Well boyscouts and girlscouts, its a good day and a bad day

The Kings play at home tonight against the Chicago Blackhawks, good.

The NBA has a tentative agreement with their players to end the lockout, bad.

It seems our blissful month of a sports landscape without the NBA is unfortunately drawing to an end. I won’t go into details, because I don’t know them nor care to know them, I just know that the word on the headline street is that the baseball games on the tennis court with all the tall tattooed guys will likely commence overshadowing hockey on Christmas Day. Oh. Joy to the world.

Or not.

I suppose there are probably implications one way or another for the NHL’s impending CBA expiration, but that sounds like an article for Howard Roark to write.

Let’s just enjoy what Lakerless time we have left in downtown LA. Relish what I have noticed to be an overall cleaner Staples tonight when you sit down to watch the Kings test their mettle against a Hawks team that scored 6 goals against the Ducks last night. Drink merrily before the bars at LA Live become even more obscenely crowded than they are without the hoop-lovin’ masses. It was nice while it lasted.

The Kings will look exactly the same tonight as they did when their balls were torn off by the Stars on Wednesday. The Hawks will look mostly like the team that the Kings have beaten only once in their last ten games against them. Repeat THAT stat Bob Miller. Repeat it often and loudly, because with a Kings’ team that doesn’t often do what it is suppose to do, I like those odds.

If we can win half our games despite offensive production. Without veteran accountability. In the face of speed being sacrificed for weight. We can win tonight.

But what am I rambling on about? This is your thread.