L.A. Kings vs. Dallas Stars Post Game: Ethan Moreau, You No-Talent Shit

Ethan Moreau is this season’s Randy Jones…at forward.

No skill.

Dense as a brick wall.

Stupid penalties by a dumb, dumb, such a dumb hockey player.

“Hey, why does the bottom 6 suck?” Exhibit A – Ethan Moreau.

Add to that flavor an inept coach who, no doubt, was thinking after Louis Eriksson’s game tying goal, “Huh. 5 player funnel and offensive attack off the faceoff…and here I thought they would dump, chase and cycle in the last 20 seconds…” and you get the reason the L.A. Kings gave the Dallas Stars not one but two undeserved points tonight.

Steve Ott. The dog shit that dog shit wipes from beneath its shoe, the perpetual menstrual cycle of a hockey player, one of the few men in this world that puts a capital C before unt, gets the game winning overtime goal.

I know, I know, Jack Johnson’s hit was ill-timed.

The Kings went into their patented third period shell – Bob Miller is no longer permitted to ever again cite the stats on the LA Kings record when leading after two periods…ever…fucking EVER – and what came out of it was the garbage they put into it.

Drew Doughty. Garbage. $7 million dollars of it.

He’ll bounce back.

Do you know why?

Because he has talent. Do you know why Ethan Moreau won’t? Because, as Wil Wheaton tweeted me, you can’t spell Moron without Moreau.

Oh and Mike Richards I still love you so very much, you are the light in my darkest hour, please don’t ever change…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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  1. Well said Bobby well said. Glad it was just me seeing how shitty doughboy was playing tonight wait actually all season. i second your FUCK so FUCK

  2. This game was in the bag leave it to ethan to take a stupid fucking mistake

  3. Hmmm I am picking up some hostile feelings?

    Dissappointing game

    But eat turkey have pie and a glass of wine and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

  4. Fuck!! Well said. I would like to see them do something in the trade with the shitty excuse for a hockey player named moreau. Doughty well pick his game back up, but it needs to happen now. And even though Jacks hit was a little mis-timed, I really enjoyed watching the unt portion to Otts C get laid the fuck out. I hate that fagit robitcho. Oh well. On to Saturday night where we’ll be kicking some blackhawk ass. Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Fuck Kyle Clifford.
    Fuck him in his stupid non-scoring ass.
    As soon as he missed that shot a 3 year old could’ve scored…I texted my Father and told him, “That will come back to bite us before this game is over.” And sure enough…total momentum changer.

    Why didn’t Murray call a timeout of his own when he saw the Stars line up like that? Nah…that would be too much “motivating” or something like that…

    And fuck you Moreau. But we all know Murray will keep playing him.

    I’d rather them get beat 6-0 than to lose like this. Horrible.

    • That penalty by Moreau was retarded as retarded gets. He went full retard But let’s not forget that Wide open net miss by Cliffy. That shit was Bad bad bad. If he can’t make that shot with literally no goalie in front of him he’s gonna be struggling for goals all season. That would have been the difference maker even with Moreau’s retarded penalty.

  6. It was a shitty outcome. But they did get 3 out of 4 points so far. Let it go.

  7. What the fuck is wrong with Terry Murray?? That stupid motherfucker goes into a purely defensive mode with 7 minutes left in the game and this is what you get!! I don’t know who is more fucked up, Murray or Lombardi for not firing Murry’s ass!! Something needs to change, otherwise this will be a repeat of last year. Out in the first round!! The change has to start at the top! Oh…….. by the way…….fuck you Moreau and fuck you Ott!!! FUCK!!!!!

  8. Wow total mental breakdown tonight. I don’t think you can blame the result on TM tonight.

    We had chances that didn’t go in, a wide open net Cliffy couldn’t put away, sleeping on that 3rd period faceoff…

    • On second thought, as much as TM has been leaning on the top players, I don’t know why Moreaun was on the ice so late in the game.

    • Also, why the fuck would Kopi line up on the outside wing? Especially when three guys line up on the inside?

      • Apparently fans on the internet know that was stupid, yet paid “professionals” have no clue.

