Fanning The L.A. Kings & New Jersey Devils Trade Talks

We didn’t start them.

Someone else did.

The rumor is that the L.A. Kings and New Jersey Devils have recently been in trade talks and scouts from each team has visited the other.

A little background: Ilya Kovalchuk has a poetically appropriate $6.66 million dollar cap hit. Do you know what he will make in actual salary for the next 5 seasons?

$11 million followed by $11.3, $11.3, $11.6 and $11.8. 

All of this while Jeff Vanderbeek is allegedly having some serious financial problems , allegedly looking to sell part of the team and/or arena and the Devils look at one-third to one-quarter empty seats depending on the given night. Oh yeah, and pending UFA Zach Parise probably wants $7 million for 5+ years.

Do these two teams make good trading partners? I am not sure that is the question. The question is what does New Jersey have that we want? It sure as hell is not defense or goaltending so that leaves forwards and the pickings are slim.

If you think left wing, there is only one worth discussing – Zach Parise.

If it’s the other wing, then you have Dainius Zubrus and David Clarkson. I don’t believe the Kings have any interest in Zubrus. He is 33 and on the wrong side of his career. If we do acquire him, I would be surprised if much of anything goes the other way. Clarkson is intriguing. You could argue he would replace Wayne Simmonds’ loss. He does have 7 goals this season. Calling him a 20 goal scorer may be pushing it considering he has never reached 20. What goes the other way? I am looking at one of Richardson, Lewis and a defensive prospect like Thomas Hickey or possibly (I hope not) Jake Muzzin. Overpayment? Perhaps. A pick may come our way.

I would be surprised if it is a blockbuster. The only way we trade for Parise and give up anything of serious value is if it is a sign and trade (or trade and sign depending on your perspective). What would go to New Jersey for Parise if it is exactly that? Wow. There are a lot of options here.

Jonathan Bernier? Almost inevitable.

Johnson? Maybe.

Voynov? Depends on what else is going. Maybe if they take Penner’s salary with it but I am not sure that is still enough.

Parise, especially as a signed player, may require one of our top 6 forwards, a top prospect and a pick…or perhaps Loktionov, Voynov and a pick? I just puked.

Doughty? Hello? Anyone there? Guess not. Ha.

I would rather wait and get him as a UFA. I know, I know, I really just wrote that but it all depends on the price, right?

So, your turn. What do you think of all this?

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  1. I think it would be retarded to trade for Parise without a trade and sign.

    Who goes the other way?

    Well, if this does happen, it means Parise most likely wouldn’t have played there next year anyways, so you don’t have to overpay NJ tremendously. The only overpayment would be having “negotiating rights” before every other team. That would deserve some sort of compensation.

    Bernier, Muzzin/Voynov, Penner, a pick for Parise signed.

    • As a hockey writer (, I have to preface this by saying the last major NHL trade to oc cur around this time of year was the Joe Thornton deal in 2005.

      Will Parise go on the market by the deadline?

      IF the Devils are out of the playoffs (unlikely — they are solid now, and will get better with the return from IR by top 2 centers Zajac and Josefson by the new year), and:

      IF GM Lou Lamoriello decides it would be impossible to re-sign Parise to a multi-year deal (unlikely — Parise has stated repeatedly his desire to remain with the club)

      Is it possible the Devils and Kings are talking trade? Absolutely, but don’t expect a Parise/Bernier+package deal just yet.

      Clarkson also, it should be noted, is not on the market. The Devils’ two glaring holes are on the blueline and right wing (Clarkson being the Devils’ #2 RW, if you think Kovalchuk will stay on RW), and Clarkson has been a favorite of new coach DeBoer since his days in Canadian Juniors.

      Zubrus is also not on the market. His play with Elias and Sykora on the second line has been outstanding this year.

      I think we can eliminate all the big names, for now at least. Who do I believe the Devils to be scouting? Matt Greene, perhaps, made expendable by the emergence of Voynov, who would fill a need on a Devils’ blueline which features — gasp! — Bryce Salvador and Mark Fayne. Drew Drewiske might also be a target. Either could be had for young RW Nick Palmieri.

