Phew! Did We Really Beat The St. Louis Blues 3-2?

I missed the third period although I was, to the wife’s chagrin, glued to my phone.

I watched a first period where the St. Louis Blues dominated the Kings. I actually wrote in a pre-game report (one I did not publish because Surly did one first) that L.A. had better be careful with Ken Hitchcock because, being familiar with his coaching style and especially remembering that Dallas Stars team he took to the Stanley Cup Finals two consecutive seasons, he teaches a relentlessly aggressive forecheck and a system designed to punish you through the transition game after creating turnovers.

The St. Louis Blues I saw in the first two periods was the late 90’s Dallas Stars although the Kings did finally start skating in the second.

The only reason we were even in the game by the end of the second (when I was pulled away kicking and screaming from the game) was the outstanding goaltending of Jonathan Bernier. He was in the zone. The puck must have looked like a soccer ball out there because some of those saves were absurd.

Since I missed the third, I will defer to you to let me know what I missed…I hear Mike Richards is solidifying his status as a Hockey God and is fast becoming the straw that stirs our L.A. Kings dreams.

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  1. I hope he starts tommorrow too. Let him get in a little rhythm, which he hasn’t been able, and for the sake of conversation, allowed to do.

    I’m liking Quick more and more as time goes on, but the guy just hasn’t been on the top of his shit lately. If Bernier puts together another solid performance, things could get interesting, and that’s exactly what we want.

  2. Mike Richards is the man!!!!

  3. Bernier’s glove “toe” save was bad to the bone.

  4. I’m rolling around in my own sperm. Stand back or you’ll slip and fall.

    Beating those big ugly sonsabitches in their own corral — especially after they spent the past two seasons ass-fucking us with relentless inevitability — produced one of those oozing, slow-boat-to-China orgasms that hockey sometimes gives me.

    Now . . . on to Dallas.

  5. Blues had some opportunities in the third on which they shot the puck wide or couldn’t finish. It definitely wasn’t a solid win. Two giveaways by Jackman led to two goals but credit Richards for pressure on him and the steal and pass. He was perfect on faceoffs till the conclusion. He went 15 for 16.
    Voynov continues to fly out there. I can’t see him getting sent away. He gives this team a much better opportunity to win with him on the ice.
    Yeah, lucky in the third the Blues didn’t end up tying it. They didn’t own the period but did out play the Kings somewhat.

    • In retrospect it does seem like we were lucky to get out of there with a win — especially in regulation.

      I was grateful for Hitchcock’s appreciative comments about our SIZE, considering the mass we sacrificed during the off-season.

  6. Loktionov’s assist was on a gift from the Blues D but still I really liked how composed he was in that situation. He looks very comfortable out there.

  7. Imo Richards is the guy that won us the game. The thing about Richards, other than being the smartest guy on the team, is he finishes. That feed from Loktionov had to be perfect but the shot from Richards had to be equally perfect. He didn’t shoot it wide or high. He wasn’t trying to perfectly pick the corner. Also that play down low where he anticipated that play from Jackman I think and then fed it to Kopi, that was pure skill and read. If you watch that play Brownie skates on by (which thank God he did). Richards is usually in the right place at the right time and that’s no accident.

    I don’t see how Pens can be put back on that 2nd line. Loktionov, although he does get knocked off the puck relatively easily, has got way better playmaking abilities. Which makes sense if he’s naturally a center.

    Doughty played with some edge. That one play where he cleared out the crease is exactly what I want to see from him. You have to send the team a message, come near the crease you will get leveled. That hit on Oshie well there’s a fine line between a cross check and a push and to me it looked like a push.

    No need to play Hunter. Moreau and Fraser on that 4th provide some feist and to get under the skin of the opponent, imo, is a good and necessary thing at times.

    Against Dallas they need to come out with their guns blazing. See a turnover in the neutral zone, jump on that shit and turn up ice with aggression. Opportunity for a big hit, do it separate that asshole from the puck. They need to have an Attack Mentality.

  8. Real improvement. Mike Richards’ leadership is subtle, implicit. He leads by example.

    I envy the Blues their newly-found and ferocious forecheck. They are the future scourge of the conference. Hitchcock will, unfortunately, drill a relentless cohesion into them – and with a ring, having been courted by the team, and there being no stars (no pun here) on a young team – he will have his way. If they draft and develop… We had all noticed their developing talent, and now they have a future. Am I still suffering from Hitchcock-induced trauma? In two years the likes of Van. and SJ won’t even want to play them. But enough about that.

    So, now Bernier can add St. Louis to Nashville, Minn. and Columbus?

  9. Yep Bernier was sooo impressive! I am always a big Quick fan but what the hell we have two good goalies and we should utilize them both.

    And Willie Mitchell getting the game winner at the end of the game, so awesome for him!… I was praying to the hockey god pretty loudly for no tie, no overtime….none, none, none!!!!

    Keep up the good mojo for tonight guys!!!! GO KINGS GO GO KINGS GO GO KINGS GO


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