Anaheim Ducks Trade Bobby Ryan To The Los Angeles Kings For…

What did you feel when you read that title? Were you excited? Shocked? Disgusted?

This article has percolated in my mind for about a week, not because I heard anything but because I kept looking at Bobby Ryan & asking myself, “isn’t he the only moveable asset they have if they want players, prospects and picks?” I then coupled that with my love for that uninfected Anaheim top 6 forward (the only one) and let my mind wander…before we get there though, let’s briefly look at what is on the table.

This article is not about the Ducks.

Fuck the Ducks.

Let’s shorten our analysis of that team with Ryan Getzlaf is the captain, Corey Perry is…wow, there are so many words there but the most relevant one here is “untouchable”, Teemu Selanne could be traded, if he wanted, for a 1st to a contender and that basically leaves Bobby Ryan. Incidentally, rumors about the Ducks looking to trade him are going viral.

Just focusing on team needs, Anaheim Ducks trade Bobby Ryan to the Los Angeles Kings for…

1. Jack Johnson. Some have suggested this. My opinion, it won’t be enough. It doesn’t solve their accelerated rebuild need that I believe Bob Murray knows he cannot avoid.

2. Jack Johnson + one of our defensive prospects + a 1st or, in place of the 1st, one of our forward prospects. This is what they will want and the “prospects” would not be scrubs. For some reason, I kept seeing Oscar Moller going to Anaheim as the forward prospect, just to piss Jacob off, but Moller is in Europe burning a year of his contract so, we’ll have to find something else with which to irritate Surly.

3. Andrei Loktionov, Alec Martinez and a 1st or 2nd OR Slava Voynov, a good forward prospect and a 1st or 2nd. This is what we would offer them. They would want more. If it is Jack, then it would be Johnson and a forward prospect. I say Dean should demand a weekly flogging of Brian Hayward…hey, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

You are asking me if I would trade Jack for Bobby Ryan, aren’t you? I don’t know. I love Jack too. I just don’t know.

Again, keep the emotions out of it but add that I believe Brian Burke (while the Ducks’ GM) at one time stated Dean Lombardi would not talk to him about a deal because Dean would not trade with Anaheim. If my memory is correct and Dean still believes that, this whole scenario is a non starter.

This article is not an invitation to Ducks fans to come here and comment. If you do, you do so at your own risk.

So, the Anaheim Ducks trade Bobby Ryan to the Los Angeles Kings for…what do you put there?

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  1. It would cost us more than any other team Voynov + Brown + 1st or top prospect

  2. There is a reason big trades don’t happen within the same conference and an even bigger reason division rivals don’t trade with each other. Now you add proximity and you get the biggest reason that Anaheim would never trade Bobby Ryan to LA.

    I can’t even imagine what the Kings would have to offer to even get Anaheim to consider it. It would have to be a massive overpayment. If the Ducks trade him, it will be to the Eastern conference.

    I don’t get why the Ducks are even thinking of trading Ryan, unless it is a cost cutting measure. This season is already lost and I don’t see 1 or 2 players coming in to turn the team around. They need to get healthy and look to make moves in the off season.

  3. Well, let me start off by saying I’d love Bobby Ryan on the Kings.

    But it will never happen.

    What would it take? Probably JJ, a winger (probably prospect), and Bernier maybe, who they could then pawn off to another team for something else or keep in case Hiller doesn’t fully get over his vertigo. You could substitute one out for a pick, but if I was Anaheim I’d rather have the player than the pick.. but who knows.

    In any case, we all know the Ducks and Kings aren’t trading so it’s like hitting on the hot lipstick lesbian… it’ll never get anywhere.

    • I wanted to say I don’t believe there really is any talk of it. This all started, if I’m not mistaken, but some article stating what the Ducks could or should do to improve, and this was an option. Bobby saying something along the lines of “I wouldn’t be surprised if they do make a move..”

      From as far as I can tell there has never been any actual confirmation of these rumors that they are shopping him around.

      I’d just find it dumb if they did shop him because I don’t they could get a better return unless they got lucky with the young, semi-unproven players (and pick if a part of trade) sent their way.

  4. I would definately offer Johnson and a 1st for Bobby Ryan, but I doubt Anaheim would even take the call.

    I agree with Sydor that we would have to seriously overpay Anaheim for Ryan.

    Hell, maybe they would want their long lost player Penner back. Straight up…..

  5. Lombardi did acquire Sean O’Donnell from the Ducks for a conditional pick (nothing, of course).

  6. … I don’t care for trade proposals which send over our garbage to get a good player. Ryan is a good player. The Kings are going to have to offer more than garbage in order to get him.

  7. Ducks trade Bobby Ryan to the Philadelphia Flyers for the rest of the 2011/2012 season. Ryan will be a King in the 2012/2013 season!

  8. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little…

  9. Can’t see Anaheim trading a 30 goal scorer to another team in the division. Most recent Net talk has Carolina (who might offer Staal as part of the package), Rangers and Isles are heavily seeking Ryan. TSN or THN (I forget which) said that it was reported Murray is seeking a top 3 forward, a young defenseman and a prospect/pick

    • Ryan is a top 3 forward. Why would a team give Anaheim a top 3 forward for a top 3 forward and throw in a young D and prospect/pick? Why trade an apple for an apple + an orange and grapes?

  10. I like the Lokti + Martinez + X trade myself, but that would never be enough. If we had to trade something valuable I think Bernier is the best option. HOWEVER, losing Bernier before Quick’s contract is renewed means we will inevitably have to pay Quick more since we wouldn’t be able to say “well we’ll just settle for Bernie as our starter now.”

