NHL.com Article: When & Why To Fire An NHL Coach

With the firings of Bruce Boudreau and Paul Maurice, there is talk about whether it was the right or wrong move at the right or wrong time. I found this article interesting. Thank you to our reader, Ben, for sending it to me:

NHL Network analyst Craig Button can relate to what Washington GM George McPhee and Carolina GM Jim Rutherford were going through during the past few weeks while watching their foundering teams fall further and further from the pack.

Button fired two coaches, Don Hay and Greg Gilbert, during his three-season tenure (2000-03) as the general manager in Calgary. Neither decision came easy. Both were made after he and his management associates took long and in-depth looks at what wasn’t working and why.

“It just comes down to a case of, ‘OK, we’ve reached the point of no return,'” Button told NHL.com Monday. “That is exactly what happens.”

McPhee and Rutherford each reached that point of no return over the weekend, and both made decisions Monday morning that rocked the hockey world. McPhee brought in ex-Capitals captain Dale Hunter to replace Bruce Boudreau and Rutherford fired Paul Maurice and hired Kirk Muller.

Click on the Dan Rosen NHL article for more.

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  1. You mean “aN NHL coach”, right?

  2. Subject: Terry Murray
    When: Now
    Why: Because

  3. … The Washington goalies killed Boudreau. It’s as simple as that. It’s the same thing that John Tortorella ranted about when Jacques Martin was fired in Ottawa. Boudreau did a fine job of getting the Caps to buy into a more defensive game, and this is his reward. It’s a crap situation, and the organization reacted the wrong way.

    As for Maurice, pretty much the same thing happened. The defense has been very shaky, and Cam Ward has had a poor start by his usual standards. Ward’s backup, Brian Boucher, has been poor as well. Carolina wasn’t that good of a team, anyway – Rutherford let someone else take the rap for his inability or unwillingness to build a quality team. Maurice is a helluva coach, a guy who (along with Michel Therrien) I’d love to see here in L.A.

    • You’re right: Boudreau and Maurice died for others’ sins.

    • Bodreau was killed by goalies? Perhaps, but you can’t really say that two seasons ago (I think it was two, maybe three seasons?) when Varlamov lit up the playoffs.

      That was Bodreau’s real chance and it was lack of defense that did him in if memory serves. I’m surprised he wasn’t fired after that season really.

      • … Well, this season the goalies definitely killed him. The Caps thought that goaltending was their most pressing need, they did the deal for Vokoun, and so far it’s been a bust. Granted, it’s little more than a fourth of the season in, but that’s how certain teams act – no patience, no sense of perspective at all.

        As for the last several years in the playoffs, the Caps’ goaltending hasn’t been too good. In ’08, Huet wasn’t sharp, in ’09 Varlamov was a bit above average but let’s not pretend he was lighting anything up – he had some dazzling moments and some terrible moments; if anything, he was inconsistent. In ’10, Varlamov was poor, and last season Neuvirth was average at best in the playoffs – which necessitated the perception in the Caps’ organization that they needed better goaltending.

        I don’t see how Hunter brings anything more than Boudreau; he does have a lot of experience in juniors, so maybe he’ll be better with the younger guys, I guess.

  4. DL is going to be backed into a corner at some point. If I were AEG and put out all this money and we’re almost dead last for 5 on 5 scoring and about a .500 team I’d be pretty upset about that. DL has to be getting some kind of pressure to make a decision on TM. Keep TM for defense.


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