Ethan Moreau is this season’s Randy Jones…at forward.

No skill.

Dense as a brick wall.

Stupid penalties by a dumb, dumb, such a dumb hockey player.

“Hey, why does the bottom 6 suck?” Exhibit A – Ethan Moreau.

Add to that flavor an inept coach who, no doubt, was thinking after Louis Eriksson’s game tying goal, “Huh. 5 player funnel and offensive attack off the faceoff…and here I thought they would dump, chase and cycle in the last 20 seconds…” and you get the reason the L.A. Kings gave the Dallas Stars not one but two undeserved points tonight.

Steve Ott. The dog shit that dog shit wipes from beneath its shoe, the perpetual menstrual cycle of a hockey player, one of the few men in this world that puts a capital C before unt, gets the game winning overtime goal.

I know, I know, Jack Johnson’s hit was ill-timed.

The Kings went into their patented third period shell – Bob Miller is no longer permitted to ever again cite the stats on the LA Kings record when leading after two periods…ever…fucking EVER – and what came out of it was the garbage they put into it.

Drew Doughty. Garbage. $7 million dollars of it.

He’ll bounce back.

Do you know why?

Because he has talent. Do you know why Ethan Moreau won’t? Because, as Wil Wheaton tweeted me, you can’t spell Moron without Moreau.

Oh and Mike Richards I still love you so very much, you are the light in my darkest hour, please don’t ever change…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.