L.A. Kings Lines, Shot At Redemption, No Love 4 Richardson, Gagne Due & Other Tidbits

Per Hammond, here is how the L.A. Kings practiced Friday:



Alec Martinez was in a no-contact jersey. Dustin Penner didn’t practice in the first 1/2 but woke up in time for appeared in the second.

Will Ethan Moreau stay on the 4th line? Probably. That would be very Terry Murray like. His system of accountability doesn’t apply to veteran, no talent grinders. Perhaps he believes someone of Ethan Moreau’s experience will learn from his mistake and this is the shot at redemption. History tells us different.

I have implied I don’t like Dustin Brown on Mike Richards’ line. If only Brownie kept his game simple, passed more, hit more and didn’t give up possession of the puck so easily with terrible angled floaters to the net. Been saying that for a few seasons now.

Simon Gagne is due for a breakout game and there is no better time to start it than against the Chicago Blackhawks. I predict Gagne will score a goal and add an assist or two.

The L.A. Kings have never won a game in which Kevin Westgarth has scored a goal…see how stats can be misleading?

What has Brad Richardson done to get the bench? Honestly, if speed challenged pylons like Trent Hunter and Ethan Moreau are going to get the nod all season, then set Richardson free. He is a better player than this. Just don’t send him to a Western Conference team…he has a tendency to light up former teams (see Avalanche, Colorado).

We were outplayed for the majority of the game against the St. Louis Blues and were fortunate to come out with a victory.

We were outplayed for the majority of the game against the Dallas Stars and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

The Detroit Red Wings kicked our ass and, before that, we beat an Anaheim Ducks team that a decent beer league group could have sent to a shootout both games.

With a better and deeper team, we hold the same record as last season. Still, there are some out there in the media / blogging / twitter world who run to Terry Murray’s defense and proclaim that criticism of his offensive system is unjustified. I respectfully disagree. Murray is not to blame for everything that ails the Kings but this team has underperformed and underwhelmed under his watch and, absent stellar goaltending, I am not sure he would have a job right now.

Watching the Detroit Red Wings vs. Boston Bruins tells me they play a game with which Terry Murray is not familiar.

It must be exhausting living with Doc Emrick.

Jarret Stoll does one thing better than most – win faceoffs. This season, he is hovering at about 55%, good for 87th in the league. His shooting percentage? 2.3%. 44 shots, 1 goal. That is awful.

I would hope Jonathan Bernier’s performance against the St. Louis Blues earns him a lot more starts…that would be a pleasant surprise. Don’t hold your breath.

I just want to hug Andrei Loktionov, now more than ever after I read this story.

With the exception of Luc Robitaille, no other L.A. Kings player has captivated me in such a short period of time like Mike Richards. I want to be like Mike.

I finally shaved my beard. A smooth-faced Scribe feels odd and I am getting carded again when ordering an adult beverage. Will test drive it at the Blackhawks game. Nothing is forever.

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  1. Murray is not to blame for everything that ails the Kings but this team has underperformed and underwhelmed under his watch and, absent stellar goaltending, I am not sure he would have a job right now….

    FIrst, I agree about Richardson, his speed would be an asset now.

    And although I think anything short of a collapse will cause DL to replace TM, a part of me wonders how DL can’t see that TM doesn’ t motivate. That this team is wnning in spite of him, not because of him and largely due to MR’s arrival. The other thing TM does’t do is think on his feet, he doesn’t adjust to the opposition’s moves and the other coach does. He’s also terribly poor at time management, his lack of crticially needed timeouts is proof. And when he does call them, usually to a 5 x 3, Mike Richards is the one outlining the play.

    Hey , I think you may have something on the ‘Be Like Mike’ idea. Kings should print them out and see them for charity. I’d have ‘mess with the best, die like the rest ‘ on the back.

  2. Yeah, pointing out how bad the Ducks are isn’t a good argument for whether or not we need a coaching change. lolbad logic there by DB. “Oh hey look at that over there!”

    I feel like we’re going to remain so-so all year, squeak into the playoffs, and go out in the first round. TM will not be fired this season because we will show occasional glimpses of greatness followed by longer stretches of mediocrity and underachieving. We will continue to squeak out 2-1 & 3-2 victories, occasionally break out for 5, and give up third period one-goal leads just as often. We will remain boring.

    He just plays so many obvious things wrong. This isn’t pee-wee’s. You can let your backup sit for a few games while your number one goalie is setting the team’s shutout record. You can give your backup, who appears to be talented enough to be a number one goalie, consecutive games in a row. You can award him for playing well (St. Louis) and hopefully watch him settle into a groove. You can sit a dumb dinosaur veteran for taking yet another stupid penalty that cost you a point. You can also sit him for being ineffective.

    It’s just so frustrating watching this team and how he handles them.

    • While I agree it would take utter collapse for Murray to get fired during the season, I absolutely believe that another first round exit gets him canned. Missing the playoffs gets Lombardi canned, first round exit gets Murray canned. 2nd round appearance or beyond and everyone stays.

  3. I’m ready to rule out that Terry Murray is all that ales this team, and if the new manager isn’t able to turn this team around, then I’ll eat crow. Until then, I really want to test this out. I won’t be truly happy until it happens.

  4. i think richardson should be but on the 2nd line for a few games. i bet he will get points when he has good players to make great plays with.


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