L.A. Kings vs. Detroit Red Wings: It Took Everything I Had…

When I was younger, I had a temper. Plenty of 5 minute majors. You get older, wiser, less willing to let the emotions get the better of you. Tonight was a poor example of the latter. I am not an over the top staunch patriot but there is a certain minimum level of respect I expect. When you are asked to please rise and remove any hats for the National Anthem, I expect at least that. A punk 20 something year old kid sitting in the row behind me whose ass was planted to his seat during the entire anthem while eating nachos I did not expect – and it pissed me off.

I tried to let it go.

I was angry nearly the entire game.

Thank goodness the wife and little one were not with me. She would have been upset at my reaction.

By the end of the game, it was everything I could do to not jump one row up and have a “chat” with him.

As he walked out, I behaved inappropriately. I told my friend Tyler (who did two tours) that we were going to take the longer route out of the section 316. He followed. I walked behind the Wings’ fan and yelled, “hey Tyler, what kind of an asshole or Red Wings fan sits and eat nachos during the Anthem?” Tyler laughed. Tyler called back, “both?” “Both,” I confirmed. “What do you think Red Wings fan? Do you agree?” I yelled 3 feet behind him. He kept walking…he lifted his middle finger as he increased his pace to the men’s room and did not turn around. “I can’t hear you. Turn around!” I encouraged. He didn’t. He wasn’t going to. His pace neared a jog.

I was an idiot. If he had turned, his face would have matched his jersey color. There are many things I am not very good at but that isn’t one of them. In retrospect, I should have let it go. I was the asshole for even inciting it. I am glad he didn’t respond. I am happier I didn’t follow him in. Right now, instead of writing this, I would have been in custody and he would have been in the hospital. I really should grow up.

There was a hockey game today. I recognized a few Kings players. Mike Richards – yup. Kopitar. Saw him. That is about it. If we had a bottom 6, I didn’t notice them. Ethan Moreau on the powerplay. Jesus. Remember when we had a solid PK? One team showed up and one team didn’t. I could analyze our break outs, zone entries, the complete lack of traffic and forecheck, but you saw what I saw and you know what I know – we just didn’t show up.

Drew Doughty looks every bit like an overpaid underachiever as I feared he may.

We are 3-1 in the last 4. It could be worse.

Hey, have fun at this guy’s expense (no, that is not the nacho eating idiot):

Detroit Red Wings Fans Suck

(We Lost 4-1 To A Team Whose Fan Base Is This?)

What did you see?

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  1. You should have kicked his fucking ass – you can afford he bail and if they’re letting Lindsay Lohan out of jail after a few hours, they’re not going to incarcerate a Kings fan who put the beat down on some unemployed asshole transplant who made LeBaron’s for a living.


  2. Drew Doughty looks every bit like an overpaid underachiever as I feared he may.

    … So predictable. From the moment Doughty signed the deal, I knew that anytime he had a less than sensational game, this would happen. He’ll never live up to the deal in some people’s minds, no matter what he does. I’d hate to be one of those people, personally.

    He actually had a good game, the best overall game of any defenseman on the team today. But yeah, let’s single him out for scorn. Terrific.

    • I have no agenda against Drew. He looks like a 3-4 d man, nothing special on either end of the ice. I expect more than that from him. If Kopitar played like a third line center, he would get called out as well regardleass of income

      • I have no agenda against Drew. He looks like a 3-4 d man, nothing special on either end of the ice.

        … Look at the numbers Doughty has posted this season in 15 games. If those look like second pairing defenseman numbers to you, your perception is simply incorrect. He’s in the top 40 in PPG of all regular defensemen in the NHL. He’s not a minus player, and his defensive numbers look extremely solid. There are areas where his game can elevate in time, but he’s played fifteen damn games so far this season. They WILL elevate.

        Calling him “nothing special” right after saying you “have no agenda against Drew” is hilarious. He’s one of the best all-around defensemen in this game right now. Like I said, I’d hate to be one of those people who can’t or won’t appreciate that. It’s gotta suck.

        • How’re these numbers?

          D shots stat – I don’t see our $7 Mill man here. I do see JJ though. #29 though man that sucks.


          Wait there he is. http://www.nhl.com/ice/playerstats.htm?fetchKey=20122ALLDADALL&sort=shots&viewName=summary&pg=3

          #74 with only 24 shots. Only 2 more than Willie!

          Let’s check out his total points.


          Hey ranked 54th not too shabby…I wonder how Shea Weber is doing? Well he’s #15 with 12 points. Hmmm…

          Let’s check out the goals category.


