As Magic had Kareem, Gretzky had Kurri (and Messier), Lemieux had Jagr, Mike Richards is Butch Cassidy to Simon Gagne’s Sundance Kid. They were made for each other.

I have looked forward to these two playing together since Gagne’s signing. I am not even annoyed Justin Williams is not playing right wing. It takes Terry Murray longer, but he may eventually get there.

Despite Murray’s denial to Hammond, this is a measuring stick game. San Jose, Chicago, Detroit and Vancouver are always measuring stick games as to where the Kings are and to where they are going. We lost to the Sharks 4-2, Canucks 3-2, Red Wings 4-1 and Blackhawks 2-1.

Measuring stick? Yeah. We have been weighed, measured and left wanting. Want to contend? Then, we have to go through these guys to get there. If our coach doesn’t want to admit that, you and I need to so we don’t lie to ourselves about where this team currently is and is headed.

It’s round 2 verses San Jose.

Hey, did you hear there have now been three coaches fired? In addition to the Blues’ firing of Davis Payne, Bruce Boudreau and Paul Maurice were canned today. The Washington Capitals have pretty high expectations of their franchise. President’s Trophies and early playoff exits are not enough to keep their coach.

There is a lot to discuss. The line combinations, Hunter on the 1st, Butch and Sundance, Lokti at center, can we score more than 2, how many Sharks fans will Surly & I  annoy, but this is your forum. What are your keys to the game? Do you consider this a measuring stick match? Do you expect Butch & Sundance to put wide smiles on our collective faces? Any predictions of the final score? This post will be up throughout the game for your comments. Have at it.