    • Of course, I wouldn’t fault Quick for bolting if when it comes renewal time he’s still carrying us to playoffs to be eliminated in the first round. *shudder*

    • Hmmm Bernier??? Who would make a good suitor for Bernier???

      New York Islanders: Heck 4 goalies, that guy who went #1 overall Tavares, that Swiss Kid Ninno, Josh Bailey, Kyle Oposo, Grabner, Moulson they really need a goalie, but they don’t have anything attractive for DL to even think about.

      New Jersey: Well, I don’t see much depth behind Moose, and Marty is about to say goodbye, maybe after this season, or next. They do have something perhaps the Kings might need, and he is a UFA after this season.

      I think the only way Parise becomes a King is if a sign and trade deal can be made that would include either Quick or Bernier and half of the Monarch scrubs. It would be senseless to take a chance on getting Parise before the trade deadline. If the Kings make the playoffs, and if something were to happen to Quick, the Kings need a backup, Bernier isn’t chopped liver.

      The Kings don’t need to copy what the Maple Laughs have been doing. Rhimer/Monster/Scrivens the only one left, barring Marty Turco is Jussi Rynnas.

      Quick is from Conneticut and I believe he makes his home there in the offseason. I hear it’s not that far from The Rock and Long Island.

      If you use the build it from the back out, method like DL, that means Bernier would make a nice start to that back.

      Either way, neither goalie should be going anywhere till after the season, if DL is patient enough.

      Ohh ohh ohhhh: Yes Horshak?

  11. I’m at school right now so I can’t check… how many more years does ryan have on his contract?

  12. Do you know what it says in Jacks contract about a No Movement Clause, or No Trade Clause? Even if he did waive said contractual conditions (terms) he may also have a provision on what teams he would agree to being traded to.
    Remember Jack negotiated his own contract extension, so there is no agent, just Jack.

    I think this is a better TSN 4 Corners discussion where Mike Milbury wants to rip the head off LeBrun for being Harvey Levin of TMZ.

    Don’t bother wasting energy playing fantasy GM, its not worth it, and aint going to happen.

    • Jack doesn’t have a NTC or NMC.

      Richards is the only King with one.

      • Are his contract terms someplace online? I’d like to see that, or if you can let me know where or how you know this.

        Are all the other contract terms online also? Is there some site like CapGeek, that has terms of the contracts, bonus amounts for specific things like games played, bonus for playoffs round 1, 2 Conference finals, Stanley Cup?

        • CapGeek has that information:

          It would say if there is a known clause. Also, you can only give bonuses on ELCs and 1-year deals for 35+ players or ones coming back from a major injury.

          No bonues allowed for any other players, Jack included. Only signing bonuses are allowed.

          • Why was there the milestone or escaltor clauses writtien into an entry level contract?
            Schenn had 3 I think one for playing in all 82 games, another if he played 18+ minutes per game might have been higher, and another one.

            I must be missing something because I don’t see the terms of Jack Johnson’ contract on CapGeek.

  13. First reaction was, “WTF!!!” Second reaction was, “how much did we overpay?”

    Anaslime will make DL overpay more than any other team. Maybe not to the extent of the H Walker trade way back when DAL used it to rebuild with, but it would be to costly imo.

    I also look at it this way. Don’t help ANH in any way what so ever. It would land the Kings a sniper, but on the flip side it helps the Fukcs. I would rather see ANH wallow in their misery and remain in last place.

    Yeah but by not getting Ryan, LA won’t be as good you ask.

    To this I say “stay the course”. I can see DL making some type of move still, but not one that would move some combo of player-prospect(s)-pick(s). One that would involve a D prospect with the likes of Stoll/Lewis/richie. That can land him a 3rd-4th liner that would hopefully be an improvement over what we got now.

    When it comes to picks, imo he can’t trade away anymore for a few years. The depth the team has today is from keeping picks and drafting. Keep trading away picks suddenly that depth disappears. LA has been down that road before to many times and for to long.

    Stay the course….summer time comes. Then it’s an all out attack on ZP. Go after the guy everyone of us wants. And it won’t cost any assets, except for Uncle Phil’s money.

    For starters I think LA has to get to the 2nd round at least to help the cause. Shows the continuing improvement to him and any other UFA. Shows the team is getting closer to the prize. Guys want to play for contenders and winners.

    I think having MR is going to help immensely when it comes to landing guys. He is highly respected by everyone in the league. On top of that he can talk directly to the ‘east coast’ guys about what it’s like out west. Also having the dual threat now that is Kopi and MR is also going to help DL land guys, especially talented wingers. Pray that Lokti develops and LA becomes a 3 headed monster down the middle. At that point guys will know they can come in and be skating with a solid and skilled group of centers up front. They can already see what’s happening back in net and the D corp.

    As you stated, “Fuck the Ducks”. I whole heartedly agree

  14. Before I say “Lets move on”, I take a moment to recall that Selane was offered by the Jets for not very much, but we did not really try. Am I having a masochistic Kings moment? – yes.
    He skated with the Cup, in teal. I’m still rubbing my eyes – even I saw that (his hoisting a the Cup) coming after his first season.

  15. I like the Loki, Martinez and a prospect or high pick. With the Kings having there top 2 centers locked and Loki not being a checking line or energy line center he should be moved. Voynov has replaced Martinez,

  16. I’d settle for the weekly flogging of Brian Hayward. Chris Matthews was a genuine hockey announcer who just got contracted to the wrong team. Hayward couldn’t announce himself out of a wet paper bag. He does a great job of homer-ing and misinforming his audience into hockey ignorance.

    (Thanks for the tangent.)

  17. Send Penner and a pick and a prospect to the Dicks. Get Bobby Ryan and Brownie playing together…WHAT A TEAM THAT WOULD BE!


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