Just Because It’s 11/11

I realized I hadn’t posted anything today, and at 11:45pm, that only leaves me 15… No wait, now 14 minutes to post something on 11/11/11. I don’t know why I like numbers, but I do.

I am amused by made-up significance to ultimately made-up calendar dates. I am also amused by noticing silly things throughout the day, like receiving a reimbursement check today for $111. Or a scene at work timing out to 1:11. Arbitrary, but what is life without musing at time-centric time-killers.

To be honest, after 7 years, my woman has beaten into my head a fascination with the whole sequential ones thing. She enjoys glancing at the clock every day at 1:11, except on those days where she catches 1:12 instead, and is then subsequently annoyed by it for 10 minutes. I wish I could annoy her that effortlessly. Alas, I have to put in more work usually to bother her.

10 minutes.

So, do you buy into the flimsy magic of re-occurring numbers? Some people take it very seriously. Others are seriously offended that others take it seriously.

If 11/11 is lucky. What’s 11/12?

You all know I’m a bit superstitious when it behooves me, so if by this time tomorrow the Kings have a win in hand, did they carry over the luck of 11/11? If they lose, is 11/12 cursed? A 5 game losing streak sucks. Snapping it is nice. Following it up immediately with another losing streak is kind of reprehensible. Definitely lame.

I know there is one #11 we all like. Let’s hope he can score, along with 12. So let’s go with that. Kopi scores and so does Gagne, for a truly magically 11/12 Staples Center experience. Please oh number lord, god of intentionally noticed randomness redefined as stumbled upon fate, let the 2 goal quota be enough. Let the Wild have the 1 to our 2. So we can be number one.

Uh-oh, just a few minutes left and I’m getting nervous. There’s a small part of me that is actually worried that if I don’t hit ‘publish’ in the next 3 minutes, I’ll regret it.

Happy whatever day.

Go Kings!

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  1. let me take 11 swigs of scotch and i’ll let you know…


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