        • I’m not sure you’re criticizing my comment or the professionals. Kinda leaning towards the latter, but just in case…

          I’m pretty sure I would have moved over myself when I was young and dumb. There’s no reason to protect that side at that point in the game. You line up Kopi on the inside and have the outside D scoot a tad closer to the outside winger but still behind the line.

          That should be the default setup for a situation like that. There’s a few seconds left and all they’ve got is a face off punch in in to the zone with a few players trying to catch a lucky bounce. The opponent doesn’t give a shit about the outside of the ice, they’d be stupid to make a play that way. Their formation tells you everything.

          So now I kinda think Murray told him to line up that way during the timeout, but it’s still donktarded to not adjust anyways after seeing how Dallas lined up. Still gotta say wtf to Kopi there.

  9. Lot of fucked up shit in this fucking game. First off, I’d like to say “Fuck you” to the fucking fucks on the fucking Stars. Second, I’d like to congratulate our boys on blowing a fucking lead in the last 20 fucking minutes of a game they had in the motherfucking bag. Third, Mike Richards is the fucking man. I’d be willing to bet if it wasn’t for his talent and skill, we’d be properly fucked.

    And fucking fire Terry Murray already. This fucker’s idea of offense is a joke. In the faster, higher scoring NHL, dump and motherfucking chase won’t win every single fucking game. It might get you penetration on certain situations, but not all of them.


  10. I don’t have a problem with what Johnson did.It was going to be an outnumbered attack whether he made the hit or not once Kopitar went down. It probably would’ve been a 4 on 2. Too bad the refs missed Ott being offside too.

    As for Moron, I have not seen a single thing he done all season to earn a regular shift.Why is he being put out there, he does nothing but take bad penalties. And then there’s Trent Hunter. I haven’t heard his name called in 2 games, yet he was out there again doing NOTHING. Add these two onto the pile of crap FA Lombardi has signed.

  11. On the faceoff we can blame TM for not recognizing Dallas’ formation and failing to call timeout but what the hell happened regarding the players. They can’t make adjustments? Fuck me, these guys have been playing their entire lives. Nobody sensed there was something wrong? Failure on all levels.

    Also, as much as I enjoyed that monster hit by Johnson it was ill timed and that super-hero Voynov didn’t do enough taking away the passing lane….layers of failure.. Mental lapses not singular but plural.

    No question Ott was offside but we need to do better on things we can control.

    I enjoyed the game except the last minute or so. Oh well.

    Happy Thanksgiving my fellow brothers/sisters. Hope you all have a day full of love, laughter and, of course, football. :) Cheers.

  12. A one-game hiatus and then right back to backing off in the third and giving the opposition room and time to operate. With predictable results. Ott was offside, but our overall team play in the third left us vulnerable to this. I understand the idea of keeping the opposition “in front of us”, but doing it effectively requires a level of organization we don’t have – we’d be better off crowding them and taking away their space to operate.

    And not playing our best players (with occasional, rationally
    coherent days off) – why? What is the argument for playing Moreau? And what results have we gotten? I don’t understand the
    rationale for these decisions. The decisionmaking appears to me mostly as incoherent as the way we are (mostly) playing. This seems to be the worst TM has been since coming to Los Angeles. I admit to being surprised at how poor all of this looks.

    • The more I think about this, the worse it looks. We have, over the past two seasons, been a young team moving forward with a few very valuable veterans. Over the off-season, we made a play toward moving ahead by adding two proven, successful veterans. All good. Then we add a few marginal, “depth” veterans, and – gawd – they are made starters! This isn’t the whole of the problems, but it is, per results, counter-productive on the ice, interrupts the movement of the team from youth to maturity, and betrays a level of ass-backwardness well beyond anything coach Murray had shown us since his arrival. It is a perplexing…symptom.

  13. Yea not one point which I was angry about..but they get both and we get zip!.Piss!
    What a crap end to Westie getting his first NHL goal.
    To let the game get tied up again..at the vrrey end..
    It’s like we are cursed ..and I also scream at the TV..
    “Don’t say that Bob..don’t say it Foxie!”..every time it jinxs us..am I superstitious ..You bet I am..
    So did anyone else think those last two goals were stoppable?
    And game winner by Ott..too bitter for words…
    Happy Thanksgiving fellow King Fans..
    I am grateful to have the Kings as my team..
    GO KINGS GO!!!


