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  1. Oh.. Ok. Yeah, that’s very heartwarming!

    I thought you were gonna say Kopitar was out for the season because of a previously unknown injury!

  2. Wow that is really neat. Gotta hand it to the Bruins organization, nice touch. If nothing else, brilliant marketing.

    Hey, doesn’t Chara look like a large tree when standing next to ordinary folk?

  3. That’s awesome, I like how mom immediately wants to run onto the ice and dad has to tug her back.

    Related to the vet’s day celebration, I really liked the King’s American flag number idea. It pisses me off that Beckman or the NHL or whoever can’t get over themselves and allow stuff like that let alone say, “Holy crap, that’s a great idea. Why don’t we have every NHL team do it for the week.” or even just the home teams. You can even have Canadian players/teams with Canadian flag numbers for Remembrance day.

    Oh and Chara is a fucking monster. Why didn’t we get Tyler Myers again? Oh, that’s right we got Teubet… who we then traded for Penner… with a 1st rounder… Dammit.


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