Mike Babcock intended to ask his team the following question today:

“Do we want to be a good team or not?” Life doesn’t just go on good for you. You make a decision it’s going to go good for you. You decide for yourself you’re going to be successful. You decide for yourself that you’re going to make a difference and have a good career. No one just gives you stuff…”

You want to know what Terry Murray thinks of this nonsense?

“I’m not going to motivate them. I’m telling you guys right now and they can read it in the paper tomorrow – this is an opportunity for them to show us what they can do.”

Damn straight, Terry. Just think how much better this country would have been if Jefferson didn’t author and the Continental Congress didn’t adopt that pedantic declaration about independence. The message could have been written to the colonialists and their militia in three words- “Figure it out!”

Besides, what are the Detroit Red Wings concerned about? They are doing damn well. They lead the league in shots on goal with an average of 35.4 per game. So, they’re 9-7-1 after storming out of the gate 9-0…ok, that’s an exaggeration but it’s irrelevant. They clearly have the “shot mentality.”

Jonathan Quick gets the start in net. Dramatic pause here. “Bobby, you think Bernier is going to play another game?” Not to worry fellow maniacs. I am sure we have some games left against the Nashville Predators. “What happens if we get Nashville in a playoff series? Does Bernier play every game?” Now, that’s the question! I asked Rich Hammond to ask Terry Murray this. I expect to get an answer before puck drop.

Speaking of which, game time is 1:00pm, kids. That’s right. A day game. Remember those? We went 0-82 during one bad stretch. The good news is there will be less Wings fans tomorrow. I have arranged for the release of 10,000 drug dealers upon downtown L.A. armed with high-grade methamphetamine. That should eliminate about 1/2 of the Red Wings L.A. based fan base. The other half won’t make it either because their parents will be in custody.

I find the whole Brad Richardson / Trent Hunter ping-pong fascinating. Brad worked his ass off all season, created lots of energy, checked and battled defensively – everything Terry Murray expects from his bottom 6 forwards. He sits. Trent Hunter comes in to our chagrin and plays, surprisingly, a pretty damn good game on Wednesday. As a reward, he sits. Trent hopes Brad has another intense checking game where he uses his speed and wreaks general havoc. It is the only chance Hunter has to play the next game.

Will I eat crow? Serve it up. I will do anything for our L.A. Kings.

I don’t hate the Red Wings. I hate losing to the Red Wings.

I will be there, cheering our boys to victory.

Enough tomfoolery. Let’s talk about the game. This is your open forum.