What did you feel when you read that title? Were you excited? Shocked? Disgusted?

This article has percolated in my mind for about a week, not because I heard anything but because I kept looking at Bobby Ryan & asking myself, “isn’t he the only moveable asset they have if they want players, prospects and picks?” I then coupled that with my love for that uninfected Anaheim top 6 forward (the only one) and let my mind wander…before we get there though, let’s briefly look at what is on the table.

This article is not about the Ducks.

Fuck the Ducks.

Let’s shorten our analysis of that team with Ryan Getzlaf is the captain, Corey Perry is…wow, there are so many words there but the most relevant one here is “untouchable”, Teemu Selanne could be traded, if he wanted, for a 1st to a contender and that basically leaves Bobby Ryan. Incidentally, rumors about the Ducks looking to trade him are going viral.

Just focusing on team needs, Anaheim Ducks trade Bobby Ryan to the Los Angeles Kings for…

1. Jack Johnson. Some have suggested this. My opinion, it won’t be enough. It doesn’t solve their accelerated rebuild need that I believe Bob Murray knows he cannot avoid.

2. Jack Johnson + one of our defensive prospects + a 1st or, in place of the 1st, one of our forward prospects. This is what they will want and the “prospects” would not be scrubs. For some reason, I kept seeing Oscar Moller going to Anaheim as the forward prospect, just to piss Jacob off, but Moller is in Europe burning a year of his contract so, we’ll have to find something else with which to irritate Surly.

3. Andrei Loktionov, Alec Martinez and a 1st or 2nd OR Slava Voynov, a good forward prospect and a 1st or 2nd. This is what we would offer them. They would want more. If it is Jack, then it would be Johnson and a forward prospect. I say Dean should demand a weekly flogging of Brian Hayward…hey, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

You are asking me if I would trade Jack for Bobby Ryan, aren’t you? I don’t know. I love Jack too. I just don’t know.

Again, keep the emotions out of it but add that I believe Brian Burke (while the Ducks’ GM) at one time stated Dean Lombardi would not talk to him about a deal because Dean would not trade with Anaheim. If my memory is correct and Dean still believes that, this whole scenario is a non starter.

This article is not an invitation to Ducks fans to come here and comment. If you do, you do so at your own risk.

So, the Anaheim Ducks trade Bobby Ryan to the Los Angeles Kings for…what do you put there?