  2. I still think it’s Greene, Bernier, Stoll/Voynov/Hickey for Parise.

    I can’t see it any other way.

    Will they also be ditching Terry? THAT is the real question.

  3. For a signed Parise, Brown, Bernier and Martinez.

  4. It will cost a Kings ransom to get him, re-signing him could be even dicier seeing how he’s rep’d by ….Don Meehan.

  5. NJ would probably want bernier and voynov for sure, considering brodeur is likely almost done and their d needs to stay strong through the next goalie’s tenure.

    It would be pointless to make such a costly trade though, to get an offensively masterful player, if we dont change up the coach/system to allow the offensive player to succeed. otherwise its like paying through the nose for a maserati that youll never get to take over 65.. whats the point? i say we wait and see how we look at the deadline. if were locked into a playoff spot, i say we do it. if not, there’s no reason not to do it in the offseason.

  6. Parise for Doughty straight up.

    I know it’s still early but … I’m really just scared as hell this kid (DD) is gonna sit on the 7mil per.

    see excuse from Detroit loss: (tough to get motivated for 1pm start)

    • wait…

      i just realized the recockulousness of what I just wrote

      the idea here being that NJ needed to SHED some salary.

      (crawls back in hole)

    • “see excuse from Detroit loss: (tough to get motivated for 1pm start)”

      He really fucking said that? I didn’t see it on Hammond’s blog. Where did you see that? If that’s true that fucking pisses me off!

      • It was in the radio post game

        • Wow! I can’t believe he had the balls to say that!!! He needs a serious wake up call. Man…I’m just blown away he said something so stupid as that. Whatta fucking idiot!

          • I can’t see a trade unless its Clarkson or Parise signed

            Clarkson’s 2 yrs @ $2.66M is not much of a salary dump.

            Plus the Devils have 13 players under a million coming up (6 restricted and 7 unrestricted). This is a team in trouble.

            They need a lot of inexpensive multi-year talent quick. At under $1M Lewis, Clifford, Martinez or Drewiske could give them reasonable player(s) this season and next.

            I’d love to see Kovalchuk saddled with Penner, my guess is Penner’s $4.2 UFA and Brown @
            $3.1 is too expensive for the Devils.

  7. Clarkson is good but really he is what Clifford should and could be, so not really a compelling trade target. Plus the coach in NJ loves Clarkson. Most obvious asset for them to move is Parise. He says he wants to re-sign in NJ but how is that possible?

    NJ’s biggest needs would be Bernier and at center.

    Parise for Bernier + Loktionov + some mix of Penner/prospects/pick/scrubs makes sense, although an NJD fan would probably say that is crazy.

    Loktionov and Kovalchuk could be a dangerous combo for years to come.

  8. Doughty for Parise on a sign and trade? I.wouldn’t be against it being DD hasn’t really lived up and I don’t think he will but that’s just me.
    Otherwise, it would take Bernier + High Level Prospect (Voynov, Forbort, Loktionov) or 2 + a pick.
    I say do it. Remember, Bure scored 50 under Murray. Perhaps Parise can do the same. It would be a damn shame to give up.Voynov or Johnson and Johnson’s game always elevates without the presence of Doughty.

  9. I like Clarkson too by the way. If a pick or prospect like Hickey goes the other way I’m all for it. Remember, Deslauriers is coming up in the next couple of years as well.

  10. This isn’t complicated really. They are not gonna trade Parise. Lou’s style is certainly not (imo) sign and trade. I live on the east coast and I feel strongly they will do everything they can to sign him in spite of the financial issues. Plus, you’re overlooking a very very important point.
    They made Parise their captain. For me, they did it to make him More a huge part of the team and to add fuel to his desire to stay there. If they were harboring thoughts of a trade they weren’t gonna make him a captain.

