Feature & Video Interview With Manchester Monarch, Richard Clune

Kevin Gray recently did a nice feature on Richard Clune and sent it to me to share with our readers. Rich is intense. At the end of the feature is an excellent video interview. Here is a snippet from the article. Click on the Union Leader link for the entire feature and video.

MANCHESTER — Once the stitches are removed from a gash on his right cheek, Rich Clune will have matching scars on each side of his face. They are markings of a hockey player, a warrior, a good teammate.

Yes, the fourth-year Monarchs forward does fight, but don’t label him a one-dimensional player or “enforcer.” Clune, who had two assists in his second NHL game against Colorado last season, serves a variety of roles from point producer (three goals, four assists) to strong forechecker and overall tough guy.

He fought Saturday night at Worcester, received a cut to the face, and returned to assist the game-winning goal scored by Slava Voynov as Manchester beat Worcester, 2-1.

“It can really change the momentum of a game and fire your team up. To see another guy go out there and put his well-being on the line, it can be inspiring,” Clune, a 5-foot-10, 207-pounder, said after practice Tuesday. “At times, too, it can be demoralizing. If you see your teammate get beat up or maybe it’s not a good fight, it can take away from the game.”

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8 replies

  1. Thanks for this post, good read.
    I kinda like Clune, hope he gets an opportunity somewhere. He can skate and contribute a little offensively. Good team guy.

  2. Great interview with the Clunatic! I find his answers to be very thoughtful and emotionally intelligent. I’m impressed. You might think he took too many to the head based on his pace and delivery, but it was well spoken. Seems like a real team guy. We’ll have to see what the Kings do here with all this trade talk, but if they keep Clifford, maybe he should spend some time in Manchester and they can bring Clune up. I know he’s smaller than Cliffy, but he’s got 5 years on him and a more experience and seemsto be able to bring the same contributions as Cliffy. Reminds me of Sean Avery without the ego. Maybe the Kings have plans to bring him up if they are going to trade Clifford(which I do not want to see).

  3. Kinda feel bad for the guy. He seems like a true warrior, willing to pay any price for his team or teammates. He is pretty close to getting a shot but also so close to never getting another shot. I’d like to see him make it somewhere just because of his character and personality.

  4. Rich is a great guy. In every interaction I’ve ever had with him, he was quiet but friendly; the polar opposite of his on-ice persona. Earlier this year he was my table’s waiter at the “Monarchs: At Your Service” dinner – their version of “Tip a King” – and it was a good time. He actually hadn’t gotten a chance to eat lunch for one reason or another so he actually pulled up a chair after we had our food and joined us. It was a good time.

    • …and apparently I’m doubling up today with my “actually” and “good times.” Don’t mind me, case of the Mondays like you read about. :)


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