          I don’t see Drew here but I do see Voynov and he’s only played 8 games. He doesn’t nearly play as many minutes as DD does. About two shifts less than him but for a guy making $7 mill he should be playing more minutes.

        • Since you love stats, his plus-minus is zero. He isn’t in the top 30 offensive stats for defenseman. I stopped looking after 30. Those Corsi stats you like so much? Notice who is ahead of him? Alec Martinez. The Kings’ number 5 or 6 d man who isn’t being paid $7 million per season. If I recall, Scott Parse was tearing up those Corsi stats as well at one time. How he isn’t an all-star by now is beyond me given Corsi’s linear relationship to merit.

          I don’t base my decisions on just stats however. Knowing more than a little about the game, I see a defenseman who isn’t working hard out there on a consistent basis and I expect more than that from Drew because I have seen what he is capable of when he is at the top of his game. Maybe it’s missing camp. We will see.

          Also, being an ass when expressing an opinion and engaging in dialogue is also a choice, one I see you make often. That has to equally suck and I am thankful I am not one of “those” people.

          • Those Corsi stats you like so much? Notice who is ahead of him? Alec Martinez. The Kings’ number 5 or 6 d man who isn’t being paid $7 million per season

            … Yep, you’re right. I think Martinez is playing pretty well, too. But – is Martinez out there defending against the best opposing players? Probably not, huh?

            Knowing more than a little about the game, I see a defenseman who isn’t working hard out there on a consistent basis

            … Oh, OK. He’s not working hard out there on a consistent basis. So he’s a loafer, right? He doesn’t try. Rock-solid analysis. OK man, you win the argument.

            I can’t keep a dialogue with that. It’s always “the team didn’t show up” or “player X is not working hard.” The Kings just got beat today, by a deeper and better-executing (and better-coached) team. They tried; they just got beat.

            I don’t see an effort issue with the Kings. I certainly don’t see a loafer when I watch Drew Doughty play. So, it makes no sense to carry on this level of discussion.

            Also, being an ass when expressing an opinion and engaging in dialogue is also a choice, one I see you make often.

            … Please keep name-calling, too. That just adds a cherry on the top of all of this. You are the winner.

          • You didn’t act like an ass? Come on, man. You are sarcastic and condescending. What would you call it? You then get butt hurt for being called out on it?

            Regarding Doughty, when he gets beat to the puck in the corners, when he is blowing his coverages down low (tonight, he had two breakdowns that I saw), and I see him stop skating the few times he is leading or on the rush, I define that as a lack of hard work. He is no where near his level of play from two seasons ago, his sophomore year. Did he overachieve? Maybe. Do we expect too much? Also, maybe. But this type of offensive production and defensive coverage I see right now doesn’t fit the elite talent I know he is – and when this level of talent underperforms, lack of work ethic is often the cause.

            I do hope he turns it around

        • “He’s one of the best all-around defensemen in this game right now.”

          He is???

        • Can’t or won’t appreciate? What a load of shit. Once again JT you give off the distinct impression that you formulate an opinion out of a necessity to feel like you are in a group unto yourself. You are a rock. You are an iiiiiiiisland.

          Are you going to hit the same note every time someone says Something negative about Doughty? Let’s not pretend like he is beyond reproach.

        • You’re really arguing that? How has Doughty been any more useful this season than Martinez? All Doughty brings to the game is a few untimely smiles, and the occasional “I’m gonna score but not really” moment. Don’t get me started on his discipline level that never progressed since the Ontario league.

          Is Doughty someone with tools as a defenseman that make me a little stiff in the shorts sometimes? Absolutely, but this guy hasn’t put a full season together any more than Subban, and if he were exposed day in and day out in a more recepted market, he would get flamed as such.

          What is so exceptional about him, outside of mere projections?

          • So far a good rookie season and a telegraphing snapshot. Other wise this looks like an unsettled team.

            As for the retorts…point please.

    • Wasn’t that Drew who was standing in the crease during the first Dead Wings goal? How many goals does he have this year? Hasn’t Drew himself even gotten down his own level of performance? I think so and that’s not a figurative “I think so” either.

      Be realistic and look at the facts, numbers, hard evidence before you let your emotional attachment to a player let you make irrational responses to common sense posts. Don’t practice a rational demeanor in judgement and you’ll end up protesting the firing of a coach when much more important things are foong on like little boys are being buttfucked at your alma mater.

      • Wasn’t that Drew who was standing in the crease during the first Dead Wings goal?