    Also as one of the above posters mentions, (re: DD in a trade) how much quality can they get back if it’s financially based when they will just have to pay high quality talent coming back the other way. Maybe, maybe a JJ, Bernier, 1st round pick (and thats the very minimum…. and I mean absolute minimum they would take). And knowing how savvy Lou Lamoriello is, I don’t even think he’d take that.

    Plus…… you may remember that the Kings are already up near the cap… so how exactly do they do a sign and trade w Parise to whom they’d have to give a lot of money? If they make a trade it’ll be of the small variety.

    • They may have no choice but to let him go if their ownership situation gets worse, despite their efforts right now.

      I think saying he’s going to remain a Devil is a bit naive.

    • Stoll and Penner are both UFA next season. That’s a combined cap hit of more than 7,8 million. I don’t see Penner getting a new deal with the Kings. Stoll’s cap hit is 3,6 million. That’s a bit much for a face off and shoot out specialist third line centerman. Don’t see him resigning with the Kings. The cap space wouldn’t be an issue. The question is whether Parise wants to leave NJ or will he be forced to leave because of financial problems. And the media has Schneider, Harding and basically every other moderately talented young-ish goalie pegged for Zach Parise trade material.

    • Broduer is on his way so Bernier would be very attractive

  11. i think we wait – try and get him in the offseason.

    if he really does want to play for a cup, this team would have to by high on the list.

  12. I have always hoped we’d make a move for Parise either trade or as free agent.
    Other than him getting the C, the other huge problem I see now is that they have been playing him at center. It makes no sense for NJ to have so much money tied up in two 1st line LWs but if Zach is playing center on #1 line I don’t think they are gonna let him go anywhere.

  13. Nothing will be better than having Koval-choke miss the playoffs again and again and again. He fricken BLEW IT by not signing with the Kings and he’s going to have to suffer for YEARS (not financially of course) AND live in New Jersey instead of Newport.

    Parise is gone like Bernie Madoff’s money. If he wants to win a cup, with a team that can afford him…

  14. To be honest, I really don’t see Parise coming here, and blowing the doors off. Not under this coach, not under this system. Do I think we need to give Penner a viking funeral, and float him out to sea, and get someone with a heartbeat at Left Wing? Absolutely, I’m just not sure I would do so at the cost of Parise.

    Bernier would absolutely be going the other way, and I’m one of those that think this guy will at some point, become the better goaltender in the NHL, but with Quick now having the “elite” tag thrown around his name, I’m sure management may begin to disagree if they already don’t. I still don’t see why we can’t ride this goaltender situation out for just a bit longer.

    Speaking of Quick, we have his contract coming up, and you better believe he’s getting a fat raise. Pulling the trigger right now on someone like Parise, would apply a little bit more pressure on Quick’s negotiations, and the last thing the Kings would want is to lose Bernier, and not be able to afford Quick.

    Management definitely has a HUGE decision to make. If they weren’t so hellbent on playing Quick 75% of the season, we’d be able to get a much better look at Bernier to see if that’s something the Kings are even willing to entertain. What if he catches fire? What if he shows he can’t run with the ball? I wouldn’t blockbuster my balls to my thigh, just yet.

  15. Live chat with Jim Fox going on right now on Kings website but this is interesting comment in regards to systems

    Jim Fox: Pittsburgh’s system I would describe as more chasing and constant pressure of the puck from all angles. Please keep in mind that most systems are tailored to the personnel. And you always look to play toward your strengths.

    This is further proof that TM does not understand what he has. We have a lot of elite players that can put the puck in the net but offensively we are stifled. Does TM not trust his personnel? Does he not understand his personnel to then tailor a system to create more offensively? I would say he has a very difficult time with it and it’s showing a lot more clearly now.

  16. this trade will be about setting up a team for long term (LA) and helping a team to rebuild (NJ).
    kovalchuk – penner, toffoli, vey, 2012 -1st.- volchenkov – mitchell, berube, n jones. palmieri – stoll, n andreoff.


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