Drew Doughty Says “No, No, No” To Terry Murray…

We dig The Mayor. Here is a good article and interview he did with Drew Doughty:

Two goals and five assists probably isn’t what GM Dean Lombardi had in mind when he signed the Kings top defenseman to an eight-year, $56-million contract in September.

It was something acknowledged over the weekend, when coach Terry Murray spoke about Drew Doughty not giving the team what they need offensively so far this season. However, he wasn’t sure why the points have been slow to come.

And time appears to be a concern, when looking at Murray’s comment – “Now, we’re 20 games in…it’s important that we find the answer and get him going.”

Just prior to the Kings leaving for St. Louis, I asked Doughty if maybe he could explain his lack of point production…

“I don’t really have a reason for it,” said the 21-year old defenseman. I feel like I’m creating chances. I hit the post last game. I’m getting chances, I’m getting shots on net. I feel like I’m making some good plays to set up other guys, as well. Sometimes, it’s just about getting those bounces. I had those five points in three games and it just seemed like I was making a breakout pass or the guys were doing the job to get the puck in. So, it kinda goes in spurts. I wish it didn’t. I wish I had an exact reason why I’m not getting more points. I know I’m definitely going to try and jump in the play a little more and help try to create some more offensive chances.”

Again, back to the comments by Murray, he thought there was ‘a little bit of the hangover there from missing all of the training camp.’

Does Doughty agree?

“No, no, no.

Click on Mayor’s link for more.

So, thoughts?

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3 replies

  1. its thanksgiving why are u posting updates? wait why am i reading them. anyways good article. that diva of a defenseman of course wont blame it on missing camp. just like last years lag he wouldnt blame on being fat. anyways hopfully see u saturday

  2. Doughty needs to understand that there are 4 other guys skating on the ice with the same color jersey as him.

    He also needs to understand that defencemen are called that for a reason.

    Jack Johnson may not be the complete package but he gets burned less that Doughty does and is also more responsible when jumping into the play.

    Sorry, still pissed off about the Wednesday game and right now the only player I think is worth a shit on this team is Mike Richards.


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