If you’re a guy, prepare to be horrified. Jonathan Quick’s second tweet from the top…

(You know how I know you're gay?)

Look, I have long longed (heh!) for Bobby Ryan to become a L.A. King. I challenged him to a round of golf at Pelican in Newport Beach upon the condition that, if he lost, he demand a trade to the Kings. He thought about it and turned me down. I have chirped him on the subject. I generally think he is wasting his career in Anaheim. Perhaps this guy trip to the movies is a prelude to the eventual or inevitable move to L.A. Regardless, this is a little gay. If Surly called me up and said, “hey, you want to go to the Breaking Wind Dawn premiere?” I would respond, “dude…” and I would not have to say anything else for him to hang up the phone in shame. Corey Perry going with Joffrey Lupul, yeah, that I can understand. But, this…this is a little weird…what’s even weirder is I wish I was going with them. “Brownie, Milk Duds or Goobers!?”

Update: I am so confused.

(The women made them do it!)