L.A. Kings vs. Minnesota Wild Open Forum: The Battle Of The Offensively Beleaguered

The LA Kings and Minnesota Wild (8-4-3) have a few things in common.

They both have great fans, die-hard , intense and more than a little frustrated.

Both teams worked hard to boost their offense in the offseason but have failed on the ice. The L.A. Kings average 2.25 goals per game. The Wild average a dismal 2.13, for 28th in the league.

Both teams are solid defensively. Minnesota is a very stingy 1.87 goals against, good for number one in the league…”holy shit, did Jacque Lemaire return behind the bench?” No. The LA Kings sit in 6th place at 2.25.

Both teams have a habit of taking dumb and undisciplined penalties that is costing them games. In fact, the Wild have taken 6-7 penalties per game in the past several.

I have not see an official report, but I heard the big and talented left wing, Guillaume Latendresse may not play tonight due to concussion symptoms. He may have suffered a concussion upper body injury in Thursday’s loss against the San Jose Sharks.

What can we expect from the Wild? If stats are any indicator, possibly a 1-0 or 2-1 game. I hate that the Wild have twitter imbecile and hand shake snubbed, Devin Setoguchi (4 goals, 4 assists) because, as much as I can’t stand him or his foolish face, he is a talented winger who can bury the puck and has had success against us. There is also fellow former Shark, Dany Heatley (5 goals, 5 assists). It will be a reunion of sorts, with these two contemptibles playing in a different jersey.

The Kings come into this game struggling to score goals. Our biggest handicap is behind the bench. Tonight’s match, however, is a Terry Murray type of game. If the LA Kings cannot shut down the 28th offense in the league, then I will await Murray’s immediate resignation. Special teams may be the key to a victory or another frustrating night at Staples Center.

This is your open forum for pre-game and game night thoughts and tidbits. Are we going to pull this one out? Or will Terry Murray take another step toward the firing line?

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  1. Penner ain’t playing.

    He huwt his wittle whand.

  2. Minni’s defensive structure is surprisingly good this year. A loss tonight for the Kings puts us at .500. A loss for Minni puts them at .500 on the road. Lets Go Kings!

  3. This game will be won by the team that scores 2 goals. Will we reach our game quota? Who knows.


  4. If the LA Kings cannot shut down the 28th offense in the league, then I will await Murray’s immediate resignation.

    … Come on, you know you wanna say it … MUST WIN GAME!

    • It is a must win game. The kings must win for my faith in them not to plummet further.

      • Well, I for one have faith in the team. TM, not so much. I hate to say it though, if we fire him, I have less faith in Stevens. Kinda the lesser of the 2 evils I guess.

        Definately behind the boys though (yes, even Penner).

        • Well when I say my faith I mean them as a whole. My faith in the team under Murray. I have faith in the players to try hard, but as things stand i dint have a ton for them to succeed. Which really says alot. I am typically the uber optimist. I always go into every game firmly believing that we will win it. The last few weeks though have done a lot to undo my innate positivity.

          As for Stevens, I have more faith in Stevens than Murray, for a variety of reasons.

          • Write us a piece on why you think Stevens would make a good head coach. I’m not being snarky either, I just would like to hear some unqualified analysis about it (okay that last bit was snarky :D ). Maybe go into what our best realistic non-Stevens options are as well.

        • That makes no sense, Dom. What has Stevens possibly done to make you believe he will do as poorly as the antique behind the bench? Richards had his best season playing for Stevens. Hell, the one game Stevens coached preseason, we scored 4 goals. There is nothing in his history that leads me to believe he is an offensively inept coach

          • Stevens did quite well with the Flyers…THN Coach of the year with a 39 point season to season turn around plus two playoffs including the finals.

            And, who can fault the King’s PK under Stevens?

      • So, its come down to this, eh?

      • It is a must win game. The kings must win for my faith in them not to plummet further.

        … Don’t stop … believin’

        Hold on to that FEEEELAYAYAYAYAYAING

  5. We will score 4 goals tonight…..simply because it goes against all conventional wisdom.

  6. 3-1 Kings. Empty netter to seal the game.

    Terry Murray squeaks by yet again…

  7. How incredibly ironic would it be if Terry Murray’s 1000th game will be a high scoring fluke, like 7-6 or something? Or if we lose, it would be a 1-0 game to really punctuate his career. I am looking forward to this game. I see history written all over it.

  8. I think Craig Mactavish would be a better replacement then Stevens. If Mactavish can get a mediocore team to the finals, imagine what he could do with the kings.

    • Personally, I would like to see Gretzky behind the bench. It’s a long shot…but would be amazing to have him finally help deliver the cup!

    • MacTavish has a similar grind it our style like Murray, I’m pretty sure

      TM got a team to the finals and remember what he did in Florida. I’m not trying to cause trouble just pointing out facts.

  9. Hey, how come no blog about congratulations to Murray for 1000 games coached?

  10. Ok – that’s it. Apparently the Kings and the NHL think we can keep and attract fans by running repeatedly the Kings Ice Crew Calendar for the half hour slot before every game. I’ll watch it once, maybe even twice for the few girls that are worth seeing twice, but that’s it. Don’t we have enough to talk about that we can fill a half hour before every Kings game?

    I’m sick of seeing Robitaille’s sickly mug (though I appreciate all he’s done). Plump girls and awkward poses do nothing for me. HOCKEY. If you can’t bring a quality product to the ice, sickly and plump ain’t going to do it.

    It’s a national embarrassment that we’re forced to watch NFL men in pink. I’ll endure “NHL Green” though the political chicanery is revolting. But if my beloved NHL keeps putting out this kind of crap I’ll start watching rugby again – there’s got to be at least one manly sport left in this infantilized country!

  11. 17-22-24 line looks really good tonite … Chemistry… Line juggling to start soon for sure.


  12. I like Fraser! Has played a solid 4 periods thus far.

  13. I think a 5 year old drew up this powerplay design with a cornflower blue crayon.

    The 4 dump and “chase” plays in a row that led to Minny getting there first, and clearing the puck unchallenged, leads me to believe that Kompon is not only incompetent, but by definition, insane.

  14. You have to admit, ‘shot mentality’ is working out today.
    Or maybe everyone is happy Penner is not playing.

  15. I’m with kingnation13, so far Fraser looks like an everyday player. Also.a good grinder energy player.

  16. Great character by Gagne!

  17. Great character by Gagne! Staubitz punk ass gonna get rocked by Cliffy again, hopefully.

  18. Is it me or is Heatley one of the most overrated players out there?

    • His game really fell off since leaving Ottawa. He used to be a dangerous sniper out there. Don’t know, lack of confidence, maybe?

  19. LA GOAL 2:49 EV L.A 24 C.FRASER(1) 17 E.MOREAU(2) 22 T.LEWIS(1)

    … Excuse me, what???

    This is what I get for missing the game.


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