Kings vs. Predators Open Forum: The Number Six Sucks

Kings vs. Predators.

A more talented team vs. A less talented team

6-5-3 vs. 7-4-2

30 “goals for” in 14 games vs. 35 “goals for” in 13 games

5 game losing streak vs. 2 game winning streak

Terry Murray vs. A far better coach in Barry Trotz

Diplodocus vs. Homo Sapien Sans Neck

Tonight, should be a neck to neck battle.

For closing, permit me to overreact to one question and one answer that Dean Lombardi gave to Rich Hammond.

Question: But you’re confident, in general, that the coaches are getting through to the players? I know it’s a cliche, talking about players tuning out the coaches, etc., but are you concerned at all that things might be getting off-page?

LOMBARDI: “No, I’m not prepared to say that…

Not, “no” period, “certainly not”, “not at all”, “no way”, or even a “I don’t think so.” Instead, we got “no, I’m not prepared to say that…”

Remember, I hold a Doctorate in Lombardi Speak. “I am not prepared to say that” generally means the following thoughts preceded it: “I have thought about that but I don’t yet know if that is the case. I don’t believe it is but I am not certain. Therefore, I am not prepared to say that.”

It’s something you hear or read people state when they are unsure about something but hope the answer is the “no” that preceded the sentence.

Food for thought.

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  1. DL is looking for someone to replace TM. He just can’t say it in public.

    • That’s what I’m hoping too. You can’t express a lack of confidence in a coach until you say ‘you’re fired’. It’s really bad for morale (worse than Terry Murray even).

  2. I’m so happy I found this page.

    Go Kings!

  3. “Remember, I hold a Doctorate in Lombardi Speak” lol you are one of the few who do.

    I really hope the kings have had enough of losing and come out and play to their full potential.

  4. Can someone explain to me why our top 6 arent Penner-Kopitar-Williams, Gagne-Richards-Brown? The only time penner remotely had offensive numbers were in the first games with the team pre-11 going down, and if i remember the reason we signed gagne was cause he used to light it up on richards line… not trying to freak out here, but TM’s gotta go.

  5. Interesting game so far. After that second goal, Kings seem to have fallen right back into their cycling offense.

  6. … Shocked to see Bersberg starting, not shocked to see the Kings play shit defense in front of him.

    Great to see Martinez and Doughty get off the schneid. Maybe things are beginning to come together.

  7. Didn’t watch the first period…

    How was it?

  8. … Nice move there, Ethan LMAOreau.

  9. … Oh hey Kramer did a thing, Cammalleri-style.

  10. Great game. Almost choked again but finally pulled one outta their asses. :D

    I know a lotta people in here don’t like Moreau and I gotta say he isn’t the most skilled player but there’s something fucking sinister about this guy that is cool. He’s like that old school, dirty fucking player. Will do shit away from the play like slash you on your wrist, or spear you with the butt end on a check, etc. Got a feeling he’s gonna be good for the team down the stretch IF he can stay his ass outta the box.

    • Seriously. I really thought they were going to let them tie it. Glad we got the two points.

    • Have to agree with you Trick, I too like Moreau and his devious ways…. Something mid-evil about that cat that intrigues me as well. As you mentioned his ass needs to stay out of the sin bin to work his magic (voodoo).


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