L.A. Is To Newark As Paradise Is To Lost – Come Home Zach Parise

No, I will not get off this. He is ours…he just doesn’t know it yet. As further evidence, from the NY Post.

First one of Zach Parise’s high-powered Toronto agents showed up in Tampa, then the other at Monday’s Florida Fiasco.

Barely three months from the Feb. 27 trade deadline as the Devils play host to the Blue Jackets tonight, the double-team signals the Parise Press is on.

Friday, it was super-agent Don Meehan, founder and head of Newport Sports Management, dining with the Devils captain in Tampa. Then Parise’s lead representative, Newport’s Wade Arnott, turned up in Fort Lauderdale to schmooze and discuss Parise’s next contract. But not strategize, they said.

“It was nothing. I just hadn’t seen them in a while,” said Parise, 27, making $6 million this season.

Most opposition figures firmly believe Parise will play elsewhere next season. Their arguments are compelling.

First, the Devils’ financial picture doesn’t inspire confidence the Devils can afford to be competitive regarding his contract, nor competitive in acquiring other players to build the Stanley Cup winner that has always been Parise’s objective.

Secondly, the Devils have not won anything beyond the first round during Parise’s tenure. The “always have a chance” mantra starts to ring hollow after six early springs.

Third, Parise can’t be certain of the prime on-ice role at left wing, not with Ilya Kovalchuk on hand for another 13 years.

Fourth, Newark is Newark. It’s not Florida, nor California, nor even his Minnesota home.

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10 replies

  1. Well our play with stupid TM isnt exactly conjuring visions of the cup either. If I was Parise I wouldnt think LA is one piece, me, from winning the cup. I would be thinking, well if they fire that coach, then it will be time.

    Just saying

  2. If Meehan is in the mix, I want no part of it.

    • I’m in agreement here, I don’t want Meehan anywhere near a deal with us in future, Parise or not. He caused too much hassle than what it was worth last time.

  3. They would need Bernier in exchange and, as I figure, at least three other ready to play players who are under $1M for at least this and the next season.

    With the coaching scheme here LA I have to agree with Stilkingly….why would an talented winger want to play in a system that has a reputation for misusing wingers?

  4. I would rather have Murray fired. Parise isn’t coming out west.

  5. Don’t worry guys, I sat really close to the ice during the Devils game and told Parise to come to LA. I think I was pretty compelling…

  6. You cats are crazy. Do you know how many other Kings players Meehan reps?

  7. I forgot this blog was written by reasonably literate people(I love in LA that shit is easy to take for granted) and spent 10 minutes stumped by this articles title and why there was no mention of a smoke monster. Hockey blogs need more Milton drops. Any chance we could start a grass roots blackmail campaign against Meehan for future dealings? Maybe readers with barely legal wives and or daughters, a roofie sandwich and an itchy camera shutter finger feel like it’s their turn to not be selfish in this season of giving and let their families take one for the blakmail team. On the qt and very hush hush.

  8. I think the Parise euphoria needs to cool off some. This is the last year of his contract (only a one year deal) before he is an UFA. So any trade for this year would be a rental. Wanna give up a lot for that?

    To get this guy, the Kings will have to compete on the open market AND he has to want to come here. I am not sure either is feasible, and nor are you.

    Don’t get me wrong, the Kings need more scoring depth but it does not seem this dream can be realized. However, I am receptive if you want to try to convince me of the contrary…

    • Yes your right…having a contract in place would be is a must component…but I truly doubt we’ll see Parise. With Parse hanging about Miller would have too much trouble.


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