Tee Up The Excuses. Kings Lose 3-2 To Vancouver Canucks

I’ll let you in on a secret.

Every loss, without exception, comes with excuses. You can justify any failure, any time and for countless reasons. You can even make them sound persuasive.

That is what losers do.

Winners go home and fuck the prom queen.

We have won 7 times. We have lost 9 times. How are the season’s expectations working out, Mr. Lombardi?

The L.A. Kings are not playing like a team that intends to compete for anything other than a season that doesn’t include the playoffs but I bet Terry Murray will have a lot of excuses. As for me, I look at missed opportunities.

The Kings powerplay went 1 for 6. That is 6 chances to score a goal. Instead, we settled for one. 10 minutes with the man advantage wasted. Did you see what the Vancouver Canucks did with their opportunity? The Kings took their shots from the point, did nothing to stretch the defense, allowed Vancouver to stay comfortably in its box and lateral passing? Lateral passing for one timers below the top of the circle? No. We only do that when the mood strikes. It’s not part of our repertoire.

The Kings 5 on 5 failed in nearly every respect to generate quality scoring chances and getting the puck down low. Yeah, we got shots on goal but you know and I know shots from the perimeter and the point are low percentage and, unless your name is Terry Murray, you realize that an offense built around that is based on chance, hope and a prayer and is ill-equipped for scoring on any consistent basis.

I promise you, I assure you, Terry Murray will claim that we played well, we tried real hard, he liked the effort, etc. That is because Terry Murray looks at a game where there are shots on goal, despite the goal total, and there is cycling and a “heavy” game along the boards as a success regardless of the result. I promise you Terry Murray doesn’t think much needs to change on the offensive side of things. What Terry doesn’t know and will never say is that despite the 3-2 score, we were really never in it…and we can thank Jonathan Quick for only three goals against.

As a side note, Drew Doughty is playing like a rookie. That penalty and cross check against Ryan Kesler was dog shit. If I was coaching, his ass would sit a game. His goal was great. Few other things were…but hey, he missed camp, let’s wait until March and see if he turns it around.

I am not a happy Kings fan tonight and I am tired of reading and hearing about excuses for losing.


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  1. I got home late tonight and got to skip the commercials. By the latter stages of the first period I was fast-forwarding through the entire game. I haven’t done that in over a year. Likely two. So much talent on this team just wasted.

    I live in San Jose and Saturday is my only game of the year at Staples. Stubhub will still get my tickets, but I’m not going to pay as much as I normally would for it.

  2. 13 of 16 games below 3 regulation goals. 10th place offense is at 2.93 (Buffalo).
    No team since the lockout has won with an offense outside the top 10 (Anaheim was 8th when they won).

    Kings are currently 26th.

    It’s 1 am, I’m still up and I’m sad. :(

    Colorado came back from 3-0 to win in OT tonight. Guess it can still be done.

    Kings finally score with the goalie pulled and it doesn’t matter. :(

  3. Doughty’s cross-check penalty put me in a bad mood….matter of fact, after they scored both goals I watched the NFL instead. Doughty must have lost a few brain cells as well during his extended vacation. I know there were other break downs but that silly penalty to put us two men down against Vancouver, 5 minutes into the game shut off all other observations for me. My wrath was directed toward Dickwad Doughty the rest of my viewing minutes. Doughty, get your shit straight, son. Dang it!

    • Absolutely the worst moment of the game. He even looked at the damn ref before doing it. He fucking knew he was on thin ice and he then went ahead and cross checked Kesler HARDER. that was nothing but a purely cocky dumbass move and Murray is a coward for not benching him a few shifts after that.

      • Yah… I’m still pissed off about that. He should be sat next game. Bring up Slava, show Drew that his paycheck and his attitude doesn’t mean he can be a worthless asshole and guarantee a loss for us. Vancouver scored 5 times on the power play their last game, I should MAKE SURE they score on the power play tonight.

      • And YES, if Bruce Boudreau can do it to AO in a game that they Aren’t losing, ….. Urgh. Urgh. Urgh.
        A lot of fans are very t’eed off right now….. and justifiably.

        If they were leaving it all out on the ice, and playing smart sharp hockey I think people could deal with the losing.
        The thing is, one can say it’s another slump like last year, or that it’s getting close to spinning out of control.

    • I’m not gonna hesitate to chime in on this one. During his hold out I kept saying ‘he’s asking for this salary based on potential’. He’s had far too many brain cramps to justify that – For The Moment. Maybe he’ll sort it out.

      Last night was a clear example of the fact that he hasn’t sorted it out. When I see everynight the highlights of N. Lidstrom scoring another goal for the Wings and think, gads, he’s getting paid less than Doughty??? I just don’t know.

      • That moment in the game so pissed me off too….he just looked at the ref and then hit the player….his jackass move put a bad spin on the entire night.

        Oh wait here I go again on my sooooo tired of what’s-his-name.

        Don’t even care that he got the other goals…too little too late!!!!


  4. Before I finish reading this article, I want to pause and point out a fine gem of an example of why SS kick ass:

    “Winners go home and fuck the prom queen”

  5. What I don’t understand is all this talk about chemistry, gelling, yada yada and then putting in Fraser over Loktionov. Let’s talk about chemistry. Everyone and their mother knows that Loktionov has way more skill, speed and creative flash over Fraser. So why not go with what we know works and build on that.

    So next game we scratch Fraser and Hunter and put back Richardson and Westgarth and play musical chairs for God knows how long? Who really cares about top 6 bottom 6 why is he playing on this line when he should be playing on that line? Does it really matter if Loktionov centers the 4th line with Richie and Lewis on wing and they start building some real chemistry and thus creating havoc?

