7 wins. 9 losses. 16 games have passed. Our next 4 are Wild, Ducks, Ducks, and Red Wings.

The Minnesota Wild should prove an interesting challenge. They are a good defensive team and boast a better record at 8-4-3.

The Ducks…well, the Anaheim Ducks are awful. You think we are struggling to score? Wow. Anaheim has a -15 goal differential. Only the Blue Jackets trail them in that department of suck.

The Red Wings. Ah, yes. They stumbled out of the gate but never count out the Dead Things. They have won 2 straight as I write this and are getting into a groove, especially on offense. They beat Colorado and Anaheim by scores of 5-2 and 5-0, respectively.

By the end of this 4 game stretch, we will know whether Terry Murray will remain the L.A. Kings coach. I am not stating he will be fired by game 20 if we lose all four…maybe I am saying that if we actually do lose all four games, but game 20 is the marker, the quarter mark of the season and a fair barometer of whether this team is on the right track or flipped over, metal mangled, windows broken, dead bodies scattered throughout, off it.

0-4? Murray is gone.

1-3? Murray is gone but not immediately.

2-2? He survives…for now.

3-1? He survives absent another meltdown.

4-0? I will happily eat crow.

That is not a tough schedule. The excuses are gone and Terry Murray may follow.