Kings vs. Predators.

A more talented team vs. A less talented team

6-5-3 vs. 7-4-2

30 “goals for” in 14 games vs. 35 “goals for” in 13 games

5 game losing streak vs. 2 game winning streak

Terry Murray vs. A far better coach in Barry Trotz

Diplodocus vs. Homo Sapien Sans Neck

Tonight, should be a neck to neck battle.

For closing, permit me to overreact to one question and one answer that Dean Lombardi gave to Rich Hammond.

Question: But you’re confident, in general, that the coaches are getting through to the players? I know it’s a cliche, talking about players tuning out the coaches, etc., but are you concerned at all that things might be getting off-page?

LOMBARDI: “No, I’m not prepared to say that…

Not, “no” period, “certainly not”, “not at all”, “no way”, or even a “I don’t think so.” Instead, we got “no, I’m not prepared to say that…”

Remember, I hold a Doctorate in Lombardi Speak. “I am not prepared to say that” generally means the following thoughts preceded it: “I have thought about that but I don’t yet know if that is the case. I don’t believe it is but I am not certain. Therefore, I am not prepared to say that.”

It’s something you hear or read people state when they are unsure about something but hope the answer is the “no” that preceded the sentence.

Food for thought.