I’ll let you in on a secret.

Every loss, without exception, comes with excuses. You can justify any failure, any time and for countless reasons. You can even make them sound persuasive.

That is what losers do.

Winners go home and fuck the prom queen.

We have won 7 times. We have lost 9 times. How are the season’s expectations working out, Mr. Lombardi?

The L.A. Kings are not playing like a team that intends to compete for anything other than a season that doesn’t include the playoffs but I bet Terry Murray will have a lot of excuses. As for me, I look at missed opportunities.

The Kings powerplay went 1 for 6. That is 6 chances to score a goal. Instead, we settled for one. 10 minutes with the man advantage wasted. Did you see what the Vancouver Canucks did with their opportunity? The Kings took their shots from the point, did nothing to stretch the defense, allowed Vancouver to stay comfortably in its box and lateral passing? Lateral passing for one timers below the top of the circle? No. We only do that when the mood strikes. It’s not part of our repertoire.

The Kings 5 on 5 failed in nearly every respect to generate quality scoring chances and getting the puck down low. Yeah, we got shots on goal but you know and I know shots from the perimeter and the point are low percentage and, unless your name is Terry Murray, you realize that an offense built around that is based on chance, hope and a prayer and is ill-equipped for scoring on any consistent basis.

I promise you, I assure you, Terry Murray will claim that we played well, we tried real hard, he liked the effort, etc. That is because Terry Murray looks at a game where there are shots on goal, despite the goal total, and there is cycling and a “heavy” game along the boards as a success regardless of the result. I promise you Terry Murray doesn’t think much needs to change on the offensive side of things. What Terry doesn’t know and will never say is that despite the 3-2 score, we were really never in it…and we can thank Jonathan Quick for only three goals against.

As a side note, Drew Doughty is playing like a rookie. That penalty and cross check against Ryan Kesler was dog shit. If I was coaching, his ass would sit a game. His goal was great. Few other things were…but hey, he missed camp, let’s wait until March and see if he turns it around.

I am not a happy Kings fan tonight and I am tired of reading and hearing about excuses for losing.