The VIP Ticket Giveaway Winner For The December 1 Game Is…

Here are the questions, answers, and point tallies:

QUESTION 1: 10 Points: Who is Bobby Scribe’s all time favorite L.A. Kings player? (hint: It’s a defenseman).
ANSWER: Jay Wells
WHO GOT IT? Nobody.
QUESTION 2: 10 Points: Who is Surly Jacob’s all time favorite L.A. Kings player? (hint: it’s a forward).
ANSWER: Ziggy Palffy
WHO GOT IT? Nobody, you losers!
QUESTION 3: 10 Points: You know that “source” of ours we talked about so much that gave us information. Well, is he? (a) American (b) Canadian (c) European (d) a figment of our imagination.
ANSWER: Canadian
WHO GOT IT? Bob Knob, USHA #17, KingNation 13, Jeff314


QUESTION 4: 15 Points: Surly Jacob owns jerseys with 4 different player’s names on the back. From the list below, pick those 4 players. (a) Gretzky (b) Kopitar (c) Doughty (d) Palffy (e) Dionne (f) Johnson (g) Robitaille (h) Smolinkski (I) Quick (j) Brown.

ANSWER: b,d,f,g

WHO GOT IT? NOBODY but some got damn close.


QUESTION 5: 15 Points: If Bobby was talented enough to make it to the NHL (which he never was, not even close), he would want to play what position? (a) goaltender (b) center (c) defenseman (d) wing (e) ice girl massage oil technician.

ANSWER: a, goaltender.

WHO GOT IT? BobKnob, CV, Greg Nisenbaum, E M. For the long time readers, this was a lay up…or so I thought.


QUESTION 6: 20 Points: How many near physical altercations has Surly gotten into at L.A. Kings games with opposing fans? (a) 4 (b) 3 (c) 2 (d) 1 (e) 0 (f) 427 if terrorizing opposing fans counts as a near physical altercation…we are kidding about (f), it’s not really a choice.


WHO GOT IT? CV, Greg Nisenbaum, Dirk, JZarris, Jeff314. I was not there for either of them or they may not have been “near”.


QUESTION 7: 30 Points: How many L.A. Kings autographs did Bobby receive this season? (a) 1-2 (b) 3-5 (c) 6-10 (d) 11-15 (e) more than 15.

ANSWER: e, more than 15.

WHO GOT IT? Nobody. Did you all forget this post?


QUESTION 8: 40 Points: Bobby Scribe and Surly Jacob have had the most heated debates over what subject? (a) Hockey (b) women (c) restaurants (d) books (e) movies (f) writing.

ANSWER: C, restaurants.

WHO GOT IT? Nobody…truth be told, I thought it was writing but Surly reminded me that his average taste in Italian food and restaurants is the subject of our most “heated” debates.


QUESTION 9: 50 Points: One of Bobby Scribe or Surly Jacob is a big fan of one player the other guy absolutely hates. Who is that player and which one is the fan?

ANSWER: Surly is a big fan of Marty McSorley, whom I despise

WHO GOT IT? Nobody…can’t believe some of you missed this considering I have put this in several articles over the years.


Of those that scored, there is a TIE between:

CV: 35

Greg Nisenbaum: 35

We then go to the tiebreaker question:

QUESTION: What GAA (for a goalie that has played at least 10 games) will lead the NHL by the end of this contest on November 28? You will lose 1 point for each number you are off. For example, if it is 1.75 and you answer 1.85, you lose 10 points.The contest ends on November 28, 11:59pm.

ANSWER: 1.31 (Brian Elliott of the Blues) who has played 12 games.

CV guessed 1.90

Greg guessed 1.58


Greg, an email is coming your way with instructions. Respond to VIP immediately who will get a CC of the email.

Next contest is for the 12/26 game against the Coyotes and those will be lower bowl tickets.

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  1. I demand a recount!

    • I tried hard not to screw up the math…and pretty sure you only got 20 points but add it up and tell me if I am wrong. Hey, you got one right! And only one by my count. :)

      • Lol! Salt on the wound!

        I picked 1.34 for the GAA question…but cheated by looking up the stats on and then Elliot’s schedule. If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying!


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