One Or More L.A. Kings Players May Get Traded Or Waived Before Christmas

I am struggling to wrap my head around one potential scenario – The L.A. Kings sending Andrei Loktionov to Manchester upon Dustin Penner’s return. I just can’t do it. Unless the Kings hate Charlie Sheen (read: Winning!), Dustin Penner has been rendered obsolete as a top 6 left wing absent an injury to a current top 6 player (biting my tongue) and we are left without any other option or a trade / waiver that puts Loktionov firmly in the third line center position.

Could Dustin Penner be traded before the end of the year?


So, if Loktionov stays with us, who do we lose? My bet – Trent Hunter. I see a waiver or a trade but a trade would have to include a package unless we take future considerations (read: free tickets to Breaking Dawn)

Is a bigger trade coming? The depth scoring is awful. Nobody in the bottom 6 can bury the biscuit. While I put a large part of that on Terry Murray (where would we be in the top 6 without 10 and 11?), Murray, at the risk of repeating myself from previous articles, isn’t going anywhere absent a melt down.

But who?

And at what price?

A lot of teams need defense and we have a treasure chest of defensemen. If Slava Voynov sticks, I can see one or more of Alec Martinez (my last choice on this list), Thomas Hickey, Jake Muzzin or Matt Greene packaged. Those of the “screw Doughty, trade him” persuasion, talk to me when common sense has penetrated.

Moves are coming…they have to be. If Andrei Loktionov is sent down, I will lead the lynching at Figueroa and 11th.

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  1. Voynov must stay. He was the best Defenseman out there yesterday, particularly leading the offense and getting good chances. Sorry A-Mart but Voynov is better and gives better minutes and that speed he has, incredible. I like Lokti but Voynov is the guy you should write about and make room for. On top of that Voyna = War in Russian and Ov = son, how can you not love that.
    Speaking of moves, I would love a guy like Clarkson on the third line with Stoll and Clifford.

  2. At my discretion, for I am all powerful, CV is hereby lost his commenting privilege .

    Good day to gentlemen.
    R. Hammond Esq.

  3. If any of the Russians go, I will lend my pitchfork and torch to the cause Bobby!

  4. What I think should happen is let Loktionov play at wing for awhile to get comfortable. The more he gets used to a shot first, dish second mentality, the more versatile he will become. Murray will mix things up during the course of a game, as we saw last night when Loktionov was out with Richards, when he made that sweet play.
    Drei can force Lombardi to keep him up because now he isn’t just a 6th center on the roster.
    Loktionov only makes 816,000 rubles, and is on an entry level contract.
    The amount of forwards currently on the roster, should mean waiving a player or a buy out which I thought was going to be the case with Fraser. I would think DL would try to include one of these 3 players Hunter/Moreau/Fraser as part of a package deal or cut/waived/buy out. I hope DL, will send Parse back to Manchester when he comes off IR and hopefully keep him there. I really do not see what Lombardi sees in him.
    If a deal can’t be made, the Kings could buy out all 3 (Hunter/Moreau/Fraser) which combined make a little more than 2mill.
    Penner will return, and hopefully start to score goals, dish out assists. Trying to trade a Top 6 forward who is not scoring is impossible due to his 4.25mil contract. Penner since being acquired has been a big bust. The Kings will still have to pay some of his salary if he was traded and it would still count against the CAP if I understand things correctly. Penner is a UFA after this season.
    So far the Penner trade has made DL look like something no words can describe. DL simply got this one wrong. I’m pretty sure that given another team, different system Penner would probably be putting up similar numbers like in Edmonton.
    I hope that after the Penner trade, and the Smyth trade DL will not be dealing with EDM anymore.
    If the Kings can get rid of some 4th line bagage, then maybe with some shuffling of players, they can have a 3rd line with Loktionov at center, Stoll and Penner as wings. You still get the defensive play of Stoll, and a good backup for faceoffs. I think with the skill, and playmaking of Loktionov, the veteran experience of Stoll, Penner will get some great scoring opportunities.
    I can’t really think about anyother ideas for making room for Loktionov.
    The question about Voynov is more complicated. We have all seen what Voynov brings. They are something like 7-2 with Voynov in the lineup I think?
    DL really doesn’t have much of an option in terms of Martinez and Voynov. Its highly unlikely he would trade any defensemen, so it looks like once Martinez comes back Voynov goes back to Manchester.

    Let the verbal abuse start with my post.

    • The Martinez / Voynov debate…

      I understand it. I just come from what looks like the minority in saying I never really liked the play of him. Not that he was bad, but I think he has been a bit over-hyped.

      I can see him as a third pairing at best on our team.

      If Doughty and Johnson end up together for good at some point as Murray suggested, that leaves Voynov on the second line with a defensive pairing leaving Martinez on the third.

      But none of that helps this year. It’s easy to say give it to the better player so far (Voynov), but Martinez certainly won’t clear waivers.

      I don’t know what it will do to the psyche of Voynov if he is sent down.

      One solution is keeping Voynov up and having him or Martinez be the 7th defenseman. Play who is hot. While one or the other might not get a lot of playing time, they will still get to practice with the big boys, and it might light a fire under both their asses and they might play great given a limited role.

      • Voynov would be paired with Mitchell, it works. Johnson and Doughty big mistake, they just aren’t good together. Both guys bring offense, problem being who is going to rush the puck. You need to pair them with Greene or Scuderi.
        Voynov being a 7th is not an option. Voynov is not going to gain anything if he is not playing in all games.
        Its better for him to get 20+ minutes in Manchester unfortunetly and this is where Lombardi will send him just like he did to begin the year.
        Voynov will not have any issues with his psyche, he knows he can play in the NHL.
        This is not a demotion, its a odd man out.
        As for Martinez, I do not think he is subject to waivers since he is still on an entry level contract.
        This is why the Kings can bring up Voynov and Loktionov, and Martinez without having to put them on waivers.
        I’m pretty sure, but I could be wrong it wouldn’t be the first time.

  5. I say lets trade Doughty, He has been little more than an average player for the last year and a half. Lets use him to get a good goal scorer.


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