To Zus, or not to Zus, that was recently a question.

The answer, as we know, was not to Zus. We are Zusless. We have zip Zus. Our Zus quotient is nil.

Not that it matters, as much as I do miss our mythological character or yore, as our team suck quotient remains high. We are currently a sub-.500 team. Jonathan Quick is the only King who has won more games than he has lost, and if the Kings can’t provide him with the goal support for a win tonight over the San Jose Sharks, that will cease to be true. Coming off a fairly emotional loss in a shootout to the Penguins, the Kings may likely remain a frustrated team. However going into the building of our most recent playoff rival may provide the added boost of adrenaline needed to push the Kings over that apparently tall mountain of scoring 3 goals in a game. Since effort is clearly the problem…

Perhaps Quick can just steal another one.

You know typically I would take this time to expound upon my less than couth feelings towards the opposing team. While I still retain a healthy dose of vitriol for the ‘hella’ spouting choke champs up north, I find the luster of such rantings to be faded when the more pressing concern is simply seeing our own team win a game.

I care not for a good outing, or an spirited showing. Improved is not enough. Better is a word for losers. The last 4 games are in the past and the only merit I care compare them with is that of the outcome.

Better is not a measure to be held against ourselves, but rather to be stood next to that of our opponent. Can we be better than the Sharks tonight? We have seen our team lose in the past despite being better than our opponent. And though Murray may believe much of our recent loss is attributable to luck, we have simply not been better than the other team for over a week. This might lead me into a matchup discussion, but I don’t care about the match-up. It doesn’t matter to me what new faces are on the Sharks. Havlat and Burns don’t change what we need to do to win. Thornton is the same old schmuck he always and Clowe is still a puke. Neimi is good, but Quick is better. 4.9% better on every shot, to be exact.

The Kings will skate differently tonight, as if that matters. Parse slides to the third-line right wing, a place where he has virtually no chance of success. Clifford gets re-demoted from his regained 3rd-line role after lavishing in it for all of 1 practice. Penner gets a chance to suck with more ice time alongside Richards and Brown. Oh hell, maybe he’ll do great and be reinvigorated by skating with the team’s two most diametrically opposed players to himself in terms of the testicular. Maybe Parse will play his first good game on the right wing. Perhaps having Richardson play 4th line center and Lewis as his right wing was the key to victory all along. Or maybe, just maybe, Doughty will have his first good game of the season.

It’s all possible. It’s all desired. It’s all on Terry Murray’s head.

I am excited to watch the game. I’m interested to see your reaction when its over. If we win, do we calm down, or do we wait for a few more in a row to move the cross-hairs from between Murray’s eyes? If we lose, do we pull the trigger? How much closer would a 5th consecutive loss bring us to having a serious problem on our hands as opposed to merely a natural trough in the wave of any season? Does it matter how we win or lose? For example, of what import to give to who scores the goals? Does a win off the stick of Penner and Stoll mean more than if Kopitar is the only one who can generate offense once again? If Quick simply steals the game, is that cause enough to truly celebrate? Am I being way too morbid?

These are the questions I have. I don’t have the answers. Do you?