  15. From this point forward, as long as that ass hat, Terry Murray is the manager, we can not longer ask, “Why didn’t Murray call a time out?” HE NEVER CALLS ONE, AND HE NEVER WILL! He proudly calls himself, “No Timeout Murray”

    He pisses me off to no end. When we win, I am happy, but sad that Murray gets to coach another day, but when they lose, and it’s his fault (it usually is), it makes me so angry! Grrr! ;)

  16. Look, Moreau’s penalty was absolute shit.

    But let’s not pretend like we deserved to win that game.

    We got outplayed for 50 minutes. We pounced on two quick opportunities, neither of which was the result of any semblance of real offensive pressure. Quick kept us in a game we had no business leading in the first place.

    I’m pissed. I’m pissed that we were about to win that game. I’m pissed that Steve Ott is a candy ass sack of taint sucking pig cum. I’m pissed that Doughty blew. I’m pissed that Jack decided to make a statement hit when it meant nothing. But I’m more pissed that once again our team shows a compete inability to sustain offensive pressure and to gain a lead on something other than dumb fucking luck and the Herculean efforts of a pittance of players on the team.

    Sure, Williams finding his touch Again will help. Kopi and Richards can’t be stopped. But the problems go far beyond the bottom six, Moreau’s stupidity and Ott’s douchery.


  17. Of all the things that piss me off, and last night had plenty for all, is Jamie Benn. Not his goal, not his ability, it’s just the fact that he looks exactly like baby Huey. Fuck that goofy looking fuck.

    Clifford’s missed shot is really getting under people’s skin, and I get it, it frustrated the shit out of me too– but that shit happens and our top lines all equally missed on finishing plenty of hand me goals. Which in true Patty Hearst fashion, having lived under TM’s post game philosophy of smiling at a shit sandwich and saying at least the bread looked good, we were making more exciting, more MODERN offensive set ups in the second and third and just didn’t finish them off.

    I love Justin Williams, I love how he flounders his way to some how saving a broken ass play into some sort of actual scoring opportunity, but Christ sometimes he looks like a kid at a pick up game trying too many moves he hasn’t actually mastered and it looks like Michael J. Fox carrying the puck. I love him, but fuck he needs to slow it down sometimes.

    Mike Richards, Christ on a stick do I ever want to have your man baby. This guy could pull a Craig Mactavish and I’d still love him right now. He could fuck a dead harp seal right now and I’d love him.

    But worst of all, Westgarth’s first got ruined by the rest of the team sucking the rest of the night. Damn you. He should of been able to spend the night knee deep in dumb hillbilly Texan ass at some cowboy bar with Richards drinking all these mother fuckers under the table, Penner wearing a bib and his face smeared in BBQ sauce and six empty plates of ribs in front of him, and Loki and Voynov trying to pull an international fingercuffs on Ott’s wife using pictograms to get over the language barrier.

    Happy Thanksgiving, folks. I’m thankful for Mike Richards.

    • You men do not make it easy sometimes to get thru what you have to say..but most of you do make good valid points..I agree
      Spoiled Westie’s goal..
      Moreau..dont like him..R .Jones..that made me laugh at least..pathetic yea..
      JJ..ill gimed but great hit..do it in the first and second periods..and we need that from all the boys…get physical
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  18. Prime comment Sacks – agree with all of it.

    There’s a problem bigger than Moreau Scribe – it’s the Kings spending another season giving up late game goals. Last year we were told it was youthful inexperience that made watching the last five minutes of a game grueling. Now what is the excuse? We’ve already had this happen a couple times in this young season.

    I’m so pissed about that game last night, it ruined my night. Especially Ott – a certified asshole whose earned a pummeling but instead gets a game winning goal. WTF.

  19. waive moreau. Maybe give Cliffy a short stint in the AHL to get his game back, like just 5 or 10 games. Only problem is in the AHL he will probably be a marked man with a lot of wannabe goons eager to go after the guy with NHL cred. It would be great to see him regain his playoff form and start making an impact on this team. A third line of Penner-Stoll-Clifford could be pretty sweet if the stars aligned correctly (Penner finds effort, Clifford finds game)


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