Randy Carlyle Fired! Bruce Boudreau Hired! Am I Annoyed Or Inspired?

“Holy shit, they were stupid enough to do it,” was my immediate reaction when I heard of Bob Murray’s firing of his Duck loving head coach, Randy Carlyle.

I then learned within seconds the Ducks hired recently fired Capitals’ head coach, Bruce Boudreau…I didn’t have a reaction because I wasn’t sure what the hell to think.

I have tweeted and posted (on Puck Daddy) that if the Ducks are dumb enough to fire Randy Carlyle, who coached them to a S…Stan…can’t write it…who is a damn good coach, I would pick Carlyle up and drive him to Dean Lombardi’s office myself. I should have thought a little ahead on that one considering (a) I have no idea where in Orange County he lives and (b) the closest I have been to Randy Carlyle is the one time I bought him lunch (we were at separate tables) at my favorite restaurant in Orange County. Shut up for whatever you are thinking right now. I like him. In any event, the point is, Carlyle is gone and Bruce Boudreau has taken his place.

Okay, I have a reaction now.


There is an irony here. If memory serves me correctly, Washington’s problems started immediately after beating the Ducks in a game earlier this season, whereat Boudreau benched Ovechkin. There was less than 2 minutes left in the third period, the Ducks were up 4-3 (someone check this, I am too lazy at the moment), Ovy (or Ovie or whatever the hell people call him) was told to sit down and he responded to Boudreau with a fuck something or other, probably a “you”, that was caught on camera. Well, the Capitals tied the game and then won…in overtime, I think. From there, the Caps started to free fall and, call me crazy, I believe Ovechkin, that prima donna who is used to getting his way, stopped trying. Add bad goaltending, an inconsistent Alexander Semin and questionable defense and there you have it – Boudreau is fired. Now, the team he beat that started the Capitals’ downfall is the team he will coach. I love it…and hate it.

I didn’t want the Ducks to hire Boudreau. I wanted them to hire…I don’t know, just not Boudreau because I actually think he is a good coach. This probably also means Bobby Ryan may stay which sucks ass because that would have been an even dumber move than firing Carlyle. Maybe there is still hope there.

Our division just got more interesting. You cats probably know that Bruce pulls no punches, has a foul mouth and should make the rivalry more intense.

Of course, what brand of hockey will he bring to Anaheim? Washington, BD (Before Defense) or defense first?

And how long before the Columbus Blue Jackets announce the hiring of Randy Carlyle? 3…2…1…

Why do we care about all of this?

We actually don’t give a rat’s ass but this is more interesting than what the players are going to do with their mustaches or which Kings’ players wives got their hubbies boudoir photos for Christmas.

You do realize the 3% that represent the Ducks’ knowledgeable fans are saying, “hope Bruce can turn this around” while the other 97% of morons are thinking, “I thought Hazy was our coach.”

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  1. cant….stop……laughing….stupid dicks err i mean ducks. no i was right the first time. hey hey bobby when is it murrays turn?

  2. Hmmmmm… I think I’d settle for Carlyle.

  3. I felt the Ducks needed the change. Their big problem is that Hiller is their workhorse, and Hiller isn’t the same Hiller (pre-vertigo-headcheese injury). That wasn’t Randys fault, but he wasn’t reaching the team the first 1/2 of last season either, and it was just a matter of time before this seasons tailspin claimed its first casualty.

    Bruce is a good coach, but I think was dealing with some really big ego’s in Washington, and although he could come up with good strategies, he couldn’t manage the locker room, and ultimately lost control.

    It will be interesting to see how he does with a team that has 1/2 the talent, and none of the depth he had in Washington.

  4. This kills me. This was our chance to hire a real hockey coach, and not to mention someone familiar with coaching guys such as our captain Dustin Brown back in Manchester where he made due with below average rosters for several seasons. Now he coaches the ducks, now he is the enemy. A badass, energetic, let’s get shit going enemy. While we are stuck with hurp a durp, I’m not sure the Ducks having him over Carlyle, would make them any more of a well coached team that can’t put shit together.

  5. If the CBJ don’t hire Carlyle, and you were in charge…would you?

    I would.

    But, Dean won’t.


  6. Are those guys related Bruce Boudreau and Randy Carlyle look like brothers.

  7. So, I don’t want to be Miss Doomsday or anything like that as I know the Kings are doing ok this season. However, the whole hockey world is being shook up with numerous hirings and firings and I can’t help but think, “When do the Kings enter the shakeup?” This blog is all about venturing into what ifs… and we all have our own dreams of what could and should happen if we had our way. I also know that the general consensus is that a large part of the team’s problem is TM. So, what are the actual chances of the Kings entering the coach shakeup anytime in the near future?

    • Meltdown=TM firing
      Not making playoffs = TM firing
      First round playoff exit = 75% chance of TM firing

      • Ugh… How do you long time fans do it? I won’t lie. I’ve been a hockey fan, Kings fan and Kings season ticket holder for the same amount of time and I love the team to the core. But, from the way I see it, we have a solid team. Yeah, there are a few holes but we have some great talent and a ton of depth in Manchester. I’ve worked in sports so I understand all the politics and bullshit that is in the background but what’s the point of building a team through Manchester, etc. if the coaching doesn’t allow the team to be successful? Am I missing something?

      • TM retained=First round playoff exit?


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