Video: Scott Parse’s Lower Body Injury

Our buddy, wavesinair, at FistUpAndDeepInsideTheKings put in some time and effort to capture the video that, by a preponderance of the evidence, shows the cause of Scott Parse’s injury. Take a look:

Waves thinks it may be a hyper-extended knee or a re-aggravated hip.

I know what I think when I see that video…pussy…

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  1. Not to make excuses for Parse, but pussy? Really? You’re a writer by trade, if I remember correctly. You could lose a leg and still write. You could lose some fingers and still be able to write. Hell, you could lose your eyesight and still do your job. As an athlete, Scott Parse’s body IS his job. Without all its parts working properly his body can’t perform at the level required by an NHL player. If he tries, the other team will know it, sense it and then exploit it. All that serves is to put added pressure on his teammates to cover for him while on the ice.

    Now, is Scott Parse too often injured? Probably. A liability to the team because of it? Possibly. But a pussy? Hardly.

    • Your theory sounds fine until you remember all the players who play with gimp bodies in the playoffs. Their bodi is their job but their job is also to sacrifice their body.

      • His legs & knees spread. Could have affected his hips.

      • I respectfully disagree with you on two points….1) Yes, players play with injuries in the playoffs, but they are at the end of the season with the finish line in sight. We are not there yet. Early in the season, you put him on IR and get him to heal so he is available for you later….2) Their job is not necessarily to sacrifice their bodies, it is to play to the best of their ability at all times. When that injury prevents NHL caliber play, you pull them……That said, I think I get your point. He is injured far too often. Physically and mentally he may not have what it takes to play at this level.

    • I have been in a foul mood since Doughty’s cross checking penalty last night. I may lash out here and there. I am considering picking a fight with a random stranger. And Parse reminds me of Hemsky…who is also a pussy.

      • What’s your thought about Murray? He’s still happy overall with the Kings play. He loved Hunter’s “board-to-dot” play. He would like more goals, but doesn’t want to do anything about it, the Kings “luck” will change soon.

        Sounds the same as last season and the offense never showed up.

        • “Sounds the same as last season and the offense never showed up.”

          That’s because our ranking for goals for/against per game are virtually identical to last year…25th/5th respectively.

          Even Evil Knievel couldn’t jump that gap.

        • I hate to say I told you so especially because I know you were excited after Murray made that comment about jumping D men into the play but…

      • Scribe…understood. But look on the bright side. He did get away with a punch to the back of the head AND a cross-check prior to the cross-checking penalty that was called…..3 for 1…..all while trying to kill a 5 minute major…..I wonder if Drew can spell idiot?

  2. “FistUpAnd…”

    Love it! Now I have to get the domain and re-brand everything. LOL.

    And I don’t think Bobby was calling Scotty a pussy, he was saying that she broke her…well…you get the picture.

  3. You guys know men and women are built differently.. physiology says men are
    not built to spread at the hips..
    As for Parse being too oftened injured.. he does seem to be. Unfortuhnately
    not all players can withstand the bodliy trama that occurs with the constant physcial contact of the sport.. They said last night that Sammy Salo has been
    injured 23 times since the lockout. I am neutral regarding Parse. I think he could
    be a very good player with his skill set. But this is a team that should be ready to
    push in the playoffs.. and we have a more pressing overall problem we need to address.. so I wish him safe and swift healing..
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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