Jeff Miller of the Orange County Register tweeted:

Randy Carlyle met with Bobby Ryan today concerning trade rumors and told him he “has to find that inner peace in himself to deal with it.”

Sage advice. This got me thinking. Bobby Ryan is not the only one under stress right now. How about our LA Kings’ players and coaches? Where is their place of inner peace within themselves?

Terry Murray: That place where every NHL scoreboard after overtime reads 0-0 and the shootout is replaced with a dispassionate staring contest among the opposing coaches.
Dustin Penner: The place where I can get $4.25 million per season for being funny and having a kick ass collection of songs on my iPod…and where women don’t lie…and Dean Lombardi loves me.
Kyle Clifford: Where punching others is the preferred means of communication.
Drew Doughty: Inner Peace? 8 years, $56 million, bitch!
Jack Johnson: Where my buddy Bobby Ryan is wearing a Kings’ jersey and Drew plays for a team where we see him twice per season.
Scott Parse: I just got a note from Parse: “Pulled hamstring and injured hip on the way to finding inner peace. Out for the rest of the season.” Poor guy.
Jamie Kompon: Where Matthew Barry doesn’t exist.
Brad Richardson: Where we play against the Colorado Avalanche 41 times per season…and slow, no talent, pylons don’t exist in the NHL.
Jonathan Bernier: Oh shit, Jonathan Quick just took over Bernier’s inner peace place.
Kevin Westgarth: Where an ivy league education increases my dangling skills.
Trevor Lewis: Hands, for the love of God, where I have hands.
Where is your place of inner peace within yourself?