In honor of all the pugilism this weekend, Oh! Dustin Penner is down! 1…2…3…4…we’ll check on him later.

Meanwhile, we have a hole in our top 6 or, depending on your perspective, top 9. That rascal Terry Murray is rascally enough to plug in Kevin Westgarth but I don’t think he’s that sozzled with the 3 goal victory.

So, who?

The Manchester Monarchs left wing pickings are slim in Clune, K.O. Kaunisto, King (Surly just gagged), and Meckler.

Brandon Kozun, anyone? “He’s a right wing, Scribe.” Shut up. He can play left.

How about Andrei Loktionov? “He’s a center, Scribe.” Jesus. You would think our coach doesn’t know how to shuffle lines. Another center, Marc-Andre Cliche, leads the Monarchs in goals.

Here is my vote.

If you must keep the Gagne-Kopitar-Williams line together (I still long for Gagne-Richards-Williams), then the second line should be Stoll-Richards-Brown. “Wait, wait, wait, you want Stoll as a wing?” Yes. I think Stoll and Brown complement each other rather nicely and there is nothing wrong with having two natural centers in the top 6. Stoll has a hard and fast one timer and can skate. Mike Richards is a hell of a play maker and I see him feeding Jarret some tape to tape passes that Stoll will send high and wide. I kid Jarret. He’ll hit the net. He’s due and I want to get him a spark and on the goal scoring track. Dustin Brown gets his captain laced butt to the net.

I am not holding my breath. I don’t see Terry Murray doing this. I wish he would.

The third line (since I will never have my line of Clifford-Loktionov-Kozun) will be Clifford-Loktionov-Richardson. “So, Loktionov gets the call up!” Correct. Notice, again, two players that can play center. I put a lot of stock on faceoff victories.

The fourth line has many round holes for the round peg.

Nutty? Perhaps a little. However, the top 6 must have skill and speed with an emphasis on players who work well with their linemates. Our biggest handicap is scoring goals. That is why a top 6 exists. That is what my top 6 is designed to do, while it maintains the necessary edge and toughness.

Now that fantasy time is over, what do you think the LA Kings will do?