Well kids, here we go. Surly has done the math on the ticket contest giveaway for the November 12 game against the Minnesota Wild.

Here are the right answers:

LAK Goals – 2
VC Goals – 3

LAK Shots – 30
VC Shots – 32

LAK PIM – 22
LAK BS – 6

LAK SV% – .906

LAK PP Chances – 6
LAK PP Goal For (Y/N) – Y
LAK PP Goal Against (Y/N) – Y


JFTC Bullet Point Number – You think he didn’t write a post game solely because of this giveaway? I hope so.

FR Indeed Number – Indeed, Gann did not write a post game…that is not nearly as funny as JFTC failing to do one because it probably wasn’t intentional.

TRH Photo Number – My second favorite LA Kings blog had FOUR photos but in his own awesome and hilarious way, he tactically placed the word indeed in his post game 100 times (ok, it was less than that) and even threw in bullet points. If you don’t read TRH regularly, you are doing yourself a disservice. It’s fun LA Kings hockey blog meets hockey pop up book.

How did you do?

Vagabond JIM: -80
Kings909: -50
Art Gueriero: -77
Jeff314: -17
Brittany: -86
Josh287: -95
Steve Gulliver: -15
Mike Wilson: -75
Kevin Mochernuk: -33
Somethingcrazy: -64
Dirk: -28
GKGTimeInfinity: -81
Craig: -112
Joe Thompson: -32
Kingsnation13: -34 (only guy to nail to SV% but fucked up other things)
Derek: -117
Juliet: -110
HalfCrowned: -72

Oh, so close! Except for Derek. -117 big guy? Ouch.

Steve Gulliver WINS by TWO points!!

Email was just, Steve. CHECK IT! GO KINGS!