Open Forum: L.A. Kings vs. Detroit Red Wings. The “Motivation Is For Losers” Edition

Mike Babcock intended to ask his team the following question today:

“Do we want to be a good team or not?” Life doesn’t just go on good for you. You make a decision it’s going to go good for you. You decide for yourself you’re going to be successful. You decide for yourself that you’re going to make a difference and have a good career. No one just gives you stuff…”

You want to know what Terry Murray thinks of this nonsense?

“I’m not going to motivate them. I’m telling you guys right now and they can read it in the paper tomorrow – this is an opportunity for them to show us what they can do.”

Damn straight, Terry. Just think how much better this country would have been if Jefferson didn’t author and the Continental Congress didn’t adopt that pedantic declaration about independence. The message could have been written to the colonialists and their militia in three words- “Figure it out!”

Besides, what are the Detroit Red Wings concerned about? They are doing damn well. They lead the league in shots on goal with an average of 35.4 per game. So, they’re 9-7-1 after storming out of the gate 9-0…ok, that’s an exaggeration but it’s irrelevant. They clearly have the “shot mentality.”

Jonathan Quick gets the start in net. Dramatic pause here. “Bobby, you think Bernier is going to play another game?” Not to worry fellow maniacs. I am sure we have some games left against the Nashville Predators. “What happens if we get Nashville in a playoff series? Does Bernier play every game?” Now, that’s the question! I asked Rich Hammond to ask Terry Murray this. I expect to get an answer before puck drop.

Speaking of which, game time is 1:00pm, kids. That’s right. A day game. Remember those? We went 0-82 during one bad stretch. The good news is there will be less Wings fans tomorrow. I have arranged for the release of 10,000 drug dealers upon downtown L.A. armed with high-grade methamphetamine. That should eliminate about 1/2 of the Red Wings L.A. based fan base. The other half won’t make it either because their parents will be in custody.

I find the whole Brad Richardson / Trent Hunter ping-pong fascinating. Brad worked his ass off all season, created lots of energy, checked and battled defensively – everything Terry Murray expects from his bottom 6 forwards. He sits. Trent Hunter comes in to our chagrin and plays, surprisingly, a pretty damn good game on Wednesday. As a reward, he sits. Trent hopes Brad has another intense checking game where he uses his speed and wreaks general havoc. It is the only chance Hunter has to play the next game.

Will I eat crow? Serve it up. I will do anything for our L.A. Kings.

I don’t hate the Red Wings. I hate losing to the Red Wings.

I will be there, cheering our boys to victory.

Enough tomfoolery. Let’s talk about the game. This is your open forum.

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  1. That was TM’s comment ..really?
    I thought it was interesting when reading a spotlight article on Cliffy that the book he was reading or said was his favorite was one on motivation. Good for our youngster! Hope he passes it around to the other youngins.
    Keep up the Win ethic Boys!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  2. Ok. Wanna talk revolution? Loktionov and Voynov. The mothafucking Russian revolution gents. Penner is injured. let him continue to be so in Manchester. Martinez, as much as I love the kid, has been superceded. ‘Nuff said. The mentality of playing the hot hand needs to go beyond the goalie. We’re doing good with this combo, let’s not mess with it!!

  3. Lookin forward to gettin’ my day drink on tommorrow and the Kings playing an uncharacteristic, hard fought afternoon game. No matter how slumping or jaded Detroit ever looks, I’m always afraid of them. I hope we don’t go back to taking stupid penalties because they have way too much talent to not shove it right up our pooper.

    Stoll will hit the net. Doughty will stop laughing. Williams won’t turn it over so bad.

    We will beat the Red Wings, during the day.

    Go Kings.

    • Stoll.will hit the net, Doughty will stop laughing, and you will quit butt raping your boyfriend.
      Hahahhahha, as if you would ever stop.

      Kings 3 to 2 in a shootout you heard it here first.

  4. Red Wings 4-1.

    To continue my streak.

  5. Talking about the game, this will be an interesting one as far as match-ups go.

    Remember last year, the Red Wings completely dominated us but Quick was like a cheetah on the hunt, stopping what, 50 shots in rout to a shutout?

    The Red Wings “are who we thought they were,” Sure, they may be a little bit off to start the season, they may be the oldest team in age in the NHL, but come middle of the season / playoff time, they will be the Wings of old.

    They play a better team system than us. Obviously the Kings are the psychopaths of the NHL. You never know when they are going to murder you or be sweet and innocent. The Red Wings are going to pepper Quick today (if he is playing), so it will be on the defense to make sure they are playing their A game.

    I see this as being a Kings game of old, dump the puck along the boards and try to milk to the clock, thus allowing less offensive zone time for the Wings.

    I’ll bet Matt Greene gets at least 1 penalty tonight, but I’ll say he gets 2.

    Anyways, that’s my analysis based off nothing but pure speculation.

