We didn’t start them.

Someone else did.

The rumor is that the L.A. Kings and New Jersey Devils have recently been in trade talks and scouts from each team has visited the other.

A little background: Ilya Kovalchuk has a poetically appropriate $6.66 million dollar cap hit. Do you know what he will make in actual salary for the next 5 seasons?

$11 million followed by $11.3, $11.3, $11.6 and $11.8. 

All of this while Jeff Vanderbeek is allegedly having some serious financial problems , allegedly looking to sell part of the team and/or arena and the Devils look at one-third to one-quarter empty seats depending on the given night. Oh yeah, and pending UFA Zach Parise probably wants $7 million for 5+ years.

Do these two teams make good trading partners? I am not sure that is the question. The question is what does New Jersey have that we want? It sure as hell is not defense or goaltending so that leaves forwards and the pickings are slim.

If you think left wing, there is only one worth discussing – Zach Parise.

If it’s the other wing, then you have Dainius Zubrus and David Clarkson. I don’t believe the Kings have any interest in Zubrus. He is 33 and on the wrong side of his career. If we do acquire him, I would be surprised if much of anything goes the other way. Clarkson is intriguing. You could argue he would replace Wayne Simmonds’ loss. He does have 7 goals this season. Calling him a 20 goal scorer may be pushing it considering he has never reached 20. What goes the other way? I am looking at one of Richardson, Lewis and a defensive prospect like Thomas Hickey or possibly (I hope not) Jake Muzzin. Overpayment? Perhaps. A pick may come our way.

I would be surprised if it is a blockbuster. The only way we trade for Parise and give up anything of serious value is if it is a sign and trade (or trade and sign depending on your perspective). What would go to New Jersey for Parise if it is exactly that? Wow. There are a lot of options here.

Jonathan Bernier? Almost inevitable.

Johnson? Maybe.

Voynov? Depends on what else is going. Maybe if they take Penner’s salary with it but I am not sure that is still enough.

Parise, especially as a signed player, may require one of our top 6 forwards, a top prospect and a pick…or perhaps Loktionov, Voynov and a pick? I just puked.

Doughty? Hello? Anyone there? Guess not. Ha.

I would rather wait and get him as a UFA. I know, I know, I really just wrote that but it all depends on the price, right?

So, your turn. What do you think of all this?