        … Pretty hard to do that when he wasn’t even on the ice for it. Maybe it was someone who looked a lot like him? Whatever. I have no idea what you saw.

        Be realistic and look at the facts, numbers, hard evidence

        … I ALWAYS do. Read a post of mine once in a while and you’ll see that.

        I’ll chalk up the rest of the post to you expressing your fantasies, I guess. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I won’t judge you. Glad to have your contribution.

      • Ben, I know the goal to which you refer but I am not sure it was the first goal – it may have been the third. Not sure. I will have to go back and look at it.

    • God forbid we expect superstar level play from a superstar getting paid like a superstar. Crazy.

      Comparing Drew to the rest of our defensemen means nothing. Being a little better than a bunch of non superstars doesn’t make you a superstar.

      • God forbid we expect superstar level play from a superstar getting paid like a superstar. Crazy.

        … I know. Like I said, there will be those who will always say he’s not living up his deal. Nor will he ever live up to it.

        But hey, look at it on the bright side. You’ll always have someone to blame for things not going well. And I guess that’s really important.

        • And you’ll always be able to ignore cogent arguments. When Doughty plays like a superstar and we still bitch, then you’ll have a point. Until then it’s just holier than thou horseshit.

          Unless of course you feel like arguing that Doughty played like a superstar today. Or in virtually any game this season. Be my guest. Let’s have at it. If that’s what you believe then your expectations for superstar play are very low. But then again you have low expectations for the team in general, so it follows that your expectations for Doughty are similar. You are likely just suffering from a fear of expectation syndrome that many long time King fans suffer. You are obsessed with this concept of blame.

          You say we will always think Doughty is underperforming ? I say that cloth cuts both ways.

  3. You behaved better than I would have. I would have said something mean to that little jerk immediately after the National Anthem and probably gotten thrown out of the game — but I wouldn’t have cared. I don’t care what age you are — show some freakin’ respect for your country!

  4. better to vent through writing….why end up in bigger trouble because of a no-brain slack jaw type….because quite frankly people this dumb would not understand why you were kicking their ass!

  5. “If we had a bottom 6, I didn’t notice them.”

    It was the third period before I realized Clifford was actually in the game hahaha. I assumed he had been scratched or something.

  6. And here I am thinking there isn’t really to sing the anthem at all. Respect? Habit? It’s murky.

  7. It was a frustrating game. And with DD I agree with you. Does he need to do something “magical” in every game? No…but there’s something this team seems to lack (at this point in time and hopefully it will be there in the latter part of the season) and that’s the heart and courage to stage a comeback win. The only one who I can really say stands out at that is Kopitar. I think he’s made a personal commitment to himself and the team that he’s going to give it his personal best at all times. The ducks game was a prime example of that.

    Do some fans hold the signing of DD against him somewhat? Maybe especially when we’ve got a guy like Voynov who plays in the AHL and I’m basically seeing not a whole lotta difference between the two. What’s up with that one goal where DD left that guy wide open right in front of the net for an easy put in? Shouldn’t a $7mil/season Veteran be aware of things like that? Maybe his playing will come around I don’t know. He’s not coming up the ice and entering the zone like he used to. Well he does on occasion but it’s nothing like last season. I think that hit from that Philly player put some fear into his mind.

    My main gripe with DD is the leadership. Where’s his leadership? I see it in Kopi all game long. No question about it. Brown…ah yeah…he steps up but he just doesn’t have that natural skill. Richards…yeah definitely but nothing like Kopitar. That guy’s a stud and he lets his playing do the talking. DD on the other hand well…I don’t see that leadership in him. Wasn’t he talking about that or am I mistaken? He’s not a rookie anymore and he definitely feels like he’s worth the money. I think when money gets involved, especially these high ass numbers, we start to put that microscope a little closer.

    Ex. Manny Ramirez coming late to the Dodgers. Remember that? The guy hitting over 600 in the majors are you fucking kidding me? Signed that massive contract the guy sucks balls. So do I expect more out of DD? I think a lot of others do to.

    • Ah man – you had to bring up the Manny thing.. That asshole. I’m really down on Doughty. I think one of the things that sets LA fans apart is that we don’t take BS from our own team; if they disappoint we verbalize it. We still love them even if they end up last (please not again), but we don’t blindly ignore bad play. I think that the thing with Doughty was a terrible hit on the morale of the team, especially for Quick who pretty much got us to the playoffs last year. Kopi always plays with heart and is worth more as well. But highest payed player, Doughty? I just don’t see it to begin with. Also, I feel once you throw these stupid sums of money at players they just sit on their ass (um, Manny)… They’re set for life – they don’t have to be aggressive. I mean, why screw up your body? When you’re contract’s up retire and live in the lap of luxury for the rest of your life. Some wouldn’t to carry over too much damage, so why overdo it? Scratch that. That really really sucks.