  6. Oh palease, you just picked the best of the best and the worst of the worst. I’ve cock that were much less dignified . If you lived in the Detroit area you would see them.
    Anyway, the.quote by Murray was feeble, agreed, but hey Voynov and Loktionov have played well and motivated so no.biggie.

    I want to tell everyone some troubling news. I wont be able to watch the game today. May the Kings still win and show Babcock that his lovie dovie bullshit doesn’t fly around these parts.

    I have the Kings winning 3 to 2 in a shootout.
    Go Kings Go!!!!!!

  7. “pedantic declaration about independence”

    What are you, Scribe? Some kinda fucking communist?

    Today is a day not simply to hate LOSING to the Red Wings, but to hate the Red Wings themselves.

    My spirit of good sportsmanship compels me to wish that they not only lose, but that they grovel and suffer humiliation, that their shame is so pervasive they undergo team-wide sex-change operations.

    After all, they’ve already got at least one “Mule” . . .

  8. Fucking Richards!!

  9. Pretty crazy period.

    Wan to see Loki’s penalty again. Looked like crap to me.

  10. … Moreau still on the power play. Awesome.

    A guy who has eight PP goals in over 900 career games is a terrific choice.

  11. … Quick pulled a Dominik Hasek there – picking up the puck with his blocker hand.

  12. … Wow, a beautiful return pass from Williams to Kopitar. I don’t agree AT ALL with a Penalty Shot call, but a penalty would have been fine.

    Aaaaaand a great save by Howard on it. Nice shot, better save.

  13. Time for Kopi to expand his breakaway repertoire.

  14. … Kings need one on this PP. Detroit’s really pouring it on, and the Kings need to turn things the other way.

    I agree with this time out call 100%. Good job for a change, Terry.

  15. … Ouch. That’s not the response I was looking for out of you guys.

  16. Doughty was pathetic on the 5 on 3 at the end. Can we get Voynov on with JJ instead?

    • … You won’t mention Richards, who was fumbling the puck and making a blind pass out of the Kings’ zone?

      • I’m watching an internet feed so I can’t always pick out all the players.

        Doughty was just blatantly bad there. Standing around with his stick in the air in a shitty position and not reacting to the puck handler (JJ who was trying to get some movement going).

  17. … Well, I don’t think Howard was spectacular, but he clearly outplayed Quick. Nor were the Wings spectacular, but they were solid. It’s a clear example of a team playing fundamentally well versus a team that’s fundamentally shaky.

    Also, look at the role players. Holmstrom, nine minutes, two assists. Abdelkader, 12 minutes and change, two shots and a goal. Brendan Smith, about 12 and a half minutes, three shots and an assist.

    The Kings’ role players – nothing offensively. Fraser, Lewis, Moreau, Clifford, Richardson … all played between 9 and 12 1/2 minutes. Zero shots COMBINED. Zilch in the way of offense. This isn’t a “system” issue here. This is called playing guys who shouldn’t be playing. Again and again this happens, and people want to make excuses and rationales and say “well I notice them out there” or “well at least he’s physical” when they’re not doing shit.

    THIS is a Stanley Cup contender? My ass it is. Stanley Cup contenders don’t play Ethan Moreau 12 minutes in games, not to mention putting him out there on the PP. If your team’s gotta do that – that’s horseshit. This team has the kind of “role players” found in first round bounce-outs. Richardson was playing pretty well until he was healthy scratched for no reason in order for Trent Hunter’s sorry ass to play. Fraser – he’s worthless. THIS is a team that wants to be elite? You’re joking me, right? This is a team with an awful collection of players on their bottom six, a terrible defensive defenseman playing 23 minutes a game, and a goalie who never gets to take a game off. That isn’t going to win Jack Shit.

    • Agreed timesamillion on Fraser. He scores a single goal and all of a sudden he’s a keeper. But players like Hunter, Moreau, Fraser are TM’s dream players. Gritty, physical (kinda), simpletons.

      Really wish we had Moller and Holloway as callup options.

    • I wholeheartedly agree. This is not at all a system issue but a lack of talent.
      Moreau’s game has tailed off, Williams/Gagne/Richardson can’t finish, it goes on.
      This is very disappointing because I felt this was a promising season. Still love bringing Richards here.
      The only thing I can think of is a shake up like taking the C from Brown or making a impromptu trade.

      Need something to go forward.

  18. Some of you are saying it is not a system issue.

    While that may be partly true, think about who the coach is and what his style of “offense” is. It doesn’t really matter who is playing the third and fourth line, it won’t improve things much. Look at the players who in recent years did crappy here and then went on and did good elsewhere.

    It is mostly a system issue, with an accompanying player issue as well.

    Kings just got out played for about 50 minutes tonight.

  19. Well, they just sucked ass today. 1 moment of brilliance from #10 and 59 minutes of magnificent suckitude.

    Glad I shelled out for 3 extra seats (2 in the front row at a not so little price) to bring friends along.



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