…abhorrent, invidious, execrable, foul, loathsome, Orange County miscreants one point. One undeserving point. When an Anaheim rat comes to my door, I don’t give it a small morsel of cheese. I take a shovel to its skull, drive a stake through its heart and hang it in effigy in my front yard as a warning to its entire species. This is our house you rodents. You leave here with nothing other than your undeserving lives if I feel the magnanimous impulse to spare it.

We controlled two periods.


If Dustin Brown kept his damn stick on the ice after receiving the perfect pass from Andrei Loktionov, it would have been a 2-0 lead. If Justin Williams or Simon Gagne could finish tonight, it would have been 3. If that damn cross-bar didn’t save Hiller’s ass, it would have been 4. Instead, it was 1-0 and a team that possesses a killer instinct does not take its boot off the enemy’s neck with a 1-0 lead.

Andrei Loktionov is ready for prime time. Each time the puck is on his stick, he is dangerous. With experience, we have a potential star in our midst. Everything about him oozes top 6 forward.

If Terry Murray takes the stranglehold off the perimeter play and point shot mentality as the end all, be all, opens up the center of the offensive zone, allows our forwards to funnel the puck to the net, makes the lateral passes for one timers and set plays from behind the net, in addition to the cycle, part of our repertoire, it will bring us balance on offense. Balance, with the mixture of skill and toughness we possess, will put goals on the scoreboard. Without it, we are still a one-dimensional offensive team in a league that requires at least 3 dimensions to be in the top 4 and “contend”.

On the subject of offense, what I would not give if Dustin Brown had a higher hockey IQ. O’Captain, My Captain. Some of his shots on net when he has time and space to maneuver are maddening. Still, he brings a lot of good things and I see a hint (a small one) of chemistry with Mike Richards. Brownie had a good game. I am nit-picking a bit. I want more.

Speaking of Richie (Surly just cursed me), nice game. He added finish to those intangibles. “Intangibles suck!”

Jonathan Quick played well. “That is an insult to the defense!”

Ah…I think we call those epileptic JTs…I kid, I kid…

Justin Williams. I can only hope that shootout victory goal gets him out of his funk. He is a streaky player. We know this. Without Williams, that 8 cylinder first line is hitting on 6.

When we got in the car, the wife asked me when I am completely shaving off my playoff beard that I started last April. I told her when we win the Stanley Cup. She has said two words to me since we left.