Quick, Richards, Brown, Westgarth & Bobby Ryan Are Doing What Together?

If you’re a guy, prepare to be horrified. Jonathan Quick’s second tweet from the top…

(You know how I know you're gay?)

Look, I have long longed (heh!) for Bobby Ryan to become a L.A. King. I challenged him to a round of golf at Pelican in Newport Beach upon the condition that, if he lost, he demand a trade to the Kings. He thought about it and turned me down. I have chirped him on the subject. I generally think he is wasting his career in Anaheim. Perhaps this guy trip to the movies is a prelude to the eventual or inevitable move to L.A. Regardless, this is a little gay. If Surly called me up and said, “hey, you want to go to the Breaking Wind Dawn premiere?” I would respond, “dude…” and I would not have to say anything else for him to hang up the phone in shame. Corey Perry going with Joffrey Lupul, yeah, that I can understand. But, this…this is a little weird…what’s even weirder is I wish I was going with them. “Brownie, Milk Duds or Goobers!?”

Update: I am so confused.

(The women made them do it!)

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  1. You may need to retract your comment about Penner being a 6’2″ vagina now.

  2. Bernier is now my official #1. Then again have you seen his playlist on Pandora? Both are dead to me.

  3. I seriously doubt it’s a guys night out. They’re probably taking their ladies to the show since they’re women have been bugging the hell outta them to go see it. We’ve all been there before the chick wants to go see this movie real bad and we cave and go see it. These guys are probably gonna get dinner before the show. Perfect time and excuse to get hammered. Might as well get the chick a little saucy also. :D

  4. After seeing the photo for sure the chicks but that’s cool. It’s not just any old showing it’s the Premiere! Nice boys, very good get outta jail card free with the lady. You know that shit’ll come in handy down the road!!

  5. Suddenly I’m feeling shame. Is this really the heart of the team (sans Kopi) dressed like that (Drew, wtf, dude!!! $7mm means you can get a personal fucking shopper. Hell, pay Stoll to shop for you!!! Christ, go see a tailor regardless of where you bought that crap) and off to see some visual detritus targeting teenage girls.

    Thank god Kopi has a pair. Or maybe Mitchell kidnapped him and forced him to go fishing???

    Shame, utter shame. I thought power play was weak, but this……

  6. “what’s even weirder is I wish I was going with them.”

    And which King’s lap would you be reaching into for popcorn? :D

  7. Ya this was for the ladies. No way they all go by themselves…right? ;)

  8. … I don’t care if they’re doing it to placate their wives or not. Where I come from, we don’t go out of our way to fraternize with the enemy.

  9. Bobby Ryan thought they were gonna go see Stomp the Yard and our boys thought they were seeing Sleeping with the Enemy.

  10. Looking at Dustin Brown, you would think this was all Drew Doughty’s idea

  11. From a female point of view: We are going to see the movie on the weekend. I will be with a group of women, both young and old and we go together and make a day of it including lunch, etc. Lots of fun. BUT! there is no way in hell I would want my husband to go. NO, NO NO! This is strictly a female movie. We go and ooooh, and ahhhh, and laugh and do stupid girl shit that we never grow out of. you know?

    The only thing I can think is after the taunting of the twilighters after the game on Sat (which was really funny), there were articles about how much the twilighters hated the Kings. I think its the media relations people. Now all the twilight fans see the kings there and they forgive them. Clever actually.

  12. I just realized (as I sit next to an Eastern Kings fan at the office) that the Flyers would never have this happen. There’d be a scrap in the locker room (an intraline brawl as it where) and then Holmgren would waive anybody that went to the movie.

    There are some things we can learn from our Eastern Conference farm team after all.

  13. funny reading here….ah the male brain and how it works????? from the girl point of view….:)

  14. Did Westgarth take Parros as his significant other?

  15. Bobby Ryan missed today’s practice with the flu…


  16. the guys who are with their girls… that’s one thing. but I see four men without women attached to them. did they think Twitard Mania would be a good place to pick up a date?


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