      • Yeah had to bring up Manny but I’m in no way implying that DD is anywhere near Manny. I think once the guy holds out for that much money I think the expectation is implied. Your pay is commesurate of experience and getting Shea Weber money well Shea Weber is pretty much earning his money.

      • I don’t believe that is really Drew’s problem. It might be there in the back of his head. But I believe that Drew is a competitor and really wants to win and more than anything, he wants to be the best. I think head injuries have him a little scared, and he is finding out its harder to miss camp than perhaps he thought. Outside of that I just see a bit of a slump. A guy who has such immense talent that a slump for him still equates to playing good hockey when compared to the rest of the pack, but a guy who hasn’t been able to find that sweet spot he is so used to existing in, the one that allows him to take over games and make world class play look easy. I see some frustration in his game. I see it when he tries to make a big move and it doesn’t work then translate to a guy who is now a little afraid to make that play because he has that hair of doubt in himself, and being that he wants to win, is hesitant to do something that might backfire an hurt the team. Of course this is all just stuff that I read into his play and body language. The mental missteps. Then again he did ring a beauty off the post tonight. He is still a good defenseman, he just ain’t the Bobby Orr right now that we not only expect him to be, but know he can be and still believe he will be.

    • Well since you’re going on about this, I’ll add my bit. I was watching Versus and they talked about Chara. He said that when he has an evening off he never watches hockey….. except when the Wings are on. Said he studies Lidstrom carefully to understand more about his calm, poise and leadership qualities.

      Meanwhile DD is talking about being the best dman in the world (it’s there in the press, I’m not making it up). And it got me to thinking….. perhaps you could concern yourself with being the best defenseman on your own team…. then later on worry about the rest. Because right now he isn’t the best on his team.

      If you’re getting paid way more than any other dmen on your team, you’d do well to play like it, and I’m not certain that he is at the moment. The crosscheck on Kesler was for me a really demoralizing moment, as you certainly expect more than that.

  8. As depressing as that game was to watch, if there is one thing that the Kings and Terry Murray should learn from this game, it’s how the Red WIngs closed out the Kings in the 3rd period. The Red Wings never let them get any rhythm or build any momentum for a comeback – something we have seen the Kings to all too often this season.

    Other than Dustin Brown’s chance on the 3 on 2 rush and the 2 man advantage after the game was 4-1 (which the Kings did not score on), the Red Wings controlled the third period, just like they did the rest of the game.

    Lastly – how obvious is it to everyone else that Murray has absolutely no confidence in Bernier, whatsoever. If Bernier wasn’t going to play the second of the home ‘n home vs. the Ducks, he 100% should have played this afternoon, rather than throw Quick out there for the 3rd time in 3.5 days. I know that Quick has kept us in many games this year, and probably won us a few, but Bernier needs to start 20-25 games this year at least. Besides, its not like Quick is riding a 3 game shut out streak (maybe then Murray would start Bernier).

  9. …in regards to the candy cane “guy” in your picture… My wife and I sat directly in front of this clown and his goddamn girlfriend. All night just running bullsh*t commentary about how much the Kings suck blah blah blah. I turned around a couple of times and stared him right in his punk-ass face.. He ignored my gaze looking straight ahead. After the game I shook his hand, because I’m a classy guy like that – yes they beat our ass. He’s lucky I didn’t break his goddamn face.

    The third was probably the most pathetic hockey I have seen from the Kings as long as I can remember. Brutal. They just walked right over us.

    • LA has been playing like this quite often. It just doesn’t show as much against teams the Ducks, Stars and New Jersey…

      • USHA…. hi man. You say it doesn’t show as much vs. NJ? I live back east and saw the two games (NJ feed) and I thought the Kings were terrible in those two games. Absolutely terrible. Trust me….. it showed.

        To give credit where it’s due, first game vs. NJ the Kings looked great for the first 12 mins. But that doesn’t make a game, or a period.

  10. The guy in the picture was sitting behind me and my husband at the game. He did not shut-up once during the entire game. And of course, he knew everything about hockey.

  11. How many times have I wanted to scream “listen to the fuckin’ song!!!” during the anthem. Alas, all to often it’s a Kings fan that is the asswipe.


