Kings v Hawks Open Game Thread – NBA, It Was Nice Not Knowing Ya Edition

Well boyscouts and girlscouts, its a good day and a bad day

The Kings play at home tonight against the Chicago Blackhawks, good.

The NBA has a tentative agreement with their players to end the lockout, bad.

It seems our blissful month of a sports landscape without the NBA is unfortunately drawing to an end. I won’t go into details, because I don’t know them nor care to know them, I just know that the word on the headline street is that the baseball games on the tennis court with all the tall tattooed guys will likely commence overshadowing hockey on Christmas Day. Oh. Joy to the world.

Or not.

I suppose there are probably implications one way or another for the NHL’s impending CBA expiration, but that sounds like an article for Howard Roark to write.

Let’s just enjoy what Lakerless time we have left in downtown LA. Relish what I have noticed to be an overall cleaner Staples tonight when you sit down to watch the Kings test their mettle against a Hawks team that scored 6 goals against the Ducks last night. Drink merrily before the bars at LA Live become even more obscenely crowded than they are without the hoop-lovin’ masses. It was nice while it lasted.

The Kings will look exactly the same tonight as they did when their balls were torn off by the Stars on Wednesday. The Hawks will look mostly like the team that the Kings have beaten only once in their last ten games against them. Repeat THAT stat Bob Miller. Repeat it often and loudly, because with a Kings’ team that doesn’t often do what it is suppose to do, I like those odds.

If we can win half our games despite offensive production. Without veteran accountability. In the face of speed being sacrificed for weight. We can win tonight.

But what am I rambling on about? This is your thread.

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  1. 7-5 Kings.

    Moreau with a hat trick, Fraser with 2, Westgarth pots 1, and Clifford gets the other.

    • I like the NBA. Guess I’m in the minority.

      I’m a total sports whore (insert joke here), I like pretty much anything and everything.

      Too bad getting a job in the business is more luck and who you know than brains.

      • The rules for Basketball are so inherently broken. Arbitrary ruling on fouls, the pacing change at the end of the game, all of it, it’s just unbearable. I remember liking the sport back in the Magic/Kareem era, but maybe I just didn’t know any better…

        • I get what you’re saying.

          My take on it is in crunch time, each possession matters that much more. I’ll be moaning at my TV “cmon!!” when they call timeouts, but I also notice my heart racing that much more.

          I think the most boring sport is baseball to be honest. Use to love it, still will watch it once in a while, but talk about a long, dragged on game.

          Football is known for the packing change at the end of close games as well, and last I checked it was the most popular sport there is. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

  2. God, this Kings team is breaking my heart. I’ve been unwilling to join the chorus demanding TM being given his walking papers – but I’m raising my voice from now on. Impotence. It’s the word that keeps coming to my mind when I think of the King’s offensive attack.

    What coaches are out there that we can pick up pronto?

  3. Well that was a fucking joke

  4. There’s no consistency – they can’t even work themselves out of their defensive zone. Quick did his job tonight, but no support, and that two man breakaway for Chicago – WTF is that? I’ve seen Peewee teams cover the blue line better than this team.

    We’ve seen the Ducks self-destruct this season – but don’t think it can’t happen to the Kings. For all the talent they have, there doesn’t seem to be any TEAM aspect to be seen. It’s like they’ve all just met on the ice and are trying to figure themselves out. I see better chemistry on Sunday morning pick up.

    We need a shake up at the top.

  5. How is it that Dean Lombardi can’t see the Terry Murray gets outcoached almost every game? If you’re gonna shuffle the lines to spark offense, put Gagne with Richards for Christ’ sake…How can DL watch this and not see how badly this team needs a leader behind the bench?
    Jon Quick doesn’t deserve the L’s he’s got…
    They can’t put 2 goals up against one of the worst defensive teams in the league? The sharks are salivating to get here on Monday….


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