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Less than 24 hours after the St. Louis Blues and their coach were Hitchcock blocked by the L.A. Kings, our boys travel to Dallas to take on the earth-bound Stars. Dallas started the season on fire despite dropping two games to us. They then lost 5 in a row before finally beating the Oilers 4-1 on Monday.

We have seen Dallas and we know what to expect. A good defensive team that plays an aggressive forecheck. The Stars go as Lehtonen goes and we hope to see Kari go straight to the bench after giving up 5. Dallas is an excellent home team and perhaps more than 4,000 people will show up tonight now that the Stars are flush with new ownership cash and stability…until of course Tom Gaglardi takes the Stars to Canada – nyuck, nyuck.

Jonathan Quick will start. No word regarding line up changes other than the Doughty – Johnson on again, off again pairing is off again.

This is your open forum.

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  1. Goaltender play tonight should decide this one. Obviously that holds true with every game, but with Lehtonen go the Stars. I look for Quick to bounce back after a tough one against Detroit. Which team gets the best performance out of their goaltender has the upper hand. Hopefulyl Quick, who usually does, will rebound and have a strong night and get some help in front of him. Also, Richards stays hot and gets another goal, the game winner is my prediction. Go Kings.

  2. Well let’s make it two in a row.

    Ill be listening on radio so hopefully the announcers will be good.

  3. I finally get to watch the NHL on TV again. Got DirecTV to get me NHL Center Ice for 48 bucks for the rest of the season.

    No more grainy feeds, no more pauses, just pure and crisp satellite feed.

    Which means the Kings lose tonight.


    I thought I’d never say this stupid line, but GKG

  4. It sounds like LA is dominating on radio.

  5. Moreau in the Box again with another ridiculous penalty. This ([—–]) close to winning in regulation and losing in OT. Boo! And no more ZUS to come through in clutch scoring with seconds to spare.

    I’m glad those 2,000+ fans got a good show. So many great chances to make a cushion goal but no.

    Also has anyone seen our offensive zone pressure? It’s missing. If found please direct it to the neutral zone where we played well for most of the game.

    It is frustrating watching this team play. But I still love the Kings.

    Yay one point!!

  6. What the fuck. You’ll excuse me if I’m too angry and disheartened to write a post game at the moment.


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