    I don’t understand that TM hasn’t learned from last year’s playoffs. Which line was arguably the most dangerous line? Simmonds Richie Clifford. Are they the “top 6” guys? No but they were dangerous and SJ had to be mindful of them.

    Moreau I can handle. The guy is a gritty player. He’s probably a borderline psychopath but that’s ok by me as long as he can shut down lines and even score some goals. No one expects him to put up 20+ goals really.

    Pens is starting to come around. His shot on goal that Gagne tipped in was maybe the spark that finally lit. I kinda chuckle at that play because he was not looking at the net at all and he just fired away. No worries whatever gets him going.

    Hunter? I don’t get that guy.

    So here’s my point, why not use guys that we know are going to get it done sooner rather than later and start building on that. It’s still early enough. I can dig that TM wants to experiment with these guys to see how their game is and that’s cool (I guess still early enough) to a point. I don’t understand as the head coach you can’t see your guys potential and match them up for success.

    • That is easy. Murray is old school. I am not talking traditional. I mean Amish. He believes your 4th line are throw away players, no offense, not even really defense, just grinding, heavy, checking guys, like it’s 19 fucking 72 and helmets are still optional. I bet he still has a horse, sticks his hand up its ass to check its temperature and takes a buggy to the rink. 3 lines that bring offense? No way. Speed and skill? Fuck that. That’s a top 6 thing and only if they play defense first. It must all come from growing up with a girl’s name.

      Yeah, I am in a bad mood…

      • Brilliant!

        Also, don’t for get certain players had a good compete – TM

      • Moreau, Hunter…who needs marginal players when young talent sits? Fraser…did seem somewhat heads up but with Loktionov sitting…what the fuck? A long as the Kings have a kindergarten coach then bring in the damn kids.

    • “He’s probably a borderline psychopath”

      I laughed for a solid 30 seconds at that.

      But speaking of Penner, did anyone else notice that when he gave his stick to Greene in the third period, he proceeded to skate lackadaisically around, looking completely and utterly confused? I laughed at that too, but in the sad way.

      • I think he was tired. Had been up to the red line and back before skating across half a circle to hand off the stick.

        But it did look like he made a last second decision to cover the guy who left the point to move into the slot (rather then hit the couch … err bench)

  6. FUCK NHL.com! Whenever we lose we’re in the headlines section. Whenever we win nada. Bullshit!

  7. After reading the site for about a week now, I can safely say you guys were probably going fucking crazy with just how much of a perimeter game we played tonight. Me too. I’m alarmed that Murray isn’t noticing a trend of us having so many shots blocked from this sorry “back to the point” excuse for an offensive strategy.

    Everytime we cycle down low, just to feed it up to Alec Martinez to shoot it into the opposition’s shin pads, I want to squash one of the animals from the Sarah Mclachlan commercial. It doesn’t work. It won’t work. If only Murray knew what an adjustment was, we probably wouldn’t be attempting it anymore, much less on the powerplay.

    • Actually despite the power play the Kings ended the game with more shots on net from in close (hash marks in) then Vancouver.

      • You sure about that? I haven’t looked at the numbers yet. I will have to look at the SCZ and see where the teams ended up.

      • That’s incorrect, According to the shot chart on NHL.COM, Vancouver outshot us roughly 11-6 in the prime scoring area. I believe two of those shots were from Jarrett Stoll, who by religion, misses the net, so it was really more like 11-4. We went to this point shot mentality quite a bit tonight, even strength it looks to me like the shots from the slot were about 6-3 in favor of the finger biters.

        The shot chart from last night’s game was very indicative of last night’s game, and well our system. Vancouver has most of there shots from actual scoring areas, while we kind of shot from anywhere and everywhere again, still managing to be outshot 32-30.

  8. (on the lack of scoring from the third and fourth lines…)
    MURRAY: “I liked our fourth line here tonight, with Fraser. That was his first game with the L.A. Kings, and not only did he play a pretty determined game, he made a couple plays there in the third period that gave us a look, anyway. On Stoll’s line, that’s where it kind of got out of sync a little, with everything that was going on (with penalty kills). I thought Hunter played fine. Again, I thought he played a better dot-to-board game than maybe any other game that he’s been in. He recovered some pucks, pulled them off the boards, big in front of the net. Clifford did his thing, he was gritty and strong. So that gives us some of the momentum. Would I like to see a few more goals scored there? Yeah, absolutely, and I think it will happen. ”

    I like the “dot-to-board” comment…got a good laugh.

    • “I like the “dot-to-board” comment…got a good laugh.”

      Come on, everyone knows that goals and scoring chances come from between the boards and the dots.

      Would I like to see a few more goals scored there? Yeah, absolutely, and I think it will happen.

      “I think it will happen”? Is this really what you want from your leadership? I wonder what AEG thinks of the Kings style and results so far this season. The time is now? LOL!

    • Sweet Jesus. Does he have a Vicodin addiction or something? A brain virus? Something is really wrong with that man. I’m scared.

  9. I’ve gotta say it. TRADE DOUGHTY!!! I’ve said it since he refused to sign. Who does he think he is? Bobby Orr? You can package Dustin Penner in there for a top 6 scorer. I’m tired of seeing Doughty’s turnovers. I’m tired of seeing Doughty fall down around our net. I’m tired of seeing Doughty’s name in our defensive pairings instead of Voynov. Voynov is a stud who is less than $7 million. Don’t even get me started on Dustin Penner. I’d take Jim Fox on left wing instead of Penner. I guess this is all just venting because the Doughty and Penner contracts are something nobody wants to take on. Those two guys are the REASON we suck right now. I’m also for a Terry Murray firing. What’s the worst that could happen? We’re an underachieving team with a different coach?


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