Phew! Did We Really Beat The St. Louis Blues 3-2?

I missed the third period although I was, to the wife’s chagrin, glued to my phone.

I watched a first period where the St. Louis Blues dominated the Kings. I actually wrote in a pre-game report (one I did not publish because Surly did one first) that L.A. had better be careful with Ken Hitchcock because, being familiar with his coaching style and especially remembering that Dallas Stars team he took to the Stanley Cup Finals two consecutive seasons, he teaches a relentlessly aggressive forecheck and a system designed to punish you through the transition game after creating turnovers.

The St. Louis Blues I saw in the first two periods was the late 90’s Dallas Stars although the Kings did finally start skating in the second.

The only reason we were even in the game by the end of the second (when I was pulled away kicking and screaming from the game) was the outstanding goaltending of Jonathan Bernier. He was in the zone. The puck must have looked like a soccer ball out there because some of those saves were absurd.

Since I missed the third, I will defer to you to let me know what I missed…I hear Mike Richards is solidifying his status as a Hockey God and is fast becoming the straw that stirs our L.A. Kings dreams.

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