  12. I have to say, and I hate to say, it’s embarrassing how much more vocally teams’ fans are. When VAN or DET come to town it’s amazing that a minority of the crowd can drown out and overwhelm the home team. Sigh….

  13. 1) You did fine – you gave him an opportunity to bug out
    under fire, and he took you up on it. Enough said.

    2) What’s with all the Redwings Jerseys? This isn’t good,
    and I was/am surprised. What am I missing here? This
    feels very wrong.

    3) We are out of joint, and demonstrating none of the
    organization required to consistently win and then
    contend. Saying that it is still “early” is growing
    less convincing. Evidence of consistent improvement
    and solid fundamentals would make our present record
    much more convincing/promising.

    We let up on Ana. in the third period of both recent games,
    for whatever reason. And by “let up” I mean: 1) we backed
    off and gave them more time and space to operate; 2) our
    execution of fundamentals became sloppy; 3) we surrendered
    the initiative/ceded possession of the puck.

    Champions always “close the show”. The tiresome twattle of
    their fans aside, the Wings’ organization is formidable –
    a proper test case for where we stand at this time.

    4) The goaltending rotation is disturbing – last season
    looked like a move in the right direction, with hopefully
    some additional starts for Bernier this year. We are not
    acting like a team thinking about the stretch drive/playoffs
    but like one trying to get to tomorrow.

    • Coaching, conditioning and player management. It all seemed to go south starting with Kovalchuk, then Penner and followed by Doughty’s contract. A major misjudgement followed up with two major money mistakes that have taken the wind out of the sails.

      Hell, if Penner doesn’t have to do shit to get minutes why should anyone else give a damn?

  14. hey fellas. if you are behind some asshole who is not standing for the national athem you spill your beer (or soda) on him and tell him if he was standing up that wouldnt of hapened. if he says something, tell him sorry, then wait till he goes to the bathroom, there is no cameras in there. nuff said.

  15. If it makes you feel any better, I made a Red Wings fan with a nose ring in a leather jacket my bitch. We argued bitterly in the beginning, but he realized I’m way too snide and pin-point with my remarks to not have a man crush. I also made his friend real uncomfortable when his girlfriend started small talk with me all through the 3rd after we both realized the Kings I know and love will not show up to put on the rest of the show.

  16. I start by sighing as I type this post.. We were outplayed yesterday. Period.
    Started out ok..preety much held our own in the first although the Wings did look
    formidable even then.Second period they did a clinic on us. Out Skated, out manuvered, out positioned us. Did not look like our improved Kings overall, but
    like the Kings of some years back. We were lost with no guidence. Other coaches
    tweak their team if problems are occuring. Murray may change up lines, but he does not seem to be albe to adjust to what is in front of him. Wings adjusted to start breaking up every rush we started. And then we never got out of our own zone, unless we semi iced the puck. They shut down our PP. It was feeble and ineffective. They were spirit crushers, you could tell by our body language the Kings wanted to be anywhere but on the ice.
    Bobby as for what you incountered..the disrespect to our Flag and Country.. I deal with that every work day. We have the National Anthem sung or played at the start of the day. I have people who are still walking up to the windows to bet( race track) or if at the windows still trying to bet. I just stop , put my hand on heart, and look ahead. If still necessary I say Flag wiht a touch of ‘shame that you need to be told’ in my voice. I also have to say ‘Flag” to my fellow workers at times. How pathetic to have to deal with people who do not appreciate the freedom that comes with this National Anthem.
    Thankfully I have not encountered as idiotic a fan as the ones decribed above next to or close to me. I am sure it will happen eventually.. and it most likely will ruin the game for me.. If I was sittling where the Rebels were I probably would have ended up standing in the back walkway!
    Surly your observations on DD are also mine.. I tend to see the human side of these guys come out as they play and interact with their teamates on the ice and bench. Some might see the smiles, but if your isolate him, you also see the
    pain of frustration.
    GO KINGS GO !!!

  17. Nice story. Good for you to stand up to that asshole, he deserves an ass whooping. Show some respect for the anthem bitch. Surprised you’re the only one to have said something, I wouldn’t have been so nice though but good for you Bobby.

    Yeah, that Redwings fan looks super gay. I would have thought he lost a bet going out like that.

  18. You shoulda kicked his ass…. and if you’d ended up behind bars, the Dog Pound would’ve pooled together to bail you out. Immature, maybe. Completely and totally justified, absolutely. Respect is due to this nation, regardless of whose “house” you’re in.

    fucking Redwings fans.


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