Jimmie: I can’t believe this is the same car.
The Wolf: Well, let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks quite yet.

We won. We scored 4 goals. Two of the goals were of the awesome variety with one timers by Alec Martinez and Mike Richards. We got into some bad habits but, for the most part, held the fort.

Thank goodness. Losing 6 in a row would have been a hard level of suck to accept, even for a Terry Murray coached team.

Hats off, hugs and kisses for Jonathan Bernier. I love him. His hybrid style leaves few glaring open spots for shooters. He may want that Craig Smith goal back but that was one hell of a shot. It had to be perfect to beat Bernier and it was. Most importantly, the Kings gave him goal support.

Oh and Penner! Wow. Yeah. Get to the net.

How about the Scoring Chance Zone? First, the obligatory diagram (click on it for the full view). Notice the new center ice design and ice ads. The AM symbol is in honor of Ace Bailey and Mark Bavis. The VIP Tickets logo is a thank you to the boys who give us free tickets for the ticket giveaway contests.

(Scoring Chance Zone)

The LA Kings and Nashville Predators had 30 shots on goal.

The LA Kings’ breakdown was 15, 11 and a protect the lead at all costs 4, per period.

The Nashville Predators’ break down was 8, 8 and 14.

The dark blue in the photos below represent the Kings. The white are the Predators. Click on the image for the larger view.

In the first period, the Kings had 11 shots within the scoring zone. That is incredible. That is 73 percent (including one goal) within the SCZ. The far majority of those shots came by the time we got the 2-0 lead. The momentum changed thereafter. The Predators only had 3 within the SCZ and one of them was the goal. Their second goal was right on the line so you could argue that makes 4.

(Kings vs Predators, First Period, Shots On Goal)

In the second period, the Kings had 7 shots within the SCZ, including both goals. The Predators had 5.

(Kings vs Predators, 2nd Period, Shots on Goal)

In the final frame, the Kings had…wait for it…1 shot within the SCZ. Ouch. The Predators had 8, their best period.

(Kings vs Predators, 3rd Period, Shots on Goal)

Final numbers are the Kings, 19 shots within the SCZ while the Predators had 16.

The Kings owned the SCZ in the first two periods and did not waste the majority of their shots on the shot mentality from the point nonsense. The Kings won the game as a result.

But, let’s take The Wolf’s words into consideration. Two big games coming up. GO KINGS!