase in talent, Terry Murray has failed in 50% of his responsibilities. He cannot coach a competent offense. He does not possess the acumen for a system that will score the goals necessary to win on a consistent basis. He will always be what he was from the first day he came here – incomplete – and what he will remain – the wrong coach for a team that intends to compete for the Stanley Cup. Do you realize how talented our LA Kings actually are?

Here are some numbers that we are now tracking game to game.

The Sharks had 38 shots on goal.

The Kings had 31 shots on goal.

Here is the Scoring Chance Zone (SCZ) again:

(Scoring Chance Zone)

In the first period, the Kings had 8 shots within the SCZ while the Sharks had 3. A good period. 1 was on the line and did not count. In the second period, the Kings had 2 within the SCZ – an awful period. The Sharks had 13 shots within the SCZ. Wow. They had two additional ones I didn’t count right on the line. In the third period, the Kings had 6 shots within the SCZ. The Sharks also had 6.

The total numbers were the Sharks 22 and the Kings 16. Basically, after the first period, the Kings went right into Terry Murray offense mode and the shot locations show it. That second period was murder.

Did Terry Murray make any adjustments? No. Maybe Murray is waiting for Lombardi to get him 6 Anze Kopitars before the team can generate more than 2 goals per game on a consistent basis. He may be waiting for a while…hopefully out of this organization.

I will leave you with this quote from San Jose coach, Todd McLellan courtesy of MayorsManor (from his twitter account, which is not linked here):

coach on changes made between 1st and 2nd period – “We adjusted the forecheck…we let LA come out of their zone too easy in 1st “

Adjustment. Imagine that. Terry Murray wouldn’t understand.