Kings’ New Blood, Young Blood Spill Ducks’ Blood

Thrilling until the end.

The box score tonight tells a tale that Dean Lombardi wrote. Richards scores two goals. Gagne dominates with a beautiful goal and a better assist. Andrei Loktionov gets an assist. Slava Voynov gets a goal and an assist. Kopitar scores the game winner. Tonight was a game for the new guys in King town, capped off by the best hockey player in California.

For a while it felt like this was going to be a repeat of the first freeway fuck-off game (hash tag that FSN). Low scoring teams struggling to find the back of the net. The Ducks started off the game much stronger than last night and the Kings had to work harder for their shots. After a scoreless first period, the second saw a spike in the action. Richards broke through with a pretty lifted backhand on a breakaway, courtesy of Voynov and Loktionov. Shortly thereafter Andrew Cogliano scored when the Johnson and Doughty got caught chasing their dicks. Then on a penalty kill, Simon Gagne burst through the neutral zone with a blaze of speed, jumped ahead of everybody and with the faintest of dekes in tight put the puck past Dan Ellis to give our boys their second lead of the game. That may have been the coolest Kings goal of the season thus far.

Then the third period struck. Well, eventually. It seems the lighting technician at the Cesspond Honda Center decided he was sick of looking at all the ugly Duck players and the worn out expressions on their plastic soccer mom fans’ faces, so we sat in comparative darkness for a while. When the lights did come on about 15 or more minutes late, both teams unleashed their respective beasts. The Kings, a clumsy juggernaut. The Ducks, a feisty little nimrod with a Napoleon complex. Gagne makes a high skill backhand pass to Voynov on the powerplay. 3-1. Perry happens to score while falling on his face. He can thank Scuderi for that goal. 3-2. The Kings are the beneficiaries of 4 minutes of powerplay time but stumble their way towards giving Anaheim more momentum than they deserve. The scrawny schmucks take full charge and are rewarded with a powerplay goal of their own, Cogliano’s second, a redirection off a Sbisa point shot. 3-3. Fuck.

But then there was Kopitar.

The man, the myth, the legend himself makes the power move to the middle of the ice we’ve been waiting to see for 2 games, puts a backhander behind the net, recovers his own rebound, circles around to the goalmouth and after not one, not two, but three whacks pokes the game winning goal past Ellis while Williams gave a face full of his ass to the Ducks’ goalie.

Richards scored an empty-netter to cap off a wild evening.

The downside to this game is that the Kings let the Ducks gain momentum twice in the third period. In the end they didn’t break, but holy shit did they bend too far. We will begrudgingly give some credit to the morons in orange. The Doughty-Johnson pairing experienced some of the defensive pains we all knew were coming. Happy the Kings scored 5 goals? Me too. They also scored as many short handed goals as they did even strength goals. 5-on-5 still needs work. I’ll be much happier when we can get 3 at even strength, preferably against a team whose best defensemen isn’t Francois Beauchemin.

We would also like to smack Murray upside his head for still not putting Loktionov on the powerplay, favoring Moreau and his penchant for penalties instead.

Though we still would have liked to have seen Bernier in net, Quick made some spectacular saves, one of which a certain Bobby Ryan is about to have a nightmare regarding, and none of the 3 goals against can be laid at his feet.

This is now the time to thank our gods or lack thereof that Clifford’s neck isn’t broken.

The team has momentum. We’ve got a 3 game winning streak on our hands. Detroit is coming out of their funk and needs a good flogging and Saturday seems like the perfect time for them to get it.


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  1. The man, the myth, the legend himself makes the power move to the middle of the ice we’ve been waiting to see for 2 games, puts a backhander behind the net, recovers his own rebound, circles around to the goalmouth and after not one, not two, but three whacks pokes the game winning goal past Ellis

    … These are the most beautiful goals to watch the team score, and I reacted more to this goal than I have with any other King goal this season.

    It’s not the pretty plays that win certain games, it’s the plays where tenacity and staying with it – not giving up on a play – can produce the best result.

    Also, big credit to Scuderi for leading that rush and hitting Kopitar at the perfect time and tempo to get that whole play started.

    • Goddam that was a great pass. Almost forgot about it. At the time, I let out a FUCKYEAHBABY! GO!!

    • And Williams breaking out Scuds from the neutral zone was great, along with his hard work in front of the net on the play. Everything about that was gold. I will admit, when I saw It was Scuds who got that passed I got worried that he’d fuck it up, but man did he time that beautifully.

      • And Williams breaking out Scuds from the neutral zone was great

        … It’s funny that Williams even got an assist on that goal, because he never touched the puck. Greene made the hit, chipped the puck up, then Gagne skated to the neutral zone and passed it diagonally. Williams looked as if he was going to pick it up, but instead he let it go – skated right by it. I don’t know if he did it consciously or if Scuderi (who was behind him) called him off of it, but it was clear Williams didn’t touch the puck there.

        Then, after Kopitar’s first shot (the backhander) went wide, it was Scuderi who dug the puck out from behind the Anaheim net and threw it back to Kopitar. That’s how Anze was able to take it around to the other side of the net and eventually score from there. Williams was in front of the net, but the rebound from Kopitar’s second shot, the backhand wraparound, went right through Justin’s legs.

        So, not only did Scuderi lead the break, he kept the play alive after the initial shot. A defensive defenseman who’s behind the other team’s net, in a tie game late in the third period, keeping an offensive play alive. Talk about going for broke to get that game-winner. That was awesome.

        • Just watched it again, my mistake. I mixed up Williams and Gagne. Williams did do a great job to box out Sbisa when Kopitar came out from behind. Had he not spun then Sbisa easily gets in Kopi’s way and he doesn’t get that many whacks.

          A great play by the whole team. Literally all 5 guys involved. Good hit by Greene. Good pick up and pass by Gags. Williams drawing to the front of the net, patience and a great pass by Scuds, the beautiful power move by Kopi and the drive by everyone to get it done.

          I still want to see the Kings score 5-on-5 through set plays and set up time in the offensive zone, but for now I’ll take the transitional offense.

          But still an awesome goal.

        • It’s funny that Williams even got an assist on that goal, because he never touched the puck.

          Watch the goal again, the puck hit Williams in the leg or skate before Kopitar put in his rebound. That is why he got the assist.

    • It was a hard, UN-Vaselined dick rammed up their ass — as emotionally depleting for Ducks’ fans as Selanne’s PP goal was for us the night before.

    • That didn’t look like scuderi, it was beautiful.

  2. i gasped and covered my mouth in shock when saw clifford go into the boards. how he was able walk it off and be ready to play the next shift… i dont know.

    damn good game!

    go kings go… fuck the ducks

  3. They also scored as many short handed goals as they did even strength goals. 5-on-5 still needs work.

    You can’t count the empty net goal. The Kings had 2 ES goals that is what you need on a consistent basis to get to the 3 goals average. The Kings will get their share of PP goals with Richards and Gagne in the lineup. They are the only ones looking for the cross-ice plays and pucks to the net in tight.

    The Kings had a much better 5-on-5 effort in game number 2 than game number one. I have the Kings with 17 of 30 shots in the scoring zone in game 2 (57%) compared to 9 of 27 in game 1 (33%). This is why the Kings scored 2 ES goals versus 0. It’s not rocket science, when the Kings get the puck to the middle and get shots, they score. When the Kings play their normal “board-to-dot” heavy game and point shots, they don’t score. The Kings entries into the zone was much better in game 2 and helped contribute to the better zone shots, they didn’t have to dump and pray as much.

    • Hey look, I was being a teeny bit snarky. But if you aren’t counting the last goal then we didn’t score 5 either. I am happier with the Kings 5 on 5 offense last night. But lets not kid ourselves. The two even strength goals were not the result of any set plays nor did they come about from prolonged tme in the zone. Both were off transitions and both were basically single efforts by our two best players. Show me a goal like Voynov’s at even strength. Show me that the Kings can set up in the zone 5-on-5 and score. That we did not see.

      Hey, 2 ES goals per game and 1 PP goal I’d where its at. That winning hockey most nights. I just want tobsee it consistently and against a team that is slightly better than terrible. We haven’t aced the course, we just passed a pop quiz.

  4. Kopi baby- and why is Richard Cloutier not talking shit anymore

  5. beautiful play by Scuderi on that goal.

    over / under on how many more games before TM puts Loktionov on the power play? I’d set it at 3.

    Please tell me if Loki keeps playing like this he doesn’t get sent down when Penner comes back.

    • I’m wondering if He or Voynov can play well enough to stay. By that I mean that I almost feel like it doesn’t matter how well they play, they are going down.

      You know Murray’s motto is that you don’t lose spot due to injury. I can understand in the case of Martinez, not so much in Penner’s case.

      • I think it doesn’t really matter. DL has a plan, and has always stuck to his guns, regardless of the state of the team. When we went through growing pains the first 3 or 4 years under DL’s regime, he never jumped out and to panic pay for the top FA. Last season when we went into a tailspin during Febuary, he didn’t go out and trade his way out of trouble.

        He has always stuck to the plan, even when the team could probably have recieved a boost from one. His plan has always been for Penner to play left wing this season for us, and VV, and Lokti to spend 1 more year in Manchester.

        I see his wisdom, and understand the plan. I understand the fans being imatient, but DL is not going to change his plan, no matter what happens with the team, and the team would have to tank pretty hard, with some pretty huge holes, to force DL’s hand..

        As we have found out in the past, certainly more than 14 games.

      • Unless Penner is physically fucked up or pulls a Sandusky in the showers he’s gonna play.

        $4.25-mil is a lotta dough to lay out on a backward forward.

  6. dear gods of hockey… Clifford’s neck. There were almost tears. If he’d been down a moment or so longer there would have been tears.
    and gods damn that Sheldon Brookbank, who seems to have a habit of BigRedDog abuse (at least there wasn’t blood this time). I’d like to see Clifford just cut loose on that guy and make some serious damage next time they meet (being the past two fights between the two have been less than extraordinary on the Dog’s end). Or maybe have Westy take care of it (if TM ever lets him back out on the ice)

    and once again (as was the case right around this time last season) the Kings are first in the Pacific Division!! now to just keep it that way…

  7. What is wrong with Why is the only goal from the game last night on “Thursdays Best” the Teemu goal? Furthermore, why is it titled “Not Quick Enough?”

    Ugh. You’re a bunch of idiots. Show Kopi’s goal, or Gagne’s goal. They’re WAY better than that one.

  8. 1st place in the Pacific division after what 19 games means squat. 1st place in the Pacific division at the end of the season means the playoffs.
    This is not Toronto who were already planning their parade and celebration for their 2011/2012 Stanley Cup victory.
    It’s great the Kings won back to back games against a team who is playing worse than they are right now. I wouldn’t say the Kings have turned a corner yet, only that after dropping 5 games in a row that little funk is now starting to go away. There has to be consistency period. The Kings need to play a full 60 minutes. The Kings still need to improve scoring on 5 v 5. The Kings need to stop having their asses saved by their goaltender who is carrying this team right now.
    Richards, makes those other 2 guys who’s names escape me at the moment, hardly missed. You can’t miss what you never had, so forget about talking about how Schenn was too big a price to pay for a guy who plays in all 3 zones, and shows why he wore a C on his sweater with the Flyers
    Gagne appears to have regained what had been taken from him following a pretty bad concussion and Post Concussion Syndrome. Dean, you got this one right!
    The problem now is what to do with Martinez once he gets back. Doughty and Johnson are still not great defenseman, and having both as a pairing probably isn’t the smartest thing. The Kings are what 6-1 with Voynov in and Voynov has 5 points 3g and 2 a in 7 games. I am not going to go all James Wisniewski with Voynov, I don’t expect this kid to keep putting up these types of numbers the rest of this time up with the Kings. What I do know is, the Kings have a offensive defenseman who also appears to be pretty good on defense also. Voynov is NHL ready now, but at who’s expense? The only thing Voynov needs to do, is put on some muscle.
    The Kings IMO need a defenseman who is going to be nasty and good defensively like a Phaneuf. A guy who was just going to plaster players alla Scott Stevens and also be solid on defense. I like Matt Greene, I like Scuderi and Mitchell, nobody knows what a Deslauries, or a Forbort can bring in terms of snarl.
    A-Mart was just starting to pickup offensively, bad luck for him better luck for Voynov who hasn’t shown why he is not ready yet.
    Now the Parse project needs to be scratched, the only thing good about Parse is his salary. Now what to do with Penner when he returns. It looked once again like the monkey on his back was about to jump off, when he took a shot off his finger. He had what we initially thought vs Nashville his 1st goal. At least that is what it looked like from where we were sitting. We also thought he had his 1st multipoint game, only to be deflated when those bastards took an assist away from him.
    The problem now is what to do with all these guys, once everyone is healthy.
    I guess when Penner comes back Loktionov will be sent back, and once Martinez comes back Voynov will be sent back.
    One of the benefits of age, experience and games played which do not require the Kings to put them on re-entry waivers.
    Fraser so far has looked pretty good, even scoring a goal, which makes him 6 goals away from setting a career high. Hunter has used his frame to cause a lunar eclipse standing in front of the net during the PP. If Hunter could get a few games in, rather than being a healthy scratch for 5 and then thrown a bone to get into 1 game then scratch another 5 maybe he might be able to add 10-15 goals banging in rebounds. He was pretty good while he played with the Islanders.
    Moreau is a physical player who is going to put a hurtin on anyone who wants to get into a puck scrum. His recent Matt Cooke infarcs, although nothing remotely close to the cheap shots Cooke had been getting away with for so long are just his way of seeing what he can and can’t do. Last night the guy showed he can also handle the puck, making a pretty neat through the legs manuver, which is a Brown move, except everyone knows its going to happen with Brown.
    Good signs early, I would like 1st place in the Pacific after 82 games a lot than 1st in the Pacific after 19.

  9. I think loko deserves some props as well for his nice pass to send Richards flying in on his goal. That pass is gonna get picked off quite a bit.

  10. loko for top 6. penner with stoll and richardson for reliable old man style hockey. pair doughty and voynov, greene A ssigned to the press box as champagne inspector/bailey outfit guy. hunter returns to pro hockey hobo yard. tm replaced with bylsma2 model clone grown from dna reserves. can’t wait for playoffs.


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