When I was younger, I had a temper. Plenty of 5 minute majors. You get older, wiser, less willing to let the emotions get the better of you. Tonight was a poor example of the latter. I am not an over the top staunch patriot but there is a certain minimum level of respect I expect. When you are asked to please rise and remove any hats for the National Anthem, I expect at least that. A punk 20 something year old kid sitting in the row behind me whose ass was planted to his seat during the entire anthem while eating nachos I did not expect – and it pissed me off.

I tried to let it go.

I was angry nearly the entire game.

Thank goodness the wife and little one were not with me. She would have been upset at my reaction.

By the end of the game, it was everything I could do to not jump one row up and have a “chat” with him.

As he walked out, I behaved inappropriately. I told my friend Tyler (who did two tours) that we were going to take the longer route out of the section 316. He followed. I walked behind the Wings’ fan and yelled, “hey Tyler, what kind of an asshole or Red Wings fan sits and eat nachos during the Anthem?” Tyler laughed. Tyler called back, “both?” “Both,” I confirmed. “What do you think Red Wings fan? Do you agree?” I yelled 3 feet behind him. He kept walking…he lifted his middle finger as he increased his pace to the men’s room and did not turn around. “I can’t hear you. Turn around!” I encouraged. He didn’t. He wasn’t going to. His pace neared a jog.

I was an idiot. If he had turned, his face would have matched his jersey color. There are many things I am not very good at but that isn’t one of them. In retrospect, I should have let it go. I was the asshole for even inciting it. I am glad he didn’t respond. I am happier I didn’t follow him in. Right now, instead of writing this, I would have been in custody and he would have been in the hospital. I really should grow up.

There was a hockey game today. I recognized a few Kings players. Mike Richards – yup. Kopitar. Saw him. That is about it. If we had a bottom 6, I didn’t notice them. Ethan Moreau on the powerplay. Jesus. Remember when we had a solid PK? One team showed up and one team didn’t. I could analyze our break outs, zone entries, the complete lack of traffic and forecheck, but you saw what I saw and you know what I know – we just didn’t show up.

Drew Doughty looks every bit like an overpaid underachiever as I feared he may.

We are 3-1 in the last 4. It could be worse.

Hey, have fun at this guy’s expense (no, that is not the nacho eating idiot):

Detroit Red Wings Fans Suck

(We Lost 4-1 To A Team Whose Fan Base Is